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Robalini's Note: UPI has it backwards. Hinkson was a guest on Gunderson's show.

Art Bell Explains Why He Left Airwaves

PAHRUMP, Nev., May 28 (UPI) -- Nighttime radio talk show host Art Bell has revealed the reason for his extended absence from the airwaves last year. Bell and his attorney, Jerry Fox, of the Los Angeles-based law firm Fox, Siegler & Spalane, disclosed today on the nationally syndicated show that false accusations of child molestation on a shortwave radio show based in Davidson County, Tenn., prompted him to quit. Bell has filed a defamation suit in Nashville against the station and its host and guest.

The broadcast in question originated from WWCR on Dec. 9, 1997. The alleged statements were made during an interview by talk show host David Hinkson and former FBI agent Ted Gunderson. Fox claims Gunderson told Hinkson that Bell had been indicted for child molestation in Nevada and had asked authorities to cover up the evidence and dismiss the indictment. Listeners were invited to contact Bell about the indictment. Bell says he was so harassed that he decided to quit. ``When people continue to call you things like a child molester, you're not in any particular frame of mind but defend yourself,'' he says. Fox says, ``It is a fair characterization to suggest that Hinkson was egged on by Gunderson, and there was some form of instigation taking place'' when the allegations were made. Fox says it was ``absolutely shocking'' that a person hosting a radio program would hear this kind of attack without knowing its validity and not end the discussion.

The case is expected to be litigated in four to five months. Bell is demanding a retraction and an explanation for why he was defamed. On Thursday, Bell filed a second lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court for similar comments made on a radio show in Los Angeles County. The broadcast, hosted by David John Oates, reportedly aired April 3, with guest Robert Stevens. Fox claims Stevens said Bell was convicted some 20 years ago and served time for trafficking in child pornography in Monterey, Calif. He claims Oates then published the accusations on the Internet.


Fri, 28 May 1999 7:01:35 PDT Story from UPI


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International (via ClariNet)

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