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September 2000

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Russian Sub Conspiracy?


Call me a wacked out conspiracy theorist, but I have a feeling there is more to the Russian sub disaster than we are hearing. It didn't seem that way at first, but the more I think about the current of events in that situation, the more I smell a familiar foul odor with my conspiracy-sensitive sniffer. I just can't seem to look past some glaring facts. I would like to know what you think about this, or if you've heard anything regarding it. Here are a few of the things that have my head turning.

1. The Russian Ship goes down becuase of "explosions." To be more specific, they say there was an explosion at the front of the sub (maybe caused by a collision), which caused it to sink rapidly to the bottom of the ocean. Upon impact, there was (at least) one more explosion, caused by torpedo(s).

Comments - It is possible that this is what happened. But, two things bother me about it. 1. How often does something like that occur - an explosion on a nuclear submarine? 2. Let's say it did happen that way. Since when is the Russian government to open about such mishaps with anything involving their military?

2. Probably the most suspicious behavior is how the Russian Government refused international offers for help. They instead attempted to reach the sunken vessel, but were unsuccessful, blaming their failed atempts on the strong ocean currents.

Comments - It sounds to me more like they were trying to make sure there were no survivors. I can see the Russians being too proud to accept help from the outside, especially when it involves a nuclear submarine, but their pride had already taken a severe blow with the initial incident. Were they truly as interested in saving the lives of the crew, as they now claim they were, or were they delaying the rescue of the crew members in order to ensure their doom? Makes one wonder.

3. Finally, they did put out a plea for international help, but it wasn't until four days after the incident. The Norwegian's were the first to arrive on the scene, but were held up by "Russian bureaucracy." The British ship was sent to the scene immediately following the Russian plea for help, but was not expected to get there until Saturday, which would be a full day after the oxygen would be expected to go out in a best-case scenerio. But, this sub had had explosions on-board, making it likely that the oxygen level was nowhere near its maximum capacity when the sub went down.

Comments - I find it interesting that the Russian government didn't ask for help until after the S.O.S. signals, coming from the sub, had ceased. Which means that the plea for outside help may have been a tactic to make it look like a legitimate rescue attempt in the eyes of the public only.

Conclusion -

Probably the most telling information coming from Russia, is the attitude of the Russian people. They are extremely upset with their government's bad decision-making surrounding this disaster. But, more than being upset, many of them, too, are suspicious. Here is a quote from a Russian student that may be more on target than anything we'll ever hear in the mass media:

"Everyone hoped some of them would survive...but many thought this would happen,'' said Natasha Furs, a student. ``Human life is not worth much here. Look at the history of our country, it is always better for someone to die than a secret to get out. ... Our president is responsible for this.'' (Reuters - Monday, Aug. 21, 2000).

If you would like to read the complete article where this quote came from, here's the link.


The quote by the student was interesting to me because it can be taken two ways. The first way, and the way it was intended to be taken, is this:

"The government would rather risk the lives of its own sailors than to allow foreign military personel into their submarine."

That is a legitimate point, and well taken. In fact, it is probably the very point the student was trying to make. However, I can also see another view of that quote, even if it was implied unintentionally. It's this:

"The Russian government would rather make sure someone (who had some sensative information) was dead, then to risk letting them live."

In other words, if the Russian government allowed those sailors to die - why? Who was it, on that submarine, that they wanted dead? Was there something else that went wrong besides a mishap resulting in an explosion. Or was the explosion the result of something else. Was the submarine sabotaged? Was it blown up by the torpedo from another ship or sub? If so, was it done on purpose? And, if so, by whom? One thing is for sure, if there is som e form of foul play, the Russian government is either involved, or going along with it.

Like I said before, the turn of events make my stomach turn in disgust. The way the "rescue" operations went down, make me very suspicious, to say the least. After all, don't you think it's strange that the Russians can't get to the sub because of strong currents, but when the Norwegians are finally allowed to dive (after a long delay by "Russian bureaucracy"), they are able to get to the sub on the first try! They got down to the sub and even got the first hatch open the first day!! Are we expected to think that the Russians were that inept in their rescue efforts, or were they not really trying?

My point is - If they wanted someone on that submarine dead, who was it, and why? Information like that may be hard to get. Especially out of Russia.

Then again, I could just be making something our of nothing. Who knows, maybe it was just an accident, and the Russians ran into ocean currents that they weren't prepared for. And maybe the Norwegians are just better divers. Hey, have you seen them in the Winter Olympics? They're great skiers! Maybe they're great divers, too! I don't know. What I do know is, my conspiracy nose is still itching. That's not usually a good sign.


I was watching the local news last night, and ran accross another inconsistency regarding the Russian sub incident. Like I said before, the more I look into this, the more questions pop up! Isn't it supposed to be just the opposite? I thought questions were supposed to be answered as investigations continue... Well, I guess that would be in an "ideal" world - something we unfortunately don't live in.

Let me set this up with a quote from a few days ago, from an Associated Press article dated 8-21-00, which explains why the Russian Navy was unable to successfully rescue the crew aboard the Kursk.

Sergeyev said that during the rescue operation, "It's possible that we made mistakes." He complained that meager funding left the navy short of divers and modern rescue equipment.

"Our country has been robbed and shredded for the past several years, and the armed forces receive less than 50 percent of what the budget promises," he said.

Ok, so according to this, the Russian Navy was unable to rescue the crew because they didn't have the "modern rescue equipment" needed, because of "meager funding."

Oh, I get it! Because of cut-backs, they are unable to dive some 350 ft. to reach the sub and pry the hatch open. I guess the Norwegians must be loaded!

Well, that doesn't settle well with me, for reasons beside the obvious. As I listened to the news last night, I heard them say that the morale in the Russian military has been very low since the disaster. They said that many people have been critical of the Russian governments handling the situation, and many blame the government for the loss of lives, as they did not ask for help quickly enough, etc. In order to curb some of the animosity among the military personnel, President Putin has ordered an "across the board" military pay raise! Wait a minute! Suddenly they have money? Suddenly they have resources?

Is it just me....? (sniff, sniff - with my conspiracy nose again)

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