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November 2000

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Proof of Ballot Deception in "Florida Surprise"?

Wed, 8 Nov 2000

Earwaves (


The Florida Surprise

By URO Komos

21 Alternative News

The Florida Surprise is taking some turns that the Republican leadership cannot be very happy with. Clearly, the Republicans and GW Bush don't want this to drag on. Too much inspection and scrutiny has never served the Dirty Tricks Department of the Republican party well in the past and is not going to now.

If the Florida Surprise begins to get into the legal arena with lawsuits from private citizens and the Democratic Party, then there is reason for Bush and his party to be worried. Notice that today, Wednesday, Bush called for a "quick resolution to the recount." If there is no fraud, they have nothing to worry about. However, by the look on Bush's face today and his obvious annoyance with this whole process, Bush might be giving it away that they're truly concerned about any voting fraud investigations or, even more importantly, this being dragged into the legal arena. The true face of GW Bush and the Republican Dirty Tricks Department could be spending far too much time in the light of day in days to come as these events unfold. Evidence is mounting for a huge scandal brewing and it is directly tied to Jeb Bush's influence.

Contingency plans were more than likely in place in Florida from day one directed by the Jeb Bush coalition, just in case needed, to "deliver" the state for Bush. When CBS and the other networks called Florida for Gore....Bush panicked. They saw that Gore was truly about to win the state. One would have liked to be in that Bush family room when they heard that Florida was declared for Gore. Oh, my. I can hear old George Sr. ready to wring Rather's neck! Remember 1988?

As expected GW must have leaned heavily on Jeb at that point, who apparently was the most upset when the word came out from the networks. According to reports, he left immediately for Florida to get the job done. No sooner than two hours later, the state came off of the Gore side and onto Bush's. The Republican jaugernaut just didn't expect the state to be called for Gore and when they heard it and convinced that yes, Gore would win unless something was done and quickly....they had to put their contingency plans immediately into effect. They had to make sure that GW won the state.

The late high numbers of "absentee ballots" from overseas and from the "military" voters also bears close inspection by the Democrats and election regulators. Could the Republicans put together an impressive number of registered Republican "ghost" voters who are simply names on a military base or a former Contra or an Anti-Castro Cuban who happens to be registered as a Republican in Florida? These names show up as conveniently voting for Bush in such a scenario is not out of line with the modus operandi of not only a typical CIA operation, but, of course, the Dirty Tricks Republican Department.

Could voting irregularities and possible "ghost" ballot stuffing blow up in the Republicans face? First Elian Gonzales and now the Florida Surprise! The Republicans have some serious Karma going on in this state!


Proof of Ballot Deception in "Florida Surprise"?

All Is Not Balmy for Bush in Palm Beach, Florida

by URO Komos

21 Alternative News

San Francisco's Channel 4, NBC affiliate KRON-TV reported today, Wednesday on another possible Smoking Gun in voter manipulation in Florida's Palm Beach District.

The Problem: Palm Beach is heavily Democratic and Jewish. Large numbers in the district registered to vote for Lieberman/Gore.

We now learn today from the report about the voting irregularities that often pop up in Florida's volitale election politics. Now we find that that the punch cards voting order was changed from the sample ballot and also that the punch cards lined up so that it looked like a vote punched for Gore showed up on Buchanan's tally, conveniently right directly across the two-page ballot.

The NBC KRON-TV affiliate reporter noted that 3,900 votes showed up in the district for Buchanan. His previous high was only 850 votes in any other district in Florida. Given that the population is very Democratic in that distict one could not assume that that many people would vote for Buchanan of all people. The complaints from three voters in the Palm Beach district have led to lawsuits being filed to review the election and have it overturned anda a new vote permitted.

This information was not reported on any of the major network's nightly newscasts today. They were very busy taking blame for calling Florida too early and not the real issue of the lawsuits and voting irregularities. CBS, led by Dan Rather, was particularly careful not to investigate the voting irregularities, instead concentrating on what Bush would do when elected President and how he would work with the Democrats in Congress. No hypotheticals were presented about a possible Gore Presidency.

URO Komos, 21 Alternative News Reporting


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November 8, 2000

Ballots Confuse Palm Beach Voters


Filed at 4:39 p.m. ET

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) -- Supporters of Vice President Al Gore flooded the Palm Beach County elections office with calls Wednesday, fearing they had accidentally cast their votes for Reform Party Candidate Pat Buchanan because of the way the punch-card ballot was laid out.

Lawyers for the Democratic Party said that the ballot design is illegal and that they may ask for a re-vote in Palm Beach County.

Buchanan got 3,407 votes for president in the heavily Democratic county Tuesday, more than he received in any other Florida county, according to unofficial returns from all precincts. With 100 percent of precincts reporting statewide, Gore was behind Texas Gov. George W. Bush by fewer than 1,800 votes, and Florida held the key to the outcome of the national race.

``I think I voted mistakenly for Buchanan because his dot appeared between Bush's and Gore's,'' said 76-year-old Stanley Haber of Boca Raton, who went to Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections offices to complain. ``I think there should be a totally new vote.''

Two larger counties south of Palm Beach both had much lower Buchanan results -- 789 in Broward County and 561 in Miami-Dade County. In Duval County, a much more conservative county in northeast Florida, only 650 Buchanan votes were cast.

The confusion apparently arose from the way Palm Beach County's punch-card style ballot was laid out for the presidential race. Candidates are listed in two columns, with holes down the middle between the columns, to the right or the left of each candidate's name.

The top hole was for Bush, who was listed at top left; the second hole was for Buchanan, listed at top right, and the third hole was for Gore, listed under Bush on the left. Arrows linked the names with the proper hole, but some voters feared they had missed the arrows and punched the wrong hole.

``When ballots are placed in the slide for voting, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman are the second names on the ballot, but the third hole to punch,'' Florida Democratic Party Communications Director Bill Buck said in a statement.

``It was so hard to tell who and what you were voting for. I couldn't figure it out, and I have a doctorate,'' voter Eileen Klasfeld said.

Boca Raton resident Blake Smith incorrectly punched his ballot and had to ask for a second card.

``When I went to push the one for president, I pushed one and it seemed to be just below the office of vice president. It seemed like I had to push one for vice president, too. Then I saw I had accidentally voted twice,'' Smith said.

But Clay Roberts, director of the Florida Department of Elections, said the problem in Palm Beach County was exaggerated.

``I don't think they are confused. I think they left the polling place and became confused. The ballot is very straightforward. You follow the arrow, you punch the location. Then you have voted for who you intend to elect,'' said Roberts, a Republican appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush, George W.'s brother.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore said her office received calls about the problem all day. ``It has mostly been the Democratic Party calling to complain,'' LePore said.

Outside the Palm Beach elections office, about 50 outraged citizens carried signs protesting the ballots.

``It was an injustice. Thousands of people were confused,'' said 42-year-old Niso Mama. ``We have to have another election in this county.''

Florida law specifies that voters mark an X in the blank space to the right of the name of the candidate they want to vote for.

Jeff Liggio, a lawyer for county Democrats, called the ballot illegal. ``Right means right, doesn't it? The state law says right, it doesn't mean left,'' he said.

Don A. Dillman of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, who has done research on the design of paper questionnaires, called the ballot confusing.

``I've never seen one set up like this,'' Dillman said from Pullman, Wash. ``It's very confusing the way they have put things on the right side together with things on the left side. I can see why there might be a problem. If you passed over the first candidate to go for the second candidate, it's logical that you'd punch the second hole.''

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