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December 2000

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Mapping the Millennium:

Behind the Plans of the New World Order

Book Review

Jaye C. Beldo

Adopting a spiritual perspective in response to the perverted orchestrations of the New World Order, such as the post presidential election debacle in Florida, or the continued promotion of blood lust in the Middle East and elsewhere allows one to gain the deepest of insights into the nature of the abuse of power itself. We cannot gain such an understanding into how the physical and subtle bodies we possess are negatively effected when we react with the usual cynicism and despair to these crises that are fed to us on a daily basis. We are thus prevented from participating in a our world in a politically, socially and essentially viable way .

In Mapping the Millennium: Behind the Plans of the New World Order, author Terry M. Boardman offers us a much needed, metaphysical form of proaction, a stragegy that enables us to sense the growing presence of evil forces in the institutions of government, industry and the media. Drawing on the work of Rudolph Steiner (B.1865-D. 1925), the founder of Anthroposophy and creator of such environmentally and educationally benign venues as Bio-Dynamic farming as well as the Waldorf School,the author compares and contrasts the workings of both Ahriman and Lucifer as they manifest in the now (in)famous institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral commission and of course, NATO . Ahriman (the Persian name for the devil), according to Steiner, operates through promoting gross materialism while Lucifer, tends to induce a hypnotic other-worldly state in people (one must be on the lookout for Lucifer hidden in various forms of meditation, ascencionsist New Age cults, movies and t.v.) Steiner, well aware of these very forces in his own time (the Nazis chased him out of Germany in the 20's sensing him as an immediate threat to their nascent Reich) further elaborated on what he called the seven ' post Atlantean phases' of human evolution of which we are currently in the fifth phase, the age of 'the Consciousness Soul or Spiritual Soul' where the 'decisive issue will be whether man can turn his new found powers of individual thinking to serve the good out of his free choice.' With each stage in this grand evolutionary scheme, an accompanying Archangel such as Gabriel or Michael oversees and encourages such newfound powers to develop in a positive way. If all goes well, compassionate and enlightened individuals serving a greater good will eventually overcome the evil forces that have so successfully established themselves on earth. However, according to Steiner, Ahriman and Lucifer attempt to bend the will of the Archangels to serve their own selfish ends and have been rather successful at doing so, having co-opted such promotional vectors as MTV, the WTO and just about any other three lettered acronym/institution currently in operation. The superficial fascination with the occult and such over-rated Black Magic hacks as Crowley and Anton La Vey, is an indication that these forces have been very successful in keeping people forever trapped on a material plane rife with endless and myriad delusions. One can only wonder just how many conspiracy writers/political commentators and their fans are being controlled, unawares, by the Ahrimanic/Luciferic dynamic duo. Fashionably burned out celebrities such as Hunter S. Thompson, who rests on the laurels of his unimaginative, threadbare football metaphors, only serve to inoculate his already jaded, earthbound readers into further cynical complacency. Just what Ahriman, Lucifer, as well as the NWO want. A one trick (pale) pony such as William Cooper, would benefit as well from reading/experiencing Mapping the Millennium, as it would probably make him aware of the Luciferic forces bent on controlling him, considering how much he relies on his MJ-12 schtick to fear motivate people into buying his one and only book.

What is most compelling in Mapping the Millennium beside from the fact that it offers a truly essential/vital perspective that is totally absent in the majority of other conspiracy books on the market, is how effectively the author describes the workings of these negative forces. Boardman's inspired dissection of The Economist magazine, the PR vehicle of the British economic elite is the most outstanding example of his abilities to interpret the NWO from a spiritual perspective. According to Boardman, The Economist successfully inoculates its readers, via subtle subliminal messages, historical 'echoes', and a form of nuanced, yet cavalier double speak as well, distracting/ inculculcating, in unconscious fashion, the reader with the deeply encoded agenda of the NWO. The author describes a map published by The Economist in their September 1990 issue that jokingly, so it seems, refers to how the world would look in the 21st century. It is quite disheartening how much of what was cartographically forecasted under the guise of glib parody has currently come true. In the map, cutely rendered in a kind of 17th C., Puritan fashion, Africa does not exist, India is marginalized along with China and 'Islamistan'. Only 'Euro-America' and 'Euro-Asia' have any noticeable prominence. Russia too has been relegated to obscurity, having been mysteriously swallowed up by 'Euro-Asia'. Yet, ten years later, this is what the world is indeed looking like more and more, considering Africa's as well as Russia's plight.

However, geopolitical manipulations such as these are very old hat if one digs into the history books and possesses a good enough sense of recollection to make the connections. Maybe those quaint maps of the world drawn in the Middle Ages weren't born of mere naivete, rather they probably served the powers that financed their creation somehow in establishing greater control of the populace. Only now the maps appear not under the guise of naivete, rather, as in The Economist , under the guise of info-tainment. We are to look helplessly on as forces beyond our control continue to operate, hiding behind such innocuous parodies as described above. Sufficiently perceiving such requires a spiritual (as opposed to a merely intellectual) approach to understand the import of these intentional distortions.

Terry has set into motion something of great and lasting import, a refreshing and needed break from the dry and vapid deconstructive approach to understanding/unraveling the manipulations of the media and the power systems it promotes. Boardman's book, a truly proactive expose, incorporates a multi-dimensional perspective in a responsible, believable and spiritually mature way. After several rereadings of his work, I'm beginning to appreciate the author's own subtlety in encouraging such an awareness of the occult machinations at large, hiding behind the guise of world events that seem isolated from one another,but are really so intimately conjoined, that the repercussions within and beyond ourselves cannot be ignored, that there are indeed forces that exist, bent on establishing a one world government. Mapping the Millennium is required reading for those willing to set their egos aside and truly benefit from the unique spiritual epoch that we are currently in.


Jaye C. Beldo is a writer and intuitive activist. He can be reached at:

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