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KON4M 99
October 1999

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By Anthony J. Hilder

Free World Alliance

Hillary attends a party with one of her "girls."

Everybody in the Beltway knows that Hitlery curses like a drunken sailor on a marine brawl. "The Flag Incident" at the White House would prove that conclusively. But who cares? She is not the only foul mouth filly that ever walked her way through Washington. Nearly everybody whose connected" in D.C. suspects that Hillary is at best AC/DC and some say she is very heavy not the chickadees who "switch hit" for the lesbian League. But should that disqualify her for the U.S. Senate even if its so. Barney Frank has his 'boys.' Why shouldn't Hillary have her "girls."

With Bill Clinton as her "loving husband" it is easy to understand why Hitlery would become gay. She certainly has more balls than he does. Clinton may be a coward, corrupt, croooked, and even a killer "according to Gennifer flowers, who feared for her his if she didn't go public, But about the 'First Lady' with those piano legs, hippo-hips and who has to shuffle like a baby bull elephant just to get around. What's wrung with her? She can't help it if those thunder highs are "cellulite city" Its her arrogant, obnoxious attitude that realty makes her ugly to the bone.

In Gennifer flowers' book "SLEEPING WITH THE PRESIDENT' Gennifer asked the then Governor one night why Hillary put up With Bill's having an affair with her- Clinton responded "SHE'S GONE DOWN ON MORE PUSSY THAN I EVER WILL." This explains a lot coming from Cocaine Clinton himself just why she doesn't mind his "Muff Diving" and may well justify his extramarital activity.

Then what about author Cathy O'Brien, who claims while acting as a "Sex Servant" for a top government agency that she was requested to service "Hitlery's Muffin" She did with great reluctance - finding it "VERY GAMEY."

Then there's rumored to be this "Female" Director/Producer from New York who's said To Be "Doing Hillary" or is it visa versa? Maybe that's why she has moved to the Big Apple. Both Cathy and Gennifer are more than willing to testify that Hitlery has a liking for the lesbian ladies. And Cathy said she slept with her And in so far as Gennifer's comments, we know the President's a liar. I can't t remember the last time he told the truth.

Hillary might have good reason to be a "Man Hater" if her experience with the opposite sex has mostly been confined to wayward Willie, But who knows maybe the Clintons are just a couple of "Swingers" left over from the sinful '70s, when everybody did everybody in those "Orgies."

I know people can change sexual preference. My first girlfriend in Junior High was a tomboy with little pity bust, a wonderful smile and had a great personality. Now she is a grandmother with big jumbo jugs and has a full blown dyke girlfriend, slick-back grey hair. Does this change the way I feel about her? No she's still a great gal. Being gay doesn't change that. But in so far as Hillary is concerned, if she's gone gay, she needs to be OUTED so that people can decide for themselves whether they want another liberal lesbian In Washington. Barney Frank openly admits he 'swaps spit with young men' and that doesn't bother the voters from Massachussets. So let the chips roll where they will.

What bothers me about Hillary is that "Man Hater Thing" that so many of us straight "Right Thinking Men" sense about her. When you couple that with her "Holier Than Thou Attitude" and you've got one real barracuda. She covers up her course, crude and often cruel character real well with a mask of a Madonna. But the question is she really as viscous, vile and vindictive as so many people say? One thing for sure she Is not the sweetheart of Sigma Kal.

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