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November 2000

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Posing As President

Robert Lederman

Did you ever fantasize that you were US President, "the most powerful man in the world"?

Posing with his aides, the so-called "best minds in America", GW Bush looks about as presidential as if he'd won the nation's highest office on a game show. "I'm here to pick up my prize", he seems to be saying, "I think I've got the winning numbers!" In terms of projecting authority, competence or intelligence he is the least impressive man in modern times to run for President.

Grinning sheepishly from the dining room of the Texas Governor's mansion or from his dude ranch, Bush-who looks more like Alfred E Newman each day-seems barely able to recall his own name let alone the rehearsed answers to reporters' questions. Like a chronic marijuana smoker he leaves half-finished sentences suspended in midair uncertain of what his point was and seems inordinantly proud when he manages to correctly enunciate a multi-syllable word like, responsibility.

If Bush actually prevails in what can euphemistically be called the 2000 Presidential election, he will give a whole new meaning to the term, lame duck President. Most cartoon characters has far more credibility.

Whatever Al Gore's many flaws and shortcomings are there is no question he knows how to project the image of a serious, knowledgeable and responsible chief executive-which is in fact a large part of the job of President. To suggest that Gore - who apparently won this election - should step aside so that Bush can assume the Presidency is like a late-night television parody of the worst aspects of affirmative action.

Those media pundits and politicians who are demanding that Gore step aside in order to protect democracy cannot be taken seriously. Like the Fox News executive, John Ellis, who made the mainstream media's earliest decision to broadcast that Bush had won the election before the votes were even counted-and who just happens to be GW's first cousin-these people are doing nothing more or less than following orders. It is not Mr. Gore's Presidency to pass off to another player as if this was a touch football game. The election and the position of President belong to the American people not to the television networks.

And speaking of the television networks, according to a series of articles at and the Washington Post 11/13/2000 the national tabulation of votes is done not by a government agency, not by a panel of Democratic and Republican officials but by a private media conglomerate in NYC - Voter News Services (VNS)-owned and operated by the CIA controlled television networks and the establishment print media. No wonder they know the exact count of votes throughout the election process and can make so-called "projections". For all we know Pat Buchanan may have won the election.

What these experts in propaganda and disinformation are really saying is that we must not open this election up to scrutiny because the resulting stench would implicate thousands of government officials and media bigshots. The emerging criminality of the election process in Florida - now including thousands of Black and elderly Jewish voters being given pre-marked ballots - will, if it is ever seriously investigated, result in a lot of respectable people going away to a Federal prison and to a total revamping of the election process. The only system that would be relatively free of this kind of vote fixing is a standardized paper ballot hand-signed by each voter and made available to anyone who wants to examine it.

Florida is just one of fifty States where a wide variety of so-called voting irregularities take place in each election. While the irregularities that are in the spotlight right now seem to point to the Republicans as the culprits it is likely that both parties tampered with the vote in various ways throughout the U.S.

My experience for the past eight years in Brooklyn NY is that in every election I'm told at my local voting station, "Sorry, you're not registered here". This is patiently explained to me by an entire team of election workers who after diligently searching their records have the book of registered voters open to the exact page with my name on it - which is clearly visible to me despite being upside down and across a table. When I persist and ask them to look again - or point it out myself - they giggle and say, "Oh yes, here it is!" How many less persistent, non English-speaking, elderly or authority-intimidated voters are given this same run around and just meekly walk away one can only guess.

The damage is already done. No one who is paying the slightest attention to this election could possibly believe it was fair at this point. The only way to even partially redeem the process - and the Presidency-is to have a full recount and a meticulous examination of the ballots.

I'll accept a Bush Presidency if he actually won it. I'll accept a Gore Presidency if he actually won it. What I won't accept is a fake result from a phony election no matter who won it.

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.

(Artists Response To Illegal State Tactics) (718) 743-3722


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