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November 2000

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Guerrilla Tarot and the 2000 Election

Jaye C. Beldo

29 October 2000

Paralyzed by indecision over the so called 'choices' for president this time around? Then let your Tarot cards help you decide who to vote for in November. I recommend employing Guerrilla Tarot to assist you in gaining much needed insights into the electoral process. Guerrilla Tarot can help you cut through the malefic miasma of PR spin and help you make a responsible, intuitively based choice that will surely effect the next seven generations to come as stated in many Native American prophecies.

1. Envision the major candidates who are running for the president standing before you while shuffling the Tarot cards. (note: it is helpful to use only the Major Arcana for this exercise).

2. Select a Tarot card out of the deck and hold it in your hands. Take a few breaths and relax.

3. Meditate on the card chosen and sense any shifts of energy that may occur during this visualization. Breathe your life force (prana) into the card chosen and animate the character/symbol depicted in the card and then ask the character/symbol to step out of the card and go into the energy fields of the candidates at large. Closing your eyes may be helpful if you have trouble visualizing.

4. Watch how the Tarot card behaves. Take note of all the card's actions no matter how 'arbitrary.' Describing what happens out loud into a tape recorder is also helpful when using Guerrilla Tarot. Typing out a description of the action as it occurs works just as well. I usually set the Tarot card chosen for the exercise directly under my computer monitor and start writing.

5. When finished with the exercise, make sure the character/symbol represented in the card returns to its respective position in the card. Never leave an archetype hanging out in the ether as it may potentially 'possess' you later on.


The following is a transcript of a Guerrilla Tarot session embarked upon for this article:

October 29, 2000: I imagined the three major candidates standing before me and shuffled the deck. I chose the JUSTICE card. As I meditated on the card, breathing life force into it, Justice's sword lit up ( BTW: I use the Rider Waite deck for these imaginal excursions). The sword cast a kind of greenish light directly into the inscape I created. Justice pointed the sword at George W. Bush and he suddenly became surrounded by the sickly hued light. He froze up as if a police spotlight was being trained on him. Then, as if the sword itself was highly magnetized, it pulled all these metallic objects off of George's body. Justice held the sword out to me and let me examine the goods stuck to the blade. At first, they looked like Trilobites, those fossilized little critters that look like retrograde Scale Bugs. But upon closer examination I could see that they were little replica's of Geronimo's skull. I then recalled that Prescott Bush and Co. used to play around with Geronimo's purloined remains in the dark confines of the Skull and Bones society at Yale in attempt to negatively manipulate the genetic fields of indigenous peoples. I plucked the curios off the blade, one by one, and put them around Bush, forming a kind of magic circle. Suddenly I could see Apache spirits surrounding the Texas Governor. He started fidgeting and pulled some kind of treaty out of his pocket, then realized his mistake. It wasn't a treaty at all. On the paper were plans to allow mining companies to further pillage Indian reservations along with agreements for toxic, radioactive waste to be stored on sacred land as well. Bush started Moonwalking and spinning circles like Michael Jackson as if to ward off the spirits surrounding him but this only revealed the puppet strings attached to every limb of his body, strings leading up to an inverted pentagram handle I might add, held by an unknown puppeter. Justice cut the strings with her sword but, curiously George didn't crumble into a pile as most puppets would.

She beamed some more light out of the tip of the sword, upwards and I caught a glimpse of old Aleister Cowardly trying to call the OTO shots, trapped on the lower astral plane.

Having enough of ol' Georgy, I asked Justice to make an imaginal assessment of Al Gore. She then tossed the scales she usually holds in her left hand to the Vice President. Instead of holding them up to see which way the pans tilted, he draped the scales over his neck and beamed a scripted, waxen smile as if receiving a Gold Medal. Suddenly he turned into a mannequin (how redundant eh?) and Perseus appeared, mistaking him for Medusa, thus severing the Vice President's head and holding it up for all to see on earth. (Al Gore = Al Gol the malefic star in the Perseus constellation. See the book Signs in the Heavens at the End of the Millennium by Starfire Three for more info.) Indeed Gore's head did look rather Medusian and I turned away, not wanting to petrify myself more than I already had by witnessing the election debacle. Instead of snakes sprouting out of his scalp however, fiber optic cables slithered about in all directions. Justice came over and took her crown off and put it on the severed Gore head and kissed Perseus on the lips. The Jewels in the crown lit up and beamed images onto a convenient movie screen a few yards away. The fiber optics conspired and beamed an image of a giant cancer tumor onto the screen. In the movie, the heads of Insurance Companies worshipped the malignancy as if it were an important deity, offering up Blue Cross/Blue Shield cards stolen from patients as a love offering in hopes for absolution.

A bit nauseated, I asked Justice to enter into Ralph Nader's morphogenetic field. She seemed to willingly gravitate towards Ralph with little trepidation. She gave him the Sword and the Scales and asked him to sit on her throne. He complied and the Apache spirits that surrounded Bush gathered around him and offered him the peace pipe. As he smoked, a klatch of Sufi angels appeared as well. I could smell the Cedar trees of Lebanon as well as Frankincense in this vision. Hmmm.

"A vote that would effect the next seven generations." I remembered and started to seriously consider him as a viable contender in spite of the mediated odds doled out to us.

One of the Apache spirits took the movie screen out of range of the Al Gore projector head and turned it towards me, advancing closer and closer. The movie screen turned into a mirror and I could see the energy field around my body as well as the chakras light up benignly. Something benign was resonating during this stage of the Guerrilla Tarot session. I found myself breathing easier.

Thus satisfied, I called the Justice card back into her usual 2-d cardboard confines and thanked her profusely for giving me the needed insights that could not be obtained through the usual corporate media venues available to us currently. Based on the experiences described above, I plan to have Jusitce accompany me to the voting booth on election day.

I heartily recommend trying Guerrilla Tarot prior to the November elections yourself and see what happens! Try it on the local politicians in your area as well.


For a more detailed description of Guerrilla Tarot, check out:


Jaye C. Beldo is a writer, counselor and intuitive activist. He can be reached at

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