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November 2000

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Election Petition

Please read, copy & paste into a new email and send on!

Election Day has past, but the election is far from over. And while it's great to have Americans discussing politics with the same enthusiasm with which they discussed the "Survivor" finale, many of you may also be feeling overwhelmed and suspicious of the Florida situation.

So, let's do something about it. Sign your name and city to this email and send it along to every registered voter on your email list. After each 50 names on the list, send an email to:

Tell the State of Florida that a re-vote in West Palm Beach is the only way to erase all doubt about the true winner in this election. ___________________________________________________________________

Dear Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris:

We are sending this letter in protest of the polling process in the county of West Palm Beach. Candidate Pat Buchanan has said "those 3000 votes people are talking about - most of those are probably not my vote."

Registered voters are protesting the ballot layout. Jesse Jackson is leading protest marches in Florida. We just want this election to end fairly and justly.

The right thing to do is for West Palm Beach to have a re-vote. Allow a fair win for Governor Bush, if he is the winner in Florida. Do not allow his presidency to be marred by the implications of losing the popular vote and winning by such a questionable manner in a state governed by his brother.

If a re-vote tips the scale to the side of Vice President Gore, then the people will have spoken loud and clear about who they want to be the next President.

The United States needs to set a precedent for fair and honest elections.

A re-vote is the right thing to do.



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