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December 2000

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An idea has been circulating over the internet as a protest against the stolen election and our democracy being subverted and stolen from us by the Supreme Court (along with Jeb, Harris et al)

* Someone on the RHETORIC list suggested that we all print: "Gore won the vote" on our currency. This will mushroom if everyone on the left does it. It will be a reminder that Bush is an illegitimate president. It is something anyone and everyone can do (but don't openly suggest it, because defacing currency is against the law.)

But it has been pointed out that there are several problems with the "Gore won" message.

(1) First, many of us did not vote for Gore nor do we support Gore's corporate-profits-over-people agenda.

So the suggestion was to write BUSH STOLE THE ELECTION on the dollar bills.

(2) For those of you who are Gore supporters, here is a second reason to use BUSH STOLE THE ELECTION instead of 'Gore won' or the like: Republican's will just cross out "Gore" and put "Bush" if you use "Gore won" (or vice versa if you were to write 'Bush lost'.)

(3) Reason #3: Media and publicity. This is about stolen elections, good-old-boys network in Florida, and the disenfranchisement of voters. It's not about "sour grapes" for Gore -- not only those of us who did NOT vote for Gore but are outraged at an election stolen HERE in the U.S. supposedly the cradle of democracy, but even Gore supporters, with principle, know in their hearts that what matters is democracy -- if Bush had gotten the most votes rather than Gore, it would be his fair win; but instead like a petty 3rd world thug Bush chose to keep those ballots locked away and uncounted.

IMAGINE, if this becomes large enough that the media have to cover it -- it is much better that they media will be forced to report that "most of the dollar bills with message say 'BUSH STOLE THE ELECTION'" than if the media were forced to report a "___won" or "___lost" message.


So the suggestion for best message is this:




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