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KON4M 99
May 1999

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Art Bell To Subpoena Konformist Editor Robert Sterling For $60 Million Lawsuit

May 31, 1999

Since I have been emailed on quite a few occasions this weekend over this, I am writing this release so I will not have to keep repeating myself.

I, Robert Sterling, have been in contact with both radio talk-show host Art Bell and his lawyer, Jerry Fox, on numerous occasions in the past month. The reason for the contact is that I have information which they deem very important to the $60 million lawsuit recently filed in Los Angeles against David John Oates and Robert Stevens. My contact with Mr. Bell began after I began investigating claims about Art Bell, some of which are central to the lawsuit, including the most shocking accusation, that he was involved in child pornography. I had already concluded that these outrageous charges were completely false, and was contacting him to find out if he was aware of these charges. As the lawsuit makes clear, he certainly was, and he was very interested in finding out who my source was. So far I have not revealed my source, and because of this, Mr. Bell and Mr. Fox have informed me that they will subpoena me for the case.

Since I have already revealed this much to Mr. Bell and Mr. Fox, I will state that my source was not David John Oates, Robert Stevens or Jeff Rense, the three most likely suspects. It also was not Ted Gunderson (who I have been in contact with in the past, and is named in a separate lawsuit filed by Bell) or David Hinkson. Beyond this, I will not confirm or deny anyone else. I must add that I believe that my source was aware that some of the information he gave me was false, and I believe that the purpose of passing the information was to damage Mr. Bell.

I also wish to add that I understand why Mr. Bell and Mr. Fox have decided to subpoena me, and they have both been very polite in their treatment of me, though certainly frustrated that I have not revealed my source . I am sorry that Mr. Bell has had to face such terrible false accusations, and it does bother me that, had I been more reckless, I would have been involved in the transmission of vicious and evil rumors.

If there are any other questions, feel free to ask them, and if any new information does come up, I will certainly post it on my site.

Thank you,

Robert Sterling

Editor, The Konformist


(310) 737-1081

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