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KON4M 99
January 1999

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The Sauder Zone

The Sauder Report: Notes From The Underground

Kundalini Tales

Kundalini Tales is an excellent follow-up to Richard Sauder's Underground Bases and Tunnels. As much of a personal journey than an expose, Sauder mixes the inner exploration of his self with the outer exploration of CIA mind control projects and other nefarious black budget deeds, and leaves you wondering how much these two explorations are intertwined. Of particular interest is his unraveling of the occult underpinnings of the space program, which those with a love for James Shelby Downard's mind-boggling essays on military-industrial komplex sorcery will truly enjoy. This book has a place in any unusual book collection library.

- Robert Sterling, Editor, The Konformist

Kundalini Tales is available online at and also by phone from 1-800-905-8367.


"Kundalini Tales is a spellbinding account of one man's extraordinary psychic experience. Richard Sauder's clean narrative style draws the reader directly into the events. This book is impossible to put down. At the same time it is a serious chronicle of a remarkable metaphysical journey."

--Shelley Thomson, President

San Francisco Tesla Society


"Kundalini Tales is a profound and fascinating journey into the deep of the mind, the soul and the hidden realities that have formed our world. Richard Sauder has a way of getting under the skin, of adventuring into places that most of us hardly notice and would never dare go. Thus this is a compelling journey, must reading for anyone who wanst to explore the secrets behind and beneath human life and the human world."

--Whitley Strieber

author of Communion


(from the book)

"My spinal column was turbo-charged with what felt like 50,000 volts of rippling, crackling electricity that came surging up my spine with an ear-splitting roar and arced out of the top of my skull... my heart chakra was opened and I could see all around me without any physical impediment... not with my physical eyes... or with the so-called third eye... but with my heart."


Sauder comments:

"The events in Kundalini Tales happened to me and I'm still trying to figure out most of them. I find life so strange and improbable, so indescribably mysterious that I often lie awake at night sorting things through in my mind. What can it all mean?! It's great and grand and it's magical and it's big and it's alive-- oh, so very and vitally alive! What a blast! And we all have great seats, right down front!"


Price: $14.95

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press

ISBN: 0-932813-61-5

Available online from:

Order by telephone from: 1-800-905-8367

Or have your local bookseller order it.

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