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September 2000

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Unnatural Selection: Survivor, Eugenics and Big Brother

Robert Lederman


The biggest show on television right now is Survivor in which contestants select each other for elimination from a deserted island. The simultaneous appearance of Big Brother - in which contestants choose each other for elimination from a house - and plans for numerous similar shows indicate a trend far more alarming than the public's bad taste in entertainment.

Unlike most television, these programs have a definite social purpose-the popularization of Eugenics. Eugenics is the scientific elimination of so-called undesirable humans traits, individuals and groups - which Eugenecists claim is derived from Darwin's theory of natural selection.

During the 1920's, 30's and 40's Eugenics programs were aggressively carried out throughout the world. While the best known Eugenics effort was Hitler's selective breeding, sterilization and euthanasia program-culminating in the methodical extermination of six million Jews-Eugenics programs were active in the US and numerous other nations.

The conceit of Eugenics is that it is based on natural selection-the survival of the fittest. The Nazis, for example, imagined themselves to be a part of a superior race - the Aryans - that was accelerating a natural process of weeding out "inferior" races like the Jews.

In reality, Eugenics is a most unnatural form of selection. Based on the principle of natural selection, Jews would have to be considered one of Earth's most successful ethnic survival stories, enduring and even prospering despite thousands of years of concerted attempts to wipe them from existence.

In America another despised group, African-Americans, have survived 400 years of genocide, slavery, persecution and discrimination of every imaginable kind and despite it all are becoming ever more prosperous, numerous and culturally dominant. Apparently, they also have what it takes when it comes to survival.

Both Survivor and Big Brother spend most of their thirty minutes detailing the contestants' reasons for wanting the other players eliminated. In every instance the reasons come down to basic prejudice - some people just rub us the wrong way.

It's true that life is about making choices. We all decide what to eat or wear, where to live, what our job will be and who our friends are. The difference is we don't usually get to decide who will live or die - or in the metaphor of these shows - who will survive until next week's episode.

Hitler would be proud of these shows and is in a very real sense their inspiration. In the 1930's the Nazis propaganda apparatus worked with the German media to produce countless movies, radio programs and magazine articles aimed at popularizing the idea of Eugenics and building enthusiasm for the coming extermination of millions. Even in Nazi Germany however, the public was somewhat resistant to these ideas. Perhaps the Nazi propaganda was a bit too grim. What the television networks have accomplished is turning Eugenics into entertainment.

Now there are even plans to televise executions - and there's no doubt that such programming would be wildly popular. Human beings have a well-established taste for blood that makes predatory animals seem humane by comparison.

What's more insidious about these Eugenics-as-entertainment shows than the standard violence on TV is that programming like Survivor and Big Brother is exactly that-programming. The government is preparing the American public, and the youth in particular, for the coming spectacle of population reduction. We are being psychologically conditioned to overcome thousands of years of religious and moral training - and the natural human compassion which counterbalances our tendency for violence - to accept and even enjoy the process of choosing who will be eliminated from the island of life.

On these shows those who can most enthusiastically and agressively participate in the process are rewarded with large cash prizes - a million dollars on the show Survivor - and the chance to stay for another week. While the making of alliances between contestants is a built in feature of these shows - the bottom line is that everyone is ultimately your enemy, secretly plotting to make you the next person selected for elimination.

The false premise these shows would have us brainwashed into believing is that it's the annoying person next to us that is our enemy when in reality it is our corporate-sponsored government that has the real elimination agenda we need to be concerned about. While it's true there are racist groups who'd like to kill off all the Jews or Blacks or Asians-these fringe elements do not now and never will represent a serious threat to any groups' survival.

Politicians and the media love to focus our attention on these marginal proponents of Eugenics and on nonsense like hate crimes legislation as a diversion. The real hate-crimes legislation we need in this country would protect us from elements in our own government that are quietly planning to sterilize, euthanize and exterminate much of the present American population.

It's no accident that the driving force behind these ideas - the owners of the oil, pharmaceutical and chemical companies - are the exact sponsors of these new television shows. It was these same corporate interests-the Rockefellers, the Fords, the Carnegies, the Harrimans - who put Hitler in power and encouraged his population control agenda in the first place. Today their foundations, medical programs and seemingly humanitarian endeavors are the intellectual, financial and political force that is preparing us for the Holocaust to come.

Here in NYC their Hitler-like puppet, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani - has built an entire career on executing a Eugenics agenda. Giuliani's reputation is solely based on cutting funds to mainstream society's least appreciated members, targeting them for Constitutionally illegal police action, imprisoning them, putting them to work either for no pay at all or less than the meager minimum wage and harassing, persecuting and blaming them for every social ill.

The Mayor's actions-while depicted by his supporters and the compliant media as social improvement-are nothing less than a recreation of the early years of Nazi Germany. Recently our Manhattan Mengele has progressed to the next stage - generously applying poison gas to us in our homes, schools and streets - to fight an imaginary mosquito "epidemic" that if it exists at all originated in one of three government labs right here in NYC.

Mengele used to stand on the train platform at Auschwitz personally selecting which arrivals would be be assigned to forced labor, which would be reserved for his cruel Eugenics experiments and which would be taken directly to the gas chambers to die. Like a modern day version of his role model, Giuliani decides each day which neighborhood will be gassed next and which will be spared for the moment.

Like the gangsters in the Mayor's favorite film - The Godfather - who announced that someone would be murdered by delivering a dead fish wrapped in newspaper to their door - Giuliani announces our demise with his own unique calling card - a single dead crow. Each neighborhood selected for spraying with nerve gas gets a dead crow delivered to it - which Giuliani takes great pleasure in personally announcing at his daily press conference.

Giuliani's good friend, GW Bush - who holds the Guiness Record for supervising executions - will appoint Giuliani U.S. Attorney General as his first official act as the next U.S. President. Giuliani is the perfect man for the job of downsizing the American public.

Bush shares a common ideological background with our Mayor. Both men proudly claim to getting all of their ideas from the Manhattan Institute - a think tank started by Ronald Reagan's CIA chief, William Casey after he finished bringing top Nazi officials to America and installing them throughout the government, the media and in research universities.

Casey would have loved Bush's motto - compassionate conservatism - which was created by the Manhattan Institute's Myron Magnet. Magnet is a philosopher whose books Bush claims he admires second only to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

Next television season picture yourself as a contestant on Survivor. If those who are planning our future get their way, before long you will be.


For documentary evidence and background on the statements in the above article check out my previous articles at:

For an article on the Manhattan Institute go to:


Robert Lederman

President of A.R.T.I.S.T.

(Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics)

(718) 743-3722

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