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December 2000

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Impeach GW Bush!

Robert Lederman

Now that it seems all but certain a Bush coup has succeeded in seizing the US Presidency, I want to be the first to announce it: Impeach GW Bush!

Unlike the fiasco of attempting to impeach President Clinton for lying about oral sex in the oval office, an attempt to impeach GW could be based on major felony crimes going back in a continuous lineage to his grandfather and continuing to the present day. These crimes involve his father, brothers, cousins and numerous business associates and include being traitors to America during WWII (grandfather Prescott Bush and great-grandfather, George Herbert Walker were Hitler's Wall Street bankers); immense savings and loan scandals that cost American taxpayers billions; drug running involving himself, his father and brothers and the stealing of the 2000 Presidential election, to name but a few highlights of their illustrious careers.

Of course, it's highly unlikely that a massive Ken Starr-like investigation/persecution of the Bush crime family will ever be undertaken during a Bush regime. Once the Bush clique of white supremacists, drug manufacturers, oil interests, cocaine importers, military suppliers, media barons and eugenicists fully institute their power-grab agenda the U.S. government will no longer even exist as we've come to know it.

Possibly the sole positive aspect of a Bush presidency is an anticipated relaxing of gun controls. The American people are going to need guns to defend themselves against the storm troopers of Bush's New World Order.

Now I wouldn't want anyone to think I don't like GW Bush personally, despite the harsh comments above. If anything, I truly feel sorry for him. Most of the men who have been or who tried to become US president were driven by an all-consuming ambition to gain power and influence.

In contrast GW Bush is about as incompetent, untalented and unambitious a man as ever existed in US politics. A GW Bush presidency will be nothing more than a ceremonial position, even more so than being the Queen of England-who Bush just happens to be a cousin of. No one in our own or any foreign government will ever imagine that GW Bush was responsible for any of the policies that America carries out in the next four years.

When someone spends a major part of their lifetime trying to become president they make tremendous personal sacrifices in exchange for the opportunity to exert so much power. In contrast Bush-who apparently never had the least interest in becoming president-will never actually have any power. This is one of the few facts he seems clearly aware of.

Watching Cheney and Bush at press opportunities is like watching a ventriloquist pretend it's his dummy who is talking. If anything, Bush is like a multiple-personality dummy channeling the voices of a whole gang of ventriloquists including Cheney, Bush senior, The Manhattan Institute and the most rabid leaders of the far right.

I don't mean to suggest that if Gore had become President corporations would not have been running the show or that America would have been a paradise of equality and justice. At least Gore-unlike Bush-would have been able to understand what they were up to and on occasion would have modified the harm they intended. By contrast GW Bush seems unable to make a one sentence statement expressing his own opinion without the guiding hand of Cheney, Baker and his father's other top advisors.

The Bush transition team is exactly that-a transition to a new high-tech form of governmental/corporate fascism that could make Nazi Germany pale by comparison. With the help of the mainstream media-who were co-conspirators with team Bush in stealing this election-we will see cruelty presented as compassion; racism presented as religion and war presented as a form of welfare.

For close to 60 years the media-with occasional exceptions-has done its best to hide the crimes of the Bush family, beginning in 1942 when it downplayed the Federal government seizing the Bush family's banking assets under the Trading With The Enemy Act. Media coverups on behalf of various Bush family members include hiding their involvement in the Kennedy assassination, the fake war on drugs, Iran Contra, the Savings and Loan scandals, cocaine smuggling and use, former President Bush having numerous Nazi advisors, the real story of the Gulf War and most recently fixing the US Presidential election.

America is a wonderful country despite its many flaws. Our elected officials are not kings ruling by hereditary right nor are they dictators ruling by coup. If we want to have any hope to keep it that way we must rid ourselves of the Bush crime dynasty once and for all.

The following are a very partial list of links to exposes on the Bush family. If only 25% of the information on them is true then the Bush family are among modern histories biggest criminals.

[Note: as of this writing 12/5/2000 these were all good links] INDEX.html list.htm


Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.

(Artists Response To Illegal State Tactics) (718) 743-3722


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