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December 2000

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Contact: Carol Adler, President

Dandelion Books

In mid-November, Israeli journalist Barry Chamish's new book, The Last Days of Israel will be available through and Barnes&, and at the bookstore of your choice. Written by a Jew who loves his country with a passion, Chamish holds back nothing. You must read this book if you want to know the true inside story.

Dandelion Books is taking advance orders at and toll-free at 1-877-517-9436.

Here's what internationally recognized journalists are saying about Chamish and The Last Days of Israel :


"There is nobody in the world who has more important and fascinating underground information on Israel and the Middle East than Barry Chamish. His work has become mandatory reading in order to understand the alternative Internet information culture. He is bluntly honest and pulls no punches."

-- Robert Sterling, Editor,; named by as one of the world's ten greatest conspiracy theorists.


"Barry Chamish rises above the climate of half-truths, innuendos and spin-doctoring to produce a clear and always powerful insight into events in the Middle East. He deserves to be read by all those who care about the future of Israel. He flinches at nothing, spares no one and is a constant reminder that there is no substitute for the truth. Read him and give thanks for all he has written."

-- Gordon Thomas. Gordon Thomas has covered Middle East events for the past quarter century. His latest bestseller, Gideon's Spies, is the first inside story of Mossad. It has been published in 31 countries.


"I would be hard-pressed to find a term other than 'modern day Israeli prophet' to describe the essence of Chamish's important contribution to the study and understanding of the forces at war with the Jewish state, internal and external. Put the information in The Last Days of Israel and Israel Betrayed against the predictions he made a decade ago in The Fall of Israel and what you have is a 'modern-day Israeli prophet' for his people."

--Joel Bainerman, Author of Crimes Of A President


"Barry Chamish is the bravest investigator I know. He exposes crime and corruption wherever he finds it; from his native Israel, to the top echelons of the United States and the world. If you want to understand what is going on in the Middle East, and why, Barry can tell you.

"His work is not without peril. Colleagues have developed 'CIA cancer', he has had attempts on his life, he has been vilified in the Israeli media, family and friends fear for his safety... but he continues dig, in a worldwide morass of murder, mayhem, malfeasance, manipulation and misinformation."

-- Rayelan Allan, Publisher, RMNews; Author, Diana, Queen of Heaven -- The New World Religion


"A stunning appraisal of an Israel shot-through with corruption at the highest levels and compromised practically every step of the way by a web of international intrigue, corruption, and evil intent. This is the inside story of a nation betrayed, and now, according to Barry Chamish, apparently in its final stages of existence as we know it. Barry's guest appearances on my program always yield searingly clear, logical, and deeply disturbing data...and draw raves from our listeners.

"This new book is Chamish at his controversial finest...a must read for anyone remotely interested in Israel and peace on the planet. Read the table of contents and then try to put this book can't...and you'll quickly see why Barry's journalistic brilliance has had such a profound impact on Israel and the current Israeli leadership and its intimate ties to the global elite. I suggest you run, don't walk to secure your copy. Barry Chamish is one of the most compelling, meticulously thorough, and brazenly candid investigators of our times. If you wonder why the Middle East remains in extreme crisis and why we sit on the doorstep of a regional...or world war...this book is mandatory reading."

--Jeff Rense, The Jeff Rense Program and


"Barry Chamish has his finger on the pulse of Israel and the world. His books are fascinating reading."

-- Whitley Strieber, author of Communion, the best selling The Coming Global Superstorm, and the upcoming The Last Vampire.


"My work is a burden," writes Chamish. "I know too much. I'm paying a price now and it can only get costlier. Three and a half years ago I wrote about Israel from two perspectives: the very positive-glorifying my country's achievements in various trade magazines read mostly by gentiles, and the very negative-exposing Israeli political corruption in my own publication Inside Israel, read mostly by Jews. The idea was to clean up our political system so I would only have to write about our achievements.

"Then in November, 1995, Yitzhak Rabin was murdered and I quickly gathered proof that our government told not a word of truth about the real circumstances of his demise. And for this I was vilified in the Israeli media, and twice, ugly protests disrupted my lectures. My family was forced to read front page newspaper accounts of my fictional life: I was a Holocaust denier, a member of organized crime, a follower of Rabbi Kahane (THE number one crime of the Israeli media), and worse."

Israeli journalist Barry Chamish is the most outspoken and document-laden of the dozens of Rabin murder "conspiracy theorists." Canadian-born Chamish moved to Israel in 1975, got an MA at Hebrew University and in '82 fought in the Lebanese War. Following the critical success of his book, The Fall of Israel, a stinging expose of Israeli political corruption, Chamish established a newsletter, Inside Israel. Over time, he discovered the reason for the criminality of the Israeli political system; it had been co-opted at the top by elements of the New World Order, especially the Council on Foreign Relations. The Last Days of Israel is Chamish's fifth and most outspoken book on the subject of Israeli political intrigue and corruption.

Even working together, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancey, and Costa-Gavras could never concoct a tale as riveting as this true story. The Last Days Of Israel is Barry Chamish's most outspoken book on the subject of Israeli political intrigue and corruption. His previous bestselling books, already strongly impacting readers on three continents, have documented a leadership controlled by dangerous and secretive European and American power brokers, using murder to push "peace" down an unwilling Israeli public's throat. In The Last Days Of Israel, Chamish names names. He identifies Israel's hidden enemies and tells readers who really murdered Yitzhak Rabin. This book puts all previous Chamish research into a highly focused perspective. It is this perspective that, if widely understood, has the potential for saving Israel. This is more than a book. It is a powerful weapon in Israel's defense.

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