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August 1999

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Secrets and Lies of the First Two Decades of AIDS (1979-1999)

1999 by Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D. (

There has never been a disease as mysterious as AIDS. It supposedly originated in Africa, but when it first broke out in the U.S., the disease was unknown in Africans. It was first thought to be a homosexual disease caused by anal sex; but now everyone knows that heterosexuals can become infected with HIV and anal sex is not necessary. In Africa the disease primarily affects heterosexuals, but initially it was a gay white man's disease in America.

How did a black heterosexual disease out of Africa transform itself exclusively into a white homosexual disease when it first erupted in America (and at a time when there were no reported African cases)? Certainly promiscuity and anal sex is not limited to homosexuals. So why did HIV first infect only white gay men?

The first cases, all occurring in homosexuals, trace back to 1979 in New York City. When the disease became official in 1981 scientists first named it "gay-related immune deficiency disease," or GRID, for short. To the public it was better known as the "gay plague." Initially, only young white homosexual men were affected. But now, two decades later, AIDS has now transformed itself into the leading killer of young black heterosexual men and women.


The Origins of AIDS


There are two theories explaining how AIDS originated as a gay disease in America. For over a decade the most popular theory was that HIV originated in Africa when a green monkey virus "jumped" species and infected the black heterosexual population. Now scientists have changed their minds and we are told that HIV originated as a chimpanzee virus, rather than a monkey virus. How the virus erupted exclusively in gay white men living in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the late 1970s has never been adequately explained.

The second and highly controversial theory is that HIV was deliberately seeded into the gay male population and that AIDS is a man-made disease.

The widely-accepted monkey theory was proposed by Robert Gallo, who discovered HIV in 1984. In his book Virus Hunting (1991) Gallo credits medical writer Ann Giudici Fettner for telling him that AIDS came from African green monkeys. On the dust jacket of Fettner's book The Truth About AIDS, published in 1984, she is credited as serving as "health advisor" to the government of Kenya, as well as the author of Potpourri, Incense and Other Fragrant Concoctions. Strangely, Fettner never mentions African green monkeys in her book and writes that AIDS started as an American disease.


The Man-Made Theory of AIDS


The man-made theory of AIDS contends that HIV was deliberately seeded into the black African population and into the white homosexual population through vaccine programs and experiments conducted in the late 1970s. The evidence for this is contained in my two books: AIDS and the Doctors of Death and Queer Blood; and in Leonard Horowitz's Emerging Viruses.

Since the introduction of HIV into the gay population in the late 1970s, the public has been made aware of so-called "emerging viruses" and "emerging diseases", many of which seem to arise mysteriously in Africa. The idea that one or more of these new viruses could have arisen in viral laboratories or in secret biowarfare laboratories is never discussed by the leading AIDS scientists or by journalists who write about them.

In 1884 a blood test for HIV became available. Scientists then retested stored American blood to determine in what year HIV was first introduced into the U.S. population. The first HIV-positive blood specimens trace back to 1978-1979 when gay men volunteered for the government's hepatitis B vaccine experiment . This experiment was conducted at the New York City Blood Center in Manhattan from 1978 until 1980. Similar gay experiments were conducted in San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Denver and Chicago from 1980 to 1981. The first cases of AIDS in gay men were uncovered in New York City beginning in 1979.

The onset of the "gay plague" easily traces back to these experiments. In 1980 (a year before AIDS became official) over 20% of the gay men in the New York City experiment were HIV-positive! As mentioned, during that year there were no recorded cases in Africa. And nowhere in Africa in the early 1980s has stored blood shown such a high incidence of HIV-positivity.


Importing Emerging Viruses from Africa


There is now new evidence that blood serum samples stored since 1976 at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta contained the HIV virus. These samples were collected from Africans exposed to the deadly Ebola virus in a remote area of Zaire (now The Democratic Republic of the Congo). When these blood specimens were retested for HIV in the 1980s, some tested positive for HIV. And HIV was actually cultured from one serum sample!

This startling claim is revealed by Joseph McCormick, M.D., in Level 4: Virus Hunters of the CDC, published in 1996. McCormick, former chief of the CDC's legendary "hot zone" virus laboratory, claims hundreds of vials of African serum were shipped by air to the CDC in 1976.

Scientists have not explained how these Africans living in a small and remote geographic area could have been exposed to two new emerging viruses, particularly when infection with these two viruses were unknown in other parts of Africa. Unwittingly, McCormick's startling revelations and their implications give further credence to Horowitz's and my view that both Ebola and AIDS virus outbreaks are most likely man-made diseases.

Thus, two years before the gay experiments began, and two years before any U.S. blood was positive for HIV, AIDS-infected African blood was in the hands of virologists and undoubtedly in the hands of scientists connected to biowarfare research. Furthermore, these two emerging viruses did not arrive in the U.S. via sexual activity or increased intercontinental travel. On the contrary, the viruses were airlifted from Africa in shipments of blood authorized at the highest governmental levels for research puposes.

These HIV and Ebola virus contaminated serum samples were housed in "hot zone" laboratories and undoubtedly used for animal experimentation and seeded into tissue cell cultures. These viruses could have contaminated chimpanzees, green monkeys, and other lab animals used in the development and manufacture of vaccines, such as the hepatitis B vaccine used in gays and the smallpox vaccine widely used in Africa.

McCormick's revelations make it now clear that HIV was in the hands of government virologists two years before the gay experiments began in 1978, and five years before AIDS officially erupted exclusively in the most hated and persecuted minority in America.


A New Emerging Cancer Virus and The "Gay Plague"


Two decades after AIDS there is now evidence that yet another cancer -causing "emerging virus" was introduced into gays as well.

When the first cases of AIDS erupted in 1979 the most important sign was the occurrence of Kaposi's sarcoma (KS), the so-called "gay cancer" appearing on the bodies of some homosexuals dying of the disease.

AIDS researchers now claim a different virus causes KS, and that HIV does not directly cause Kaposi's. In the years 1973-1976 there were no cases of KS in young men in New York City. But by 1985 with the increasing number of AIDS cases, the incidence of KS in single young men increased 1850 times; and in San Francisco the rate of KS increased over 2000 times!

Now scientists are convinced that yet another virus infected gay men around the same time that HIV was also infecting them. This proposed KS virus was first discovered in 1994 and is now called human herpesvirus 8, or HHV-8. Initially found exclusively in AIDS patients, this new virus has also been discovered in other forms of cancer, such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

In 1997 the new virus popped up in a "normal" healthy male blood donor. How the virus is transmitted from person to person in unknown. Whether the new virus is the sole cause of KS is also not known. Some scientists have found HHV-8 in the semen of KS patients, but other researchers have not confirmed this. Virologists have traced the origin of the virus back to a monkey tumor virus, known as herpes saimari virus.

Thus, not one but two emerging and cancer-causing chimp and monkey viruses (HIV and HHV-8) were introduced into the gay community in the late 1970s. How was this possible? Scientists simply blame homosexual activity and promiscuity, and downplay the fact that heterosexual activity and promiscuity comprise the bulk of sexual activity (and sexually-transmitted disease) in America.

As we enter the third decade of AIDS and "emerging viruses" there will undoubtedly be more scientific surprises concerning the origin and cause of these new diseases. Perhaps one of these surprises will be that AIDS is a man-made disease and that all those out-of-Africa monkey and chimp stories were fairy tales to cover-up the real truth about the origin of the "gay plague."



Cantwell Jr, A: AIDS & The Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic. Los Angeles: Aries Rising Press, 1988.

Cantwell Jr, A: Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot. Los Angeles: Aries Rising Press, 1993.

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[Dr. Cantwell is an AIDS and cancer researcher. He is the author of AIDS &the Doctors of Death, and Queer Blood, both published by Aries Rising Press, Los Angeles.

Corresponding address: PO Box 29532, Los Angeles, CA 90029, USA. E-Mail:]

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