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Bob Kardashian Is Such a Kidder!

Paul Ruiz

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Monday, November 16, 1998

I found the excerpt in Lawrence Schiller's American Tragedy where Kardashian "jokes" about his involvement with the Armenian Mafia. It is in the Introduction, page xvii of the Avon Books paperback edition:


One night they [Robert Kardashian, his brother and OJ] started talking to some woman in the Luau and Bob [Kardashian] told her he was from the Armenian Mafia, an enforcer. He liked to break people's knees. She believed him; O.J. kept a poker face. Loved it. They started hanging out at night, going to dinner a lot. It seemed they talked about everything.


Just a bunch good ol' boys having a good ol' time, right? Incredibly, Schiller describeds Kardashian as a pious religious man, as noted by the following excerpt:


At parties buzzing with cocaine, he [Kardashian] never indulged. Cruising the bars with OJ and the gang, he sipped iced tea, went home at midnight. He drank the occasional glass of wine, nothing more. His steadfast religious faith was known and respected. But he was a hard businessman, a tough competitor, taking whatever advantage he could. [page 5]


Later, as it appears that the investigation will focus on OJ, Kardashian tries some old-fashioned religion/male bonding:


Bob [Kardashian] drops to his knees in front of the couch and holds out his hands. Simpson takes them. "Let's pray about it," Kardashian says. O.J. says nothing, but Kardashian begins by asking for strength, then for forgiveness, for the Lord to take pity on his friend and help him find his way, help him remember that people love him, that his children need him. He asks for understanding, for compassion. Help us, O Lord; they will be done, thy kingdom come. Simpson's head stays down all the while. [page 70]


I guess Lawrence Schiller never interviewed William Wasz for his book.


Robalini's Note: For those unfamiliar with Lawrence Schiller, he is a major player in the debunking of the JFK-assassination conspiracy investigation, and aided Albert Goldman in his slamming of Lenny Bruce. Schiller, at last news report, was working on an "investigation" of, of all things, the JonBenet Ramsey death.

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