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KON4M 99
October 1999

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The Last Unicorn

Presented by Adam Gorightly (


Preface from The Konformist:

It's pretty hard to find anyone to stick up for Ira Einhorn.

Einhorn, nicknamed "The Unicorn," was involved in the founding of Earth Day in 1970. He later became a leading investigator and information source in diverse parascience fields, ranging from free energy, remote viewing, and mind control. In the process of becaming a valuable information asset, he came in contact with intelligence operatives on both sides of the fence.

In 1977, his girlfriend, Holly Maddux, disappeared. Her body was later found on his property. He was charged with her murder. (Curiously, his original defense lawyer was Arlen Specter, promoter of the JFK "magic bullet" theory.) Rather than face a trial, he fleed to France.

To this day, Einhorn claims that he was framed, by operatives working either for the CIA, the KGB, or some other intelligence agency. Is he telling the truth?

If he is, there are few people (even in the information underground) who appear to believe him. You can find places all over the net proclaiming the innocence of many individuals: Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, David Koresh, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Timothy McVeigh, Theodore Kaczynski, Jeffrey MacDonald, O.J. Simpson. Even John and Patsy Ramsey have people sticking up for them.

If there are any sites defending Einhorn, we at The Konformist have yet to see them.

That being the case, maybe it's time to look at the Unicorn Murder a second time. One thing that is clear from the other cases: any time the korporate media tries to convince the public that someone accused of a crime is clearly guilty, the motivations are far from benevolent.

What's more, even if Mr. Einhorn is guilty, he hasn't faced a fair trial. Yes, he is to blame for this, but there is no reason for France to extradite him so long as he faces a punishment that was enforced unjustly. That Pennsylvania is the same state that is currently persecuting Mumia Abu Jamal perhaps tells you something.

What follows is a letter by Mr. Einhorn, received by The Konformist via Adam Gorightly. Mr. Gorightly has just concluded a interview with Einhorn, which will appear in the next issue of The Excluded Middle ( ), edited by regular Konformist Kontributor Greg Bishop. We encourage you all to pick up a copy, and we promise to keep you all informed of any updates in The Unicorn case.



Immediately below I quote an excerpt from a letter written to my lawyer by an internationally known friend and scholar Professor Stafford Beer: this information was presented to the man who illegally used my notebooks to write a totally negative book about me, but he choose to ignore it; how much other information of this type did he choose to ignore and why?

This conversation quoted verbatim from Stafford's letter took place in the summer of 1977 about two months before the murdered woman, Holly Maddux, disappeared:


"One day I looked up from my desk and saw that someone was approaching down the path. This was most unusual, because hardly anyone knew yet of my whereabouts, which I was keeping virtually secret, and the place is eight miles from the nearest village. I could hardly believe my eyes: it was Ira. But yes - he would have been one of the very few who would know my new address, because I wanted to keep up the flow of packages from Bell.

"Ira and I became locked in a fascinating discussion of very sensitive matters. They concerned monumentally important scientific discoveries, and their possible impact on human life and society. I have not to this day disclosed what Ira told me, and I do not know whether what he told me can be substantiated. I am sure that Ira believed what he said, and I could without difficulty accept that it might be the case (that is, 'no alien life forms'). What followed is indelibly fixed in my mind, and I shall get as near as I can to the ipsissima verba :

Ira : 'I am making a special visit to you, and to a few other friends who have the knowledge to understand what I have found out, because my situation is dangerous.'

Stafford : "I can believe it. Are you worried about your own government or "the competition?"'

Ira : 'Your call.'

Stafford : 'Well, are you saying that you think you might be bumped off?'

Ira : 'The trouble is, that wouldn't do. It would provoke a whole lot of investigation, and the truth might get out; No, I think that I have to be in some way discredited.'

Stafford: 'Aren't you in some way discredited already? Plenty of people think you are a nut case. And plenty think you are immoral - a bad influence. That lot got Socrates after all.'

Ira: 'And the ideas survived. Just my point. No, it has to be a lot stronger to count.'

Stafford: 'Any ideas?'

Ira: 'None. I don't know what I need to protect myself against.'

"I can swear to this testimony. That's exactly what happened. It made me apprehensive for my friend."


His apprehension became reality on the morning of March 28, 1979 when a slew of Philadelphia police armed with a search warrant entered my small apartment. When they left, they carried away evidence, a partially decayed body, that effectively ended my life, as a social activist. They also carried away, for no apparent reason, all of my papers, including 63 volumes of personal journals and all the information that I had been collecting and distributing for years on my international information network.

I have never seen any of this material again. I probably never will. The private diaries were later turned over, as mentioned above, to a journalist who quoted from them extensively and often out of context in a book that painted me in totally black terms as a murderer. This use of my private work is of course illegal, but my situation does not allow me to do anything about it. It is part of the pattern that has characterised all official action in my case. Action that continues to this day.

I am innocent of the murder with which I am charged and have proclaimed my innocence since day one; an action that seems to have been deeply disturbing to a large numbers of my friends who pressed me to make a deal and put the trauma behind us all.

The Philadelphia media barrage began on the day of my arrest, driving the 3 Mile Island nuclear accident (the largest in American history) out of the headlines. It continues to this day and has spread to nationwide publications and network TV. My wife Annika was chased about our little local village for 13 days by NBC whose prime team invaded our property, rang our bell for almost an hour and shouted hate filled questions at my wife. Locals have been amazed at such behavior and speak of a witch hunt and refer to the times of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy.

After almost two years of pre-trial manoeuvring, which included much judicial misconduct: foreshortening of Xeroxed pages so that the damaging pages of a now unnumbered report could be removed from the information due to us; information that included a public sighting of my former girl friend by three bank employees 6 months after I am supposed to have killed her; and most significantly, a failure to accept two lab reports, issued by the FBI and a nationally known laboratory, National Medical Services, which did all the work on the O.J. Simpson case; reports made at the instigation of the prosecution, which indicated that there was no blood or human protein in the supposed leakage from the body and that material found outside the trunk did not correspond to material found inside the trunk. This was a stiff blow to the prosecutions contention about the murder; the response: the most prestigious local magazine published an article with blood on every page.

Such behavior was repeated no matter wherein I turned, and fearing the death penalty, I left Philadelphia for a life underground.

I am a social activist by nature and after five years in Eire I managed to reconstruct my life and re-begin government and public work, but as a result of discovery I was forced to leave.

During the next ten years, after much personal struggle and with the help of my wife Annika, I gave up the public part of my life and turned all my energy to study and writing. During that time I have written 4 novels and another book. At the time of my capture my 5th novel was in embryo.


"It has always been my view that the law is fair and impartial, favoring neither the prosecutor nor the defendant. But, today, the majority fosters injustice by holding that an accused who is absent without cause on his date of trial may be tried in absentia."

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Steven A. Zappala


During that period, in an unprecedented action, I was tried for murder IN ABSENTIA. My lawyer was forced, under judicial order, to participate in a trial that was a farce, for he had no money to conduct it and could call few witnesses in my defence. My life work was summed up by calling me 'a bum who Xeroxed things'. At the conclusion of the trial I was gleefully sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole.

This decision became final in January of 1997, for no court would listen to the appeals filed by my lawyer.

On June 13, 1997 when I was arrested, I fully expected to be extradited, for I knew nothing of the European Code of Human Rights which is now an integral part of French law. After almost 6 months in prison I was freed by a courageous judge who gave the Philadelphia authorities every chance to offer me a second trial, but under Pennsylvania and United States law that is not possible.

The decision lead to an unseemly and unprofessional barrage of insults by the Philadelphia authorities, creating an environment in which the local papers could openly threaten me and the French judge with bodily harm and talk about kidnapping me.

But there was more to come. The Pennsylvania legislature passed the 'EINHORN LAW' directed specifically at me. An unconstitutional law in many ways (laws directed at one person are not allowed in the American legal system.), but in particular, a violation of a basic American constitutional principle known as the separation of powers which does not allow the legislature to interfere in final court decisions and is one of the most jealously guarded of American constitutional principles, but as my original lawyer Norris Gelman has written to me:


"I am certain the DA knows all this (REFERENCE TO THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL NATURE OF THE LAW) and does not care. Our law is that anything goes in getting one back into the country who has fled and cannot be extradited. Kidnapping is fine and has been approved by the Supreme Court. Lying would be fine too and this statute is just another such instance."


Below you will find excerpts from the 'discussion' which surrounded passage of the law.



1.Mr. O'Brien:"That is very specific to this case, and as I have said, if the legislation presents a problem in the future, we can remedy it by another action of this General Assembly."

2.Mr. O'Brien:"...the defendant Ira Einhorn, would be tried under existing statutes today - the gentleman is correct - and that would be entirely within the discretion of the prosecutor, and the ultimate sentence would be a subject of the trial court, and if the death penalty were imposed, that would be by the jury."


I am also providing an excerpt from the case that demonstrates the unconstitutional nature of the law, in a very clear and unequivocal manner.


July 1850:Pennsylvania Supreme Court, De Chastellux versus Fairchild:

"The power to order a new trial is JUDICIAL. The legislature does not possess judicial power, and they have not the right to direct that a new trial be granted."


The situation is further exacerbated by a $50,000,000 civil suit. A suit that requires my presence in court: an impossibility in my case. The fact that the case was opened years too late and on the basis of my being extradited are legal niceties that don't exist for me, for I have no way to defend myself at a distance.

A red thread in my life has been social activism. After my arrest, I tried to continue this work in Eire, but soon realised that it was too dangerous to continue. After much struggle, I turned my energy to writing novels, the last being a philosophical novel about the holocaust and repressed memory.

It is now becoming increasingly evident that I may be prevented from publishing my book by the legal judgments lodged against me.

Let me close with a quote from the Philadelphia District Attorney Lynn Abrahams. It is a quote with reference to Les Miserables and will have particular resonance to the French reader. It aptly sums up the way I have been treated:

"Like Inspector Javert I will pursue Ira Einhorn relentlessly until the ends of the earth."

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