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I have already written and disseminated one reporton the covert government's secret electromagnetic/radio frequencymind control project based at a documented subterranean facilitybeneath the derelict Montauk Air Force Station, at the extreme eastend of Long Island's south fork (entitled Montauk Air ForceStation--Active or Not?). These activities, an outgrowth of somevery esoteric research directly linked to the (in)famous"Philadelphia Experiment" (Project Rainbow--later Phoenix) and boththe interdimensional and psychotronic (linking mind to machine[computer]) ramifications of this work, reached literallyheretofore unimaginable levels of human (technological) control overthe parameters of our "reality" in the Montauk experiments;including all conceivable implications of that word. As has beenstated by others, the masterminds behind the Montauk/Phoenix Projectattempted to "play God".



This entire field of research, including thelegendary Philadelphia Experiment activities, dates back originallyto the later 1930s. These were the early attempts at achieving radarinvisibility ("Stealth") and according to some sources literal sightinvisibility as well using "interdimensional" technology devisedprimarily by Nikola Tesla and Janus Von Neumann. By all accountsthese experiments at the Philadelphia Naval Yard in the early 1940sended in uncontrollable and nightmarish failure when the ship wasthrust into hyperspace; reappearing with a severely damaged crew onlyafter the generators, transmitters and other equipment had beendestroyed. During the 1950s, under the scientific leadership of VonNeumann, these earlier efforts gave birth to both theinterdimensional/ time travel and the psychotronic/mind controlaspects of the Montauk Project operations.

It must be pointed out to those revisionists whodiscount the reality of the Philadelphia Experiment and also to thosewhose minds boggle at the contemplation of such subjects, that thereis ample evidence in the public record alone, (newspapers, magazines,periodicals, etc.), showing that in the later 1930s and early 1940sNaval Intelligence and other agencies were indeed wholeheartedlyresearching radar cloaking technology with the top minds in physics,including John Hutchinson, Emil Kurtenhauer, Albert Einstein, VonNeumann and Tesla. Although not often discussed then or now, literalsight invisibility was also a subject of considerable interest inthis work. Sites for this research were first the University ofChicago and then later The Institute for Advanced Studies inPrinceton, New Jersey.

In recent years much evidence has surfacedindicating that the Montauk base and the subterranean facilities havebeen and are still the site of the Phoenix Project and are used for atremendous amount of top secret, ultra-classified research andexperimentation into interdimensional technology, quantum andparticle physics (black hole simulation), psychotronics,super-powerful electrical and electromagnetic fields, weathercontrol, electronic and drug-based mind control, and more recentlygenetics and particle beam technology.

The preponderance of this evidence stronglysuggests that a great many of these activities have been thoroughlymalevolent as to both their desired ends and the means used toachieve those ends, and have utilized unwitting and even helplesssubjects--including at times, youngsters abducted from surroundingcommunities. Certain of these experiments in controlled warping ofour time-space continuum had such devastating results and almostinconceivably awesome potential consequences that several projectinsiders conspired to sabotage the proceedings in August 1983,forcing the base's total, but as it turns out only temporary,abandonment.

Allegedly a time tunnel-type linkup with thePhiladelphia Experiment exactly forty years previously (August 12,1943) was achieved then--apparently an attempt by project operatorsto repair or undo damage they felt had been done to the time-spacecontinuum during the 1943 experiment; thereafter, the project endedtemporarily, and the surface of the property was then donated to N.Y.State in 1984 expressly for use as a public park. The N. Y. StateParks department continues to "maintain" the surface of the propertyin a thoroughly deteriorated, unusable condition with public accessforbidden, in blatant collusion with the federal government incovering up the existence of an active underground installationbeneath this most unusual and singularly uncongenial state"park".


One of the characteristics of this project andothers like it is the fact that there are an incredible number of"tentacles" which connect to myriad aspects, angles, influences andoffshoots: it seems hardly a day passes when I don't find or receiveinformation revealing some heretofore unknown or hidden element ofthe Montauk(Phoenix) Project or about related or similar operations.It literally never seems to end.

As a result, it's difficult to bring the work to asatisfying close, and it's become necessary to follow my initialreport on what's known as the "Montauk Project" with thisupdate.

Let me point out at the onset that this latestreport, to a noticeably greater extent than the first, containsmaterial quoted directly from other sources. All such material is soidentified, and the reason this is the case is that the highestpriority for me right now is the dissemination of information aboutthe Phoenix/Montauk Project to the very greatest extent, and ratherthan interpreting or rewording certain material it was more effectiveand/or expeditious to simply quote larger segments of thematerial.


I would like to assist readers in understandingthe intent of this endeavor to bring the truth about the MontaukProject--as well as similar and/or connected projects--to publicattention by whatever means and to the greatest extent possible, forthe sake of my child and all children, all people and for the sake ofhuman freedom on this planet we call home.

The human race could be about to enter a period inwhich we will be subjected to nonstop, invasive and pervasive mind,mood, consciousness and even body control carried out through the useof electromagnetic/radio frequency transmissions on a worldwidebasis; this in addition to severe and extensive social manipulationand consciousness modification programs already operating to anextraordinarily pervasive and effective degree through mass media andentertainment, religions and other forms of social programming andindoctrination such as cults and belief systems. This while the foodsupplies of the human race become increasingly contaminated by notonly toxic pollutants, but by health/mood altering substances andadditives in and irradiation of our food and water supplies--whichhave already become increasingly deficient nutritionally anddownright unhealthy due to pervasive global environmental andecological degradation. In addition to all the aforementioned methodsand "systems" of malicious manipulation, there would appear to beindisputable instances in which some individuals are also beingmonitored and/or manipulated by "controllers" of one sort or anotherthrough the use of physical, biological implants.


We are already witnessing the near-total collapseof even a pretense of a free press and certainly a democraticgovernment here in the United States. We are already witnessingmassive deployment of experimental (and perfected!) biologicalweapons against the American people and even more so against thirdworld countries (such as AIDS and ebola: see Dr. Leonard Horowitz'sbook Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola , which proves thatthese and other deadly diseases were genetically engineered by secretgovernment associates mainly at Cold Spring Harbor Labs on--youguessed it--Long Island). We are witnessing the deployment ofnumerous electromagnetic mind modification programs--of particularimportance is the Tesla-based HAARP technology, now being implementednot only in pursuit of mind control objectives, but also a number ofother highly malicious, oppressive, unethical, unconstitutional, aswell as ecologically dangerous goals.






What's one of the most distressing things to me isthe ever-increasing degree to which the major news/information mediahave blatantly become a party to promulgating and fostering some ofthe most egregious and destructive of the many coverups,disinformation campaigns and distractive, meaningless manufacturednews events which the covert government is disseminating, all for thepurpose of diverting our energy and attention from significant--evenvital--issues. In other words, we are getting almost pure crap fromthe mass media regarding almost any issue of any importancewhatsoever--most certainly on any information which would tend togive the lie to those deeply embedded traditional concepts held onthe part of a large percentage of humanity (including many NorthAmericans); concepts which bolster the global position of the "powersthat be" and to enable further exploitation of the humanrace.

To my eye these "powers" are to some extent aninternational "cabal" (and I use that word with full knowledge ofit's derivation), a secret, in fact cultic brotherhood with decidedlymalevolent, even "satanic" characteristics, which is and has beenmanipulating humanity to a VERY extensive degree; which underliesmany of the predominant philosophical systems, belief systems andreligions of the world; which underlies as well many governments ofthe world's individual countries; a group which has as it's primegoal the further acquisition of ever-greater raw, oppressive powerover the actual lives of large numbers of humanity, and it's owncontinued aggrandizement and enrichment at the expense not only ofEarth's people but most certainly of the planet itself and all itsmany life forms as well.

A good example of the tremendous degree to whichthe major news media organizations are called to heel is seen in thefacts surrounding the two year hiatus in the professional career ofCBS broadcaster Connie Chung, who had the misfortune to have ended upbeing paired with Dan Rather several years ago.

On a live call-in TV talk show some two years ago,Ms. Chung responded with a bit too much candor to a question as towhat actually gets reported publicly by the major news media, giventhe great number of stories and items which come from the numeroussources of "raw" information. How are the stories which get theattention of the media chosen and by whom?

Connie Chung replied to the effect that it wasn'ttoo hard to decide what stories get aired--they just checked withWashington D.C. to see what had been cleared for publication by thegovernment.

As a result of her being foolish enough to tellthe truth in what was likely just a naive, probably unintentional andinadvertent slip, within no more than a few hours Ms. Chung was outof a job and remained blacklisted in the industry for a good twoyears, only resurfacing in 1998 with a position at ABC--sufficientlychastened, some no doubt believe, to allow her to grace the publicairwaves once again.


There are a great many indications of theimplementation of the New World Order and the list grows by the hour.Of prime importance in these malignant plans for our future is theliteral control of or at least substantial interference with andmanipulation of our brains, minds and consciousness/awareness byMontauk-type technologies. Clandestine agencies have been covertlyresearching various means of mind control for quite a long time.Based upon what I have discovered, the Montauk Project represents thepinnacle of achievement in this entire field. This type of technologyperfected in the Montauk Project and now likely being carried onwithin and through the HAARP project is, unfortunately, extremelypowerful, and this power is at the disposal of what in actual factare literally Nazis and their cohorts/accomplices/collaborators/proteges and descendants.


More than a few researchers think that there isstrong evidence indicating that the government has in place at thispoint mind, mood and consciousness modification EM/RF transmitters inmost major (and not so major) population centers: evidence also thatmass internment centers exist (above ground) in certain sectors ofthe country, to handle many potentially millions ofpeople--troublemakers and dissidents of one stripe or another andlikely those who don't succumb as easily to the EM/RFtransmissions.

Of course, globally implemented HAARP operationsand the numerous subterranean installations across the country roundout the picture of where we stand in terms of our literal oppressionby the covert government.



The great majority of responses to date to theinformation in my initial report have been serious, interested,concerned and at least willing to impartially consider theinformation as valid... and certainly urgent. Additionally however Ihave been picking up a somewhat faint but persistent hum (mostly onthe Internet) of what I believe is the evolving response emanatingfrom the spin doctors and damage control agents of the (covert)government to the increasing flow (flood) of information now "comingout" which pertains to the Montauk Project, i.e. the PhiladelphiaExperiment--Rainbow/Phoenix Project: and the connections toBrookhaven National Labs (BNL), Airborne Instrument Labs (AIL),Siemens/ITT, as well as links to a tremendous number of othertop-secret "research" activities such as MK- ULTRA and other morewell-known mind control projects, connections to collaborativeoperations with ET's, connections to what's known as the "New WorldOrder", and to numerous other tentacles of the beast. The list reallynever seems to end and neither, it seems, does the story.

This currently materializing "spin" which the(covert) government and their allies are very carefully leaking intheir attempt to manipulate the whole Philadelphia/Montauk deal goessomething like this: "O.K. Maybe we have been researching someincredibly advanced science for a number of years. It's (maybe) true,it's true. We have actually warped time and space.. once or twice...or did we? Anyway, we couldn't say anything about it because ofthe--Commies... or aliens... or even the hippies... or whatever. Hadto keep it secret. National security and so forth. And yes, we didsome incredible things, but can't unfortunately reproduce a lot of it(naturally). And isn't all in the advancement of human knowledge andthe greater good (yuk yuk) after all? And yeah, maybe there is moreto the Stealth's radar invisibility than a funny shape and a matteblack paint job. O.K. So we lied a little." And so on. You get theidea.

The unspoken Big Lie in all this is that thesupreme and overarching prime directive of pretty much everything todo with Rainbow/Phoenix/ Montauk, at least from Philadelphia on, wasreally what could be termed mind control--but even that doesn'treally convey the breadth and scope of the operation's goals andactions. It's really much more along the lines of reality engineeringand consciousness control.

The knowledge gained at such a steepprice--through the research which culminated in the experiments atthe Philadelphia Naval Yard in 1943 and the subsequent endeavors onLong Island--of methods for gaining access to, and actually travelingto other dimensions and periods of time, has been primarily appliedor implemented to further the goals of manipulation and control ofhuman, perhaps even global (or planetary--as in Gaia-) consciousness.All of these most advanced scientific technologies have beenutilized in service of "mind control".

This is the stuff the spin doctors can NEVERsmooth over; the horrendous and virtually inconceivable abuses ofhuman beings and of humanity which have taken place and are takingplace in this and similar or related projects.

The covert government considers it terriblyimportant for the truths about such operations to be kept hidden andburied, because there is really no conceivable excuse (lie) anyonecould ever come up with which could possibly justify or condone, inthe minds of the public, the operation of such projects by ourgovernment or any agencies/consortiums connected to our government ineven the most tenuous way; as well, because we are--especially inmodern technological societies--immersed in a veritable sea ofelectromagnetic/radio frequency transmissions, a portion of which areintentionally engineered to have any number of effects on ourconsciousness and physical wellbeing. (Even those which are not sointended have well-documented and generally negative, debilitatingeffects upon biological health and mental function.)

Who could ever justify such wholesale anddeliberate, unconscionable, thoroughly malignant abuse of humanrights and of spiritual freedom such as has occurred in thegovernment's mind control operations?

Thus, the mind/consciousness/reality controlaspect of the Montauk Project is where I intend to put myfocus.

Preston Nichols, a project "survivor" and author aseveral books about the Montauk Project, supports this adherence tofocusing on the fundamental truth about the Montauk Project. Headamantly stands by his contentions that the primary underlying basisof the Project is mind/ reality control, and also his contentionsconcerning the tremendous numbers of children abducted (NOT[only] by ETs!) for use in this and related/similaroperations. I have found very solid evidence of such activities inother covert mind control operations as well.



My first report on the Montauk Project almostcompletely avoided any mention whatsoever of any alleged ET/UFOconnection to the Montauk Project. There are indeed numerousallegations of ET involvement withRainbow/Philadelphia/Phoenix/Montauk, as well as with other covertactivities by covert government, but the topic will not be exploredtoo extensively this report. Others have been and are researchingthese aspects and I'll leave it to them.

I have not included much of this informationmainly because I've come to the conclusion that the UFO field overallhas become a literally hopeless morass and teaming snakepit of aseemingly infinite amount of half-truths, misinformation,distortions, false leads, hidden agendas... in short, that the entirefield of research has been massively subverted by agents of thecovert government who have almost totally muddied the waters beyondany hope of clarity--at least for now. (Serious and sincereresearchers, don't be offended!) Additionally I don't feel that Ipersonally can verify most of this information to a degree I wouldlike.

This leads us to what is perhaps for many the mostincredible not to say flamboyant assertion regarding such top-secretendeavors as the Phoenix Project, including the PhiladelphiaExperiment and later the Montauk activities--the involvement ofsecret government and international ("world" government) agencieswith various "alien" species in a number of these undertakings, evenlong before the well-documented Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash in July1947. Nevertheless, no rational, intelligent person can any longerignore the massive and overwhelming evidence for the existence ofexceptionally advanced aerospace-craft, apparently non-terrestrial inorigin for the most part, as well as a great deal of testimony frommillions of normal, sane people about their personal contact(s) tosome degree with the often humanoid but apparently non-earthly beingsoperating such craft: to ignore these facts is to be indenial.

Certainly such a condition of denial on the partof so many has been deliberately and unilaterally instigated andfostered by the U.S. government and other governments as well, inparticular by the intelligence services thereof, for a number ofreasons. The most oft-cited and acceptable reason is the claim thatthere was great concern about the effect the news of the existence ofextraterrestrial beings (and the associated advanced technologies andabilities) could have on the social, political and economicunderpinnings of human civilization. Translation: those in controlwere afraid they might not remain so. A more compelling reason was tohide the fact that many of the above-mentioned agencies have engagedin collaborative activities and assorted treaties with some of theseseemingly extraterrestrial groups.

I believe it must be pointed out here, however,that there is definite possibility that, although the sightings,abductions and other "close encounters" may be evidence of contactswith bona fide alien or extraterrestrial beings, such beings mayinstead either originate in some other dimension, or some other(future) period of time, or may in fact be some group of veryterrestrial humans who have somehow developed or otherwise gainedaccess to extremely advanced technologies, which they areimplementing in pursuit of a notably fascistic, totalitarian "NewWorld Order" agenda--in which our very thoughts and consciousness issubject to extensive monitoring and manipulating by these powers.According to some schools of thought, this itself is nothing new andhas been going on for many thousands of years. A subset of thisequation is that there are no aliens at all, only secret, culticgovernment cabals carrying out mass mind control and/or abductionoperations on a global scale, for the purpose of inculcating certainspecific concepts and belief systems into society--the humanrace--the general population.

For brevity's sake, when I refer to "aliens" inthis report it should be understood that I consider all suchpossibilities as to the origin of these "beings". I would imaginethat the "real truth" is some admixture of these variouspossibilities and that all and more possibilities may in fact beoccurring at once (i.e.; extraterrestrial, extradimensional, future[human] beings, humans in possession of highly advancedtechnologies).


While the occurrence or abductions is undeniableat this point, a surprising amount of evidence shows that in factvery human people associated with certain government/militaryagencies are definitely responsible for much, perhaps most of theso-called abduction phenomenon. Preston Nichols says that hisinformation indicates that roughly 3/4 or more of all "alienabductions" are actually being done by government agencies--with no"alien" involvement at all.

A percentage of the technology used in the PhoenixProject and also in the Stealth aircraft is said to derive from these"alien" sources, and charges have been made that in return for suchtechnology the government gave certain of these aliens "permission"(as if they had any right to do so!) to give to abduct and experimentupon its citizens.

The totality of evidence at this junctureindicates that at least a few alien races are presently zippingaround the general environs of Earth. Buena Vista (Disney) presidentMichael Eisner personally appears in a 1996 Disney promotional videofor a completely redesigned and interactive "Tomorrowland" exhibitfeaturing aliens and abduction scenarios, during which he directlyand clearly charges the U.S. government with having mislead and liedto the public regarding the existence of these beings and theirpresence here, for many years. His statement continues with a callfor people accept the unavoidable truth and learn to deal with it onour own, as no help or guidance from any official or governmentalsources can be expected. (What else is new?)

Whitley Strieber, best selling author of thenonfiction books Communion and Breakthrough, made thispoint while speaking on Art Bell's Dreamland radio program--thataliens of whatever species which are connected with secret militaryor government agencies are usually bad news, and those which are notso connected may be OK, or could at least be given the benefit of thedoubt. It does seem likely that specific agencies of what is actuallyan international shadow or hidden government have been deep into allkinds of interactions with certain of these so-called "aliens" for atleast most of this century.


Several people have reported on significant and insome cases fairly well documented instances in which there was alienor ET involvement in very specific aspects of the Phoenix Project. Ihave no reason to doubt them, and this is in general correlation witha tremendous amount of evidence and certainly testimony from the UFOresearch field as a whole.

I chose not to include much of this material in myreport because I feel it is relatively unimportant--at least at thistime: To me the primary issue is the "human beings" involved in andresponsible for this project as well as any and all connected andrelated projects--where great numbers of their fellow human beingshave been so horrendously and brutally victimized and had their mostfundamental rights on every level thoroughly abrogated andviolated.

And all this at the hands of what many stillbelieve to be a freely elected representative government of, by andfor the people.

I personally don't much give a damn right nowabout which "aliens" (whatever their true origin) were or weren'tinvolved with any aspects of this entire field. I don't doubt thatthere could well have been such involvement, but that to me isanother issue to be dealt with by others, or by myself at a latertime. I am mostly concerned with those members of our government,certain secret cultic organizations, extremely wealthy internationalconsortiums, and private corporations which are so thoroughly anddeeply involved in this project and a great many other similar andrelated ones.

Researcher Marshall Barnes has stated that hisinvestigations and studies indicate that the entire Phoenix Projectfrom Philadelphia through Montauk could very well have been carriedout without any alien involvement being necessary at all. In otherwords the covert government had the resources of creative scientificintelligence, powerful technology and tremendous amounts of moneywith which to pursue specific agendas. My research would tend tocorroborate Barnes' statement: the fact remains however that I am notin a position to know for sure either way.



Some critics, even a number of conspiracyresearchers, charge that Preston Nichols, Peter Moon, Al Bielek andothers who claim involvement in the Project such as Mike Ash, DuncanCameron (the number one psychic used in the Montauk Project throughthe 1970s and early 1980s) and even perhaps myself, are intentionallyor not spreading disinformation about the Montauk Project--on suchpoints as that noted just previously--that the whole shebang(Phoenix) has involved major collaboration on the part of "negative"ETs.

I will stand behind the information conveyed in myreport 100%. I spent great deal of time researching many differentangles and sources of information regarding the Montauk Project. Asfor dispersions toward Preston Nichols, I have to say that I havefound him to be a very reliable and solid witness and that formyself, his information checked out across the board--right down theline; to the extent that it was at all possible to verify particularinformation. Not once that I'm aware of have I ever been eitherdeliberately disinformed or even unintentionally misinformed byNichols. On certain technical subjects he most definitely knows whathe's talking about and has in general been quite forthcoming andhelpful.

Questions arise as to why someone like Nicholswould be allowed to spread his information about the Montauk Projectwithout any retaliation--if it were true; implying that he thereforemust be (even unwittingly) purveying disinformation. In my firstreport I cover two incidents in which at least partially successfulattempts were made on Nichols life or at least well-being; Al Bielekhas had some very mentally and physically debilitating and intensiveEM/RF transmissions directed at his residence for extended periods oftime.

I myself was the object of some most unusual,distinctly threatening and almost incomprehensible scrutiny as aresult of some on-site public relations activities I engaged in atand near Montauk Air Force Station in 1996. More recently, in 1998, Ihave found myself subjected to blatant surveillance there. Noconceivable reason exists why I would be singled out for this kind ofintrusive observation if there were not something peculiar andsecretive going on at the base, and if I were not considered a threatof some kind. Significant also is how I could have been identified asone to be surveilled this way, within the short amount of time I wasat or near the Air Force Station during June and July1998.

There are some things which argue strongly againstPreston Nichols, presumably Al Bielek, Peter Moon, Duncan Cameron andothers being part of a government disinformation campaign team whosejob it is to spread distortions, half-truths and falsehoods about thetrue nature and purpose of government mind controlprojects.

Firstly, these people do not represent any unifiedcohesive "front" whose members all mouth exactly the same line. Thereare substantial individual differences in personality, intent,direction, philosophy and focus among these people. They havedifferent views on certain aspects of the Project and in no sense dothese people act in concert as some kind of "programmed" governmentdisinfo team; I find absolutely no indication that is the case--basedupon my personal contacts for three years with several of the"principals" of the Montauk Project investigations.

Secondly, I can't believe that the covertgovernment would ever employ such a diverse, unlikely, "motley"and--to be honest--rather unlikely seeming crew as this to spread anydisinformation about anything. The members of this group (such as itcan be called a "group") have NO such cohesive centralized andcoordinated operation going in any way. They are very muchindividuals who act as such and hold differing views on things and Itis humorous to think that any "black ops" agency in their right mindwould ever consider turning Preston Nichols or the other principalsnamed loose with any serious disinformation program to carry out.Most of these guys don't even have computers, or if so don't accessthe Internet. Big disinformation operation.

Another point: when Preston Nichols began makingpublic utterances about Montauk, there was very little awareness ofthe existence of anything like the "Montauk Project", even amongresearchers of subjects like conspiracies, coverups, UFOs and blackops. Why would the government initiate a disinfo operation if therewas no generally distributed "INFO" to "dis" about? By doing so theywould be calling some attention to a project whose existence wasbasically completely unknown in any general sense.



In early October 1998 another example ofretaliation directed against Nichols occurred. In a move which seemsto indicate a disturbing new trend in how the covert government dealswith troublesome or recalcitrant individuals who are a threat tosecrecy, a serious attempt was undertaken to get Preston Nichols putaway on insanity charges!

To put this in context, several months ago a man Iwill call Mr. Coffee emailed me an extensive account regarding hishaving been trained as a mind controlled government agent, mostnotably while in college in upstate New York (his entire account isquoted later in this article).

This fellow subsequently connected with and becamefriendly with Nichols in New York, and they have since determinedthat Coffee was involved with some sub-project of the MontaukProject. Nichols, along with myself and others who have had personalcontact with this man, feel he is rational, coherent and credible,and that his information dovetails well with that from othersources.

About a month ago Mr. Coffee was on a L.I. cabletalk show in which he totally spilled major beans about his past--asto involvement in and victimization by government mind controlprogramming since early on in his life. The next day he says agentstried to kill him.

Not long after this Mr. Coffee was arrested at hishome in NJ by local cops--there initially to confiscate his legalhandgun by court order, due to a formal complaint against Coffeehaving been filed by a suspiciously vengeful ex-girlfriend (as in shewas put up to it by FBI).

Though he acted in complete compliance with allthe officers' requests, some discrepancy regarding the status of thehandgun was used as an excuse to indicate that Coffee had beenabusive and uncooperative toward the cops and he was arrested. Mr.Coffee was then immediately remanded to a mental institution fromwhich he has spent several weeks trying to extricate himself. So farhe is out of the bin but the presiding judge has not yet closed thecase.

Now a similar tactic is being tried on Nichols.Some people in the government must be very scared.


Preston has not been arrested--yet. However thefeds are moving in--trying a "John Ford" on him by having himdeclared legally insane. Interestingly it appears the as yetunidentified agents/officers who invaded both Nichols' home on LongIsland as well as some rural property he owns in Pennsylvania werefrom New Jersey

There is no information yet on what if any formalcharges are being leveled at him. Agents are "gathering evidence"from his properties under what is apparently a federal warrant--asagents have crossed state lines in enforcing it, and I guess they cantake that "evidence" to some paid-off judge and get an orderremanding Nichols to a government psychiatric facility. Of coursesomeone or some (covert) government agency instigated this, to getPreston out of circulation.

I would say this shows that the entire MontaukProject issue and related issues (such as other MK operations, HAARP,Fight 800, etc.) have become a major concern to certain powers thatbe at this time. Considering Preston's not-inconsiderable clout withcertain "Constitutionalist" elements of the government--in particularthe military, whoever is behind this business is definitely prettypowerful--and/or wacko.


A further note on the issue of "retaliation" (orlack of) against Nichols: he has benefited from certain usefulconnections which have for the most part deterred seriously harmfulmoves against him: most notably ties to certain Air Forcecontingents.

Nichols worked with this group at the Camp Herounderground between 1994 and 1997. He let me know that thisparticular group told him specifically that they were not conducting"Montauk Project" mind control operations, but rather "legitimate"(in their terms) defensive particle weapons activity. He is notsaying he can completely guarantee that this was in fact the case,but he was unable to find any direct evidence of mind controloperations at the base. This Air Force group claimed to support theU.S. Constitution, and to be opposed to the methods and goals of theMontauk Project and the plethora of ties to very far-reaching and infact ancient agendas which support what might be called the New WorldOrder, including links to the Nazi movement of the "past" and itscurrent descendants and supporters.

Additionally Nichols and other Air Force personnelhave successfully deprogrammed a number of "Montauk Boys" victims. Hetold of how an anti-New World Order Air Force group raided anunderground base near Montauk in Sag Harbor, Long Island duringAugust 1996, and came up with a database of 30,000 programmedindividuals from that location alone. Nichols has indicated that,despite the fact that ("legitimate") Air Force elements controlledCamp Hero until 1997, covert government groups continued to operate anumber of other nearby locations, including one just north of MontaukVillage beneath an old WW2 Navy submarine base (more on this locationto follow!).


To reiterate: there has been no indication thatNichols or any associated with him in publicizing the Montauk Projectare in fact spreading disinformation. He and others like him willreadily admit that, due to the nearly inconceivable manipulations ofmind, consciousness and to some degree reality via Montauk-relatedtechnologies, it's certainly within the realm of possibility thatthey may to some extent still be fulfilling some programmed function.Having pursued this story from a relatively straightforwardjournalistic approach, I can say that Nichols' basic story holds upextremely well; that there is solid confirmation on many key elementsof his testimony; that there is substantial scientific corroborationand outright verification for many of the scientific fundamentalsunderlying the both the psychotronic/mind control andtime/dimensional shifting elements of the project; outright proof ofsome very significant tangential connections; a voluminous amount ofanecdotal, word of mouth material and a very large number of personalaccounts of truly odd experiences at the Turtle Cove/CampHero/Montauk Air Force Station location.



Unfortunately, in the fall of 1997 Duncan Cameronapparently came under the sway of certain people who, judging by theviewpoints, concepts and agendas which it is known they havepromulgated towards Cameron and others, are (perhaps evenunwittingly) furthering the aims of secret government spin doctorsand "reality engineers"; those who have undertaken a campaign tochange the perceptions of some of the Phoenix Project's mostfundamental aims.

In short, Cameron has let it be known that he hasreversed his previous contentions regarding the massive and oftentremendously brutal mind control programming carried out at theMontauk base involving numerous youngsters. Anyone who has seenCameron's totally spontaneous and completely devastated reaction whenconfronted directly with clear evidence of the caging of many youngpeople in the "boy's bunker" area of the Montauk underground, a scenewhich can be viewed on the first of the Montauk Project videosreleased by Sky Books, would find it absolutely inconceivable thatCameron could ever issue a public statement along these lines. (As afurther note on these cages, I had an email forwarded to me byMichelle Guerin from a psychiatrist in New York who has been workingwith a patient claiming serious Montauk project involvement: thispatient was quoted as saying how on a recent trip into the "boys'bunker" he was horrified to see a great number of the cages, whichwere described as being clearly designed to hold human beings. As forhow this psychiatrist came to be associated with someone havingapparent Montauk Project ties, and what he was really doingfor or to this patient regarding such ties is of course a mostintriguing question, the answer to which I probably don't even wantto know.)

Cameron is now known to be primarily andobservably influenced by a woman who became very close to him in late1997 and who would appear to be a Monarch-type programmed agentherself. Since his association with this individual Cameron hasretracted charges related to massive, horrendous, abusive mindcontrol operations involving thousands of young people during thePhoenix/Montauk Project, now contending the project was onlyinvolved with time travel and interdimensional technologies. Nicholsand Moon have both indicated that they feel Duncan has been put undersome kind of control at the direction of his recent companion and herassociates.

It's important to perceive how this kind ofmanipulation plays right into the understandably compellingsubconscious desire to completely "block it all out", on the part ofanyone who has realized they were involved in such an endeavor. Asnoted above this version of reality regarding the Phoenix Project ishow the current spin is shaping up in general. Another verysignificant point regarding the situation with Duncan Cameron is howexceptionally farreaching the tentacles of the secret government mustbe in order to contrive and execute these kinds of "control"operations on a such a direct and personal level.



It must be noted here that this body ofinformation in general regarding the Montauk Project hasunfortunately been given a highly undeserved bad rap--of course fromthe mainstream press but from a number of "conspiracy"researchers/authors as well, among others.

Apparently things as trivial as Mr. Nichols weightcause these folks to impugn his integrity and credibility; as well,the allegations he and other principals from the Montauk Projectexperiments have leveled concerning points such as that there weregenerally malicious extraterrestrial races deeply involved in thingslike the Montauk Project and related/similar covert projects, havecaused certain people to reject out of hand the firmly substantiatedand verified existence of a subterranean installation beneath MontaukAir Force Station and credible, amply corroborated accounts ofextraordinary activities conducted in said installation.

No doubt some of these researchers andinvestigators also have difficulty accepting certain of these allegedactivities as being scientifically possible or real.

For example, one of the fundamentals of the entireproject is "psychotronic" technology, or the interfacing of mind tocomputer. Psychotronics does work--this is an established scientificfact--and is utilized in fully functional online technology incountless applications at this juncture. I cite solid evidence tosupport this within my report. Sorry folks, if you don't like theidea of it; neither do I. Ignoring or denying it won't make it goaway however.

I believe the scientific validity of both theinterdimensional and mind control aspects of the Montauk operationhas been reasonably well established. To the extent which theinformation about the Montauk Project seems scientificallyquestionable, I would remind readers that the entire history ofscience has been thoroughly manipulated like nearly everything else,and the true state of scientific advancement is definitely being keptfrom the public and in fact from many scientists. Indeed evenEinstein and certain contemporaries were fed manipulated andincomplete data during the development of the theories of relativityand Unified Field Theory, and subsequently so were other physicistsduring the development of quantum physics. I quote some veryintriguing material from Byron Weeks in exploring this very topic ina section called Scientific Manipulations And False Datafurther on in the report.

Another aspect of the Montauk Project which manyhave difficulty in accepting is the alleged development and use of"time portal" or "tunnel" technology, allowing Project operatorsaccess to both other dimensions and other periods of"time".

Granted, on the face of it, it's a little hard toswallow for many of us raised on a steady, even exclusive diet ofextensively--perhaps totally--spin doctored, controlled andmanipulated information, news and the like; and an educational systemwhich basically exists to reinforce these severe limits on personalawareness, creativity, and knowledge in general; as part of theongoing and extremely pervasive social control of the "masses" by the"powers that be". Regardless of how hard it may be to accept, thetruth is that there is solid scientific proof of the existenceof other dimensions, and equally solid proof that time travel is mostdefinitely NOT PROHIBITED by any of the known and acceptedlaws of physics. I feel confident that I successfully address withinmy report such reservations on the part of many intelligent people asto whether or not time travel is possible. According a great numberof some of the most brilliant minds in contemporary physics, timetravel is very possible; some of these will even concede that it mayhave already been accomplished, though very few are cognizant of thefact that it actually has been.


There is some additional hard evidence on theexistence of this underground facility as of the first week ofFebruary 1998; a sealed entrance to the underground was demolished inwhat would probably have been some sort of "hostile" paramilitaryaction; additionally a securely locked and guarded entrance gate wasthoroughly smashed and demolished.

The same thing happened as well about 5 months agoto the main entrance to the property. The implications of this,backed up by some very solid evidence, are discussed in this reportupdate.

Another "manhole"-type underground entrance hadremained only incompletely covered by a large boulder for manymonths, and visible through the opening was the metal ladder boltedto the wall of the shaft below. This entrance was thoroughly closedup with a removable (given the requisite heavy equipment) cement capand the whole thing then buried under a dumptruck load of dirt--rightafter I visually inspected the entrance in late June 1998. Weird.And, a rather strong indication that this entrance is to some degreeactive.






Jacques Vallee, a fairly well-known and "credible"UFO researcher, who I discovered several years ago has hadsubstantial and verifiable links to intelligence/military agencies inthe U.S. going back 30 or more years (in other words he was ahigh-level spook and disinfo agent who was recruited from France, andworked with J. Allen Hynek and other spook/scientists for Air ForceIntelligence and similar groups; initially at the Batelle Institutenear Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio), published a report in 1994 whichpurported to totally debunk the Philadelphia Experiment and show thatit was a hoax.

The problem is, Vallee's own article itself wascomplete and utter bullshit, utilizing as it's primary source one"Edward Dudgeon", some phony with absolutely no credibility who hasbeen conclusively proved a liar--and thus by extension Vallee hasbeen so proved as well. The person who busted these clowns is namedMarshall Barnes, an independent researcher who in addition hasheavily and thoroughly investigated the Phoenix Project fromPhiladelphia all the way through the Montauk Project, and has foundSOLID evidence to support many of the major claims being made aboutPhoenix, as well as scientific data and so forth which prove thatmany of the claims are quite possible.

Vallee and Bernhard Haisch, Editor-in-Chief of theJournal of Scientific Exploration which published Vallee'sarticle and has refused to disclaim or otherwise back off it, havebecome the target of an ongoing private investigation focusing onthem having promoted research fraud.

Proof which shows Jacques Vallee's article to bean outright fraud has been made public by Barnes, leaving no room fordoubt that the world famous UFO researcher was an active participantin an official coverup effort.

Barnes shows irrefutably that there was on thepart of the Navy and other government agencies: 1.) a strong agendato make a ship both radar and sight invisible; 2.) knowledge of thephysics by which this can be done; and 3.) possession of thetechnology by which this physics could be applied in the field. 

Apparently these facts are so disturbing to the"powers that be" that they have in desperation engaged or coerced twowell known scientists into perpetrating a bizarre act of deliberatescientific debauchery; risking their names, reputations and those ofany organizations they may belong to.

The so-called Dudgeon reportedly told Vallee,"Your book Revelations was wrong about making the shipinvisible to radar: the Germans hadn't deployed radar at the time..."Dudgeon is referring to the summer of 1943. Without any questionwhatsoever the German navy had radar on their ships before WWII.There is information posted on a website at navy/ raiders.htm which provides hard factual data regardingthe Nazi's development of radar. By scrolling down to the third andfourth paragraphs under the heading: The pocket battleship AdmiralScheer, can find information on how these same radar systems wereused to devastating and deadly effect against Allied ships and crew.The so-called Dudgeon's comments on this point, as on so many others,are utterly worthless drivel.

As for the entire issue about Dudgeon's"credentials" and papers which supposedly support his contention thathe was even in the Navy at the Philadelphia Yard during thistime--the "papers" he showed Vallee are completely insignificant andprove nothing of the sort. In fact not even Vallee has said anythingabout seeing any hard documentation/confirmation of these criticalelements of Dudgeon's story, and Dudgeon, as we see, is untrustworthyat best. Vallee doesn't even describe what kind of "identification"papers he saw. Who really knows if this so-called Edward Dudgeon iseven Edward Dudgeon! In light of the following evidence of hisblatantly untruthful testimony, this issue of his real identitybecomes especially significant.

One of the main points which Dudgeon (or whoever)and Vallee make which they say gives the lie to claims about thePhiladelphia Experiment has to do with the dates of the shakedowncruise for a number of vessels. Dudgeon claims that The Eldridgeaccompanied his ship, the DE 50, U.S.S. Engstrom and two other shipson shakedown together during the first week of July. Surprise! TheNavy's own official records for the Eldridge show that the shipwasn't even launched until July 25, didn't receive its commissionedcrew until August 27 and then didn't go on its shakedown cruise untilSeptember. It was within the period of time between July 25 andAugust 27 that a skeleton crew could and would have been used in theclandestine experiments, as they would not be listed as the officialcommissioned crew and thus any tracing of them would be as prettymuch impossible. Barnes says, "I assure you that these dates areaccurate because they reflect the same information that I got fromthree different published official Navy ship record sources, as wellas other books that have quoted the same records."

At this point Vallee's article and the "testimony"which make up the bulk of it are shown clearly and unargueably to bethe complete garbage that they truly are.

Why then, and at whose direction, have editorBernard Haisch and his Journal of Scientific Explorationrefused to issue a disclaimer regarding this work of outrageous fraudand in fact continue to publish it on their website and doubtlesselsewhere also? Very good questions but most likely also rhetoricalones. Undoubtedly relevant is the fact that Vallee for one reason oranother deemed it desirable his report "reviewed" and obviouslycensored or "cleared" by one "Vice-Admiral William D. Houser".Hmmm...

Very interesting as well is the fact thatapparently a false connection was made by Dudgeon between the "St.Elmo's Fire" phenomenon and the witness descriptions of the visualphenomenon observed during the Philadelphia Experiment; that is, thatthe phenomenon in fact does more than just impart to a ship agreenish, glowing aura due to the coronal discharge, but can alsohave the effect of rendering the ship relatively invisible to sight,and presumably to radar as well.

However, this claim only came up in a summary ofVallee's "research" into Dudgeon's claims and on a TV interview ofDudgeon by Vallee, and is not mentioned in the article itself, whichwas reviewed by the Vice-Admiral. St. Elmo's Fire was mentioned byDudgeon only as a disinformation ploy, to provide a false explanationfor any bizarre conditions noted by a number of eyewitnessesregarding the condition of the USS Eldridge. No mention was made inthe printed article to the effect that St. Elmo's Fire can alsoresult in invisibility--something much more significant from adefense or "covert operations" point of view than some greenish glow,and which if true would indeed logically have a direct relation tothe Philadelphia Experiment technology itself. If this were reallytrue then there WOULD be a scientifically valid way to make a vesselor other object invisible--by merely replicating the effects of St.Elmo's Fire! Thus the Vice-Admiral would have advised Vallee toremove this material from the printed article, regardless of the factthat Dudgeon's yarn about St. Elmo's Fire is false and was onlyoriginally offered at all as way of explaining the other accountswhich attest to the ship becoming invisible.



I have had a number of personal contacts withPreston Nichols, a few with Peter Moon, and have conversed with bothof them of the phone many times; and with Al Bielek several times.Nichols did a "Reichian" (according to methods developed by WilhelmReich) energy reading on me during our very first personal meetingand he concluded that there were extremely strong indications of apersonal involvement in the Montauk Project on my part. This readingwas however somewhat cursory and incomplete, because at one point Ibecame intensely emotional about something related to my childhoodand my family, feelings which definitely seemed to be connected tothe entire business.

Although we were not able to pursue it at thetime, I felt distinctly that, along with whatever else had been goingon with me personally in relation to the Project, the entire matterhad a sizable and negative though hidden effect on our entire familyand was responsible for a certain amount of emotional turmoil, pain,and disruption. This is all a subjective impression--at this point intime I have no hard evidence to back that aspect of things up.Nichols felt that my skills in communications could have beenutilized in dealings with ETs; he also picked up from my energypatterns that I had several implants, and that I had been used intime travel experimentation as well. Other definite indications ofsome kind of direct personal involvement in some aspects of theMontauk Project were discussed in my first report on theProject.

Other strongly suggestive memories, impressions,vivid dreams and experiences of mine, most of which material iscovered in Part 4 of my initial report Montauk Air ForceStation--Active Or Not?, indicate a definite likelihood of sometype of connection to or involvement with the Montauk Project on mypart, very possibly beginning at a rather young age.

My trip to eastern Long Island in the summer of1998, which included a number of side trips to Montauk, showed apossible link between the underground facility at the WW 2 Navysubmarine base on Montauk's Fort Pond Bay and some peculiarexperiences of mine as a child, during the time my family beganvacationing right up the road from this area in 1959 and1960.

This relates to an exceptionally vividdream/nightmare, one I can remember to this day, from when I was 5-6years old. Not the standard fare of goblins or monsters threateningto gobble one up: this dream presented, it would seem, an scenariomore along the lines of what "Dr. Jonas", in the movie ConspiracyTheory, described as the focus of his "work" as a "research"scientist for the CIA in the field of mind control as part of thewell-known MK-ULTRA program--which was terminal sensory deprivation.There is a stong factual link here to the ubiquitous and repugnant"dean of modern psychiatry" Ewen Cameron and his MK-ULTRAexperimentation at McGill University and Allen Memorial Insitute inMontreal, Canada during the 1950s and 1960s. Cameron, who had made nosecret of his slavering admiration for the monsters and butchers ofBegen-Belsen and indeed for the entire Nazi movment in all aspects,rightly viewed his psychotic and brutal "work" for the CIA and otheragencies as a continuation of the experiments carried out by theNazis upon their millions of helpless human victims. Circumstantialevidence and a number of personal accounts indicate that similaroperations were in fact also being conducted on Long Island, probablyat Camp Hero, Fort Pond Bay Naval Base in Montauk, and at BrookhavenLabs during this time period, perhaps involving Ewen Cameronhimself.

The main image in this early childhood dream wasof being naked, freezing cold, and huddled on the floor of afeatureless, cement cube or "box" of some kind, perhaps 12-15 cubicfeet; the atmosphere was chilly and very damp. My terror increasedsubstantially when I observed that liquid of some kind was beginningto enter holes in this cube, and the implications was that at somepoint I would drown. Naturally I woke up screaming from that one. Aninteresting point is that my family did not own a TV and our trips tothe movies were fairly infrequent. At that age and at that period oftime I can't imagine where or how I could have "picked up" orotherwise appropriated such a terrifying image from any conceivablesource.

The memory of this dream experience as noted hasstayed with me since that time, and now that I am aware of theMontauk Project and related operations on Long Island at the time Iwas growing up there I've wondered if perhaps this dream was apsychic bleed through of some horrific event actually experienced byme. Interesting then to notice on my recent trip to the old WW2 Navysubmarine base at Fort Pond Bay in Montauk, a old concrete cube about12-15 cubic feet in dimension right at the shore line, obviously somestructure related to the submarine pens on the Bay here. This is lessthan a half mile from the hotel on Fort Pond, which is where myfamily began vacationing on eastern Long island, when I was about 6years old. Hmmm...



Michelle Guerin, who has uncovered within herselfburied memories of some very traumatic and significant events at CampHero and nearby Ditch Plains, has provided the following informationon a number of points concerning the Montauk Project and relatedissues (Michelle has a web site detailing some of her Montaukexperiences at--

"Preston Nichols states in his books that heworked for "BJM" (note: "BJM"="AIL"), a well known defense contractoron Long Island. While a pseudonym has been used for the company inorder to protect himself from possible lawsuits, I have a friend thatdid indeed work with Preston at a well know defense contractor onLong Island.

"I have an uncle that is very familiar with thearea around Montauk, as he spent most of his summers there, fromchildhood through adulthood. Up until 3 years ago, he owned a home inMontauk. My uncle has some very unusual memories concerning somethingthat happened at the camp when he was younger. At the time, hisfamily summered at a campsite near Camp Hero. Due to an impendinghurricane, the residents of the campsite were evacuated to the base.All of the children were housed in a separate building, on the secondfloor. During the night, he woke up and recalled seeing a face at thewindow, and was mesmerized by the eyes. He's never forgotten this.Remember, he was on the second floor! He only related this story tome after I told him of my own experiences at Montauk.

"My cousin (his daughter) then told me of hermemories of Montauk. Every summer when they arrived there, for abouta two week period, she would experience an unusual "sensation"... shewould feel depressed, uneasy and lethargic for no apparent reason.Then she said it was as if she would get used to the sensation, andit no longer bothered her. She had never mentioned this to her familyuntil I started to ask about Montauk.

"I myself have been to Montauk and can attest tothe strange "vibes" there. My psychic antennae seems to be mostaffected in an area near the location of the Sage radar dish, along astretch of an isolated road known as Old Montauk Hwy. We had beenable to verify (through the use of an EMF detector), anomalous EMreadings in that location."

--© Michelle Guerin


I got a very noteworthy email from a woman in theNew York area regarding the fateful day of August 12, 1983, when themajor phase of the Montauk Project "crashed and burned". Judith wroteto me as follows.

"I live in the tri-state area so your articleinterested me. I did some research at the New York Public Library acouple of months ago on the Philadelphia Experiment--supposedly theship which disappeared-reappeared in Montauk August 1983--I wasliving in Manhattan at the time and I clearly remember a late nightnews broadcast about this ship reappearing and the reporter sayingthe base was totally closed, nobody could get in to check it out.But, I could not find anything in the local newspapers about it from1983. What I DID find was that the entire midtown area in Manhattanlost ALL electrical power at about the time the ship was supposed tohave shown up. The subways were virtually stopped. The outage was sosevere as to have crippled midtown for an entire three-four daysbefore it could be restored. I seem to remember this too back in1983. There is no mention in the papers about WHY thisoccurred."


Several other individuals from the New York/LongIsland area with whom I have spoken also recall seeing a spot onlocal news about the military vessel which appeared mysteriously offMontauk Point for at least a few days that August.


The following, written by Stephanie Chesler, wasposted by Ellie Crystal on her web site.

"I read with great interest your material aboutMontauk in the Universal Updates. I grew up in a small town calledPort Jefferson on Long Island's north shore, about half way toMontauk from the city. My father worked with a division of GrummanAerospace on top secret projects that involved the Navy, and Iremember our neighbors often told my mother that the FBI had comearound the neighborhood to "check" out my father's activities in thecommunity. I remember him speaking about rumors of an undergroundbase at Montauk."

"My neighbor across the street was a scientist ofsome sort that worked with government. He never revealed to meexactly what he did, but he had some very complicated electronicapparatus in his garage that I was fascinated with. I babysat hischildren twice a week, and I would always take a peek in the garageafter I had put them to bed. When I

questioned him about the purpose of theinstruments, he blew me off with a wrong answer. I knew enough thathe was lying, as I was keenly interested in science at that time,having won first place in the High School Suffolk County Science Fairtwo years in a row.

"The other strange thing was that they weredefinitely under some kind of guard or surveillance that my neighborwas completely aware of. There were frequent visits by unmarked carsparked in front of their house, always with two men in the frontseat. Very weird for a quiet suburban neighborhood!! My father wastold it was government job related, not to worry about it. When I wasin my sophomore year at school (1976-77), my neighbor hurriedly askedme to watch his children for a weekend, while he and his wife lookedfor a house to relocate in Montauk. They told me they had bought apharmacy there. The move was completed in less than two weeks.Strange though, when I drove to Montauk to return a book I hadborrowed the family had vanished! There was only one pharmacy inMontauk at that time, and they had never heard of my neighbor. Inever saw them again.

"Another interesting thing was that I frequentlydid see a greenish glow in the sky, always on cold winter nights inthe direction of Montauk. I wouldn't say it was a beam, but it wasdefinitely localized in certain areas of the sky. When I told myscience teachers that I had seen this occur, they told me I wasimagining it, as we were too far south to observe an aurora borealistype of sky. But I know my family and I saw it!

"Here is the strangest story of all. My familyfrequently went to Wildwood State Park just east of Shoreham. Iremember always passing a small sign on a metal fence gate off whatwas then a two lane road that read TESLA Research Station. On thisparticular day my family decided to take a walk on the beach, whichis composed of pebbles, not sand. I lagged behind at quite adistance, picking up beautiful pebbles and looking for frosted seaglass. All of a sudden I froze as I sensed a "wall" of energyenveloping me. It had moved rapidly from off the Long Island Sound,heading from the north to south. I didn't like it at all, and somehowI felt trapped. I seemed to move in slow motion, as if thick honeyhad been poured over me. When I screamed to my family for help, myscreams seemed to bounce back at me as if deflected by some invisiblewall. They never even looked at me. But I was struggling with all mymight to break free of this energy. I was very cold and sobbing andmy heart was pounding very quickly. I ran toward my family, with ahuge effort, and I felt a resistance, sort of like traveling througha wall of very thick jello, then a pop as I began to more easily runlike a devil was after me. My father looked up in a panic when he sawmy state, and told me they hadn't seen me at all for the last fewminutes. After all was said and done, my "adventure" was chalked upto an overactive imagination. I was told I read too much and I wasactually teased quite a bit about this incident.

"Well, there are some of my wild stories!! I neverdid figure out what happened to me on the beach at Wildwood, but myfamily can tell you I never went to that section of the beachagain!"

--© Stephanie Chesler


Christine Oliva wrote to me with some veryintriguing recollections of her childhood on Long Island with afather deeply involved in covert government /military projects and aknowledge of the underground at Montauk, as well as her ownexperiences working at numerous defense contractors on Long Islandherself.

"I was wondering if you are aware that there areunderground tunnels leading from AIL to who knows where, I suspectthat the tunnels lead to Montauk and also Brookhaven labs.

"I grew up on Long Island, my father was involvedwith black projects for many years during his career as a electronicengineer, mathematician, designer and inventor. He was definitelyinvolved with the manufacturing of microchips and helped to designone so that it may go into some of the spaceships that we sent toouter space. All of the work he did for our government was topsecurity cleared, his history follows from WW ll with Nazitechnology.

"Not to get off the subject of AIL, I worked thereamong other places and my work was also security cleared although notas high a clearance as my father. AIL is priority on my mind becauseof the extensive interrogation I got there from the persons doing thesecurity clearances, these people definitely were not your averageguy on the street. They looked mean, and acted very cold, I felt asif I were being inspected under a microscope.

"This was the first time I felt like this whilebeing cleared for security. I will never forget it. They asked themost ridiculous questions, and expected me to remember mygrandparents histories, and asked me also if I could remember morethan that regarding my family's history.

"After I passed their interrogations, (seemed likehours for me! and their staring at me was very uncomfortable), I hadto go for drug and other medical examinations in order to satisfytheir qualifications. These people were not playingaround!

"After a few months working at AIL, their wererumors that there were many stairways leading to secret doors thatlead to underground tunnels and parts of the building you could notget to unless you knew how and where they were. It was as if therewas another part of the building hidden away from everyoneelse.

"One day I was approached by a fellow whom I didnot know well, he started talking about these secret entrances, I nowfeel as if he was testing me out for some reason. I acted surprisedat what he was telling me, because I was! I heard rumors before, butthought they were just that. He asked me if I believed what he wassaying, and I sort of doubted him (I am the type of person who doesnot fall for rumours easily), and when he saw the doubt on my face,he asked me if I would like to see what he was talking about. I saidto myself something was wrong here, who was this person?, why was heapproaching me with this information?, and why didn't he care if hegot caught?, the red flags were thrown up for me!, I followed myintuition that danger was near. I felt very uneasy and angered thathe would suggest such a thing to me knowing very well how dangerousit was. I said to him no thank you, and didn't he realize thedangerous situation he would be putting the both of us in? He laughedand said "Oh come on, nothing is going to happen"!. I said again nothanks and walked angrily away. I know he was not lying! And I stillcannot figure out why he chose me among all of the rest to tell methis, and to try to persuade me to go along with him. I can onlythank God that I did not follow him out of curiosity.

" So there is my story about AIL and theunderground tunnels and secret doorways to who knows where. Again mygut feelings say that most of Long Island has these undergroundtunnels leading from military outposts, electronic manufacturingfacilities, military airports, etc. I believe that Brookhaven labs isalso intertwined underground with the rest.

"I now know that because of working at the placesI did, and the type of work I did, I was definitely controlled insome way, since childhood I might add, and suspect that ELF waveswere used on me and who knows what else. My memory has beendefinitely affected. The time sequence is a mess for me rememberingthose years. In other words, I can remember important events, but notthe sequence in which they occurred. Very frustrating to say theleast. Everything is scrambled for me."

A further message from Ms. Olivo revealed thefollowing.

"Ok, first of all I had no idea that Nicholsworked at AIL too! Amazing!, who knows?, I probably brushed shoulderswith him and didn't know it. Or at least my mind won't let meremember it! I am hoping that my father being old now, and probablyretired, won't care anymore. I am of course not on speaking termswith him sad to say, because I know within my heart, he knows amouthful and more! He definitely knows about alien technology. Hesaid some very important things to me about it when I was very young,and now when I reflect back, alien technology was hisforte.

"My father did some really awful things to mydeceased mother and me while I was growing up and later on. Thisincluded brainwashing, hypnosis, and God only knows what else he didin his laboratory in our family's basement home. I do believe thatthe phenomena that took place during those years was due to hismeddling around down in the basement of our home with all kinds ofequipment, radars, oscillators, generators, I know for a fact thatthe company he worked for, Loral--located in Vermont and then LongIsland, loaned him all of that equipment, some of it was way toexpensive for him to buy on his own, and why would he when thecompany gave him all of it.

"He would go to his regular job daytime, and thencome home to continue his job in the basement. This went on forthirty years, and the last time I saw the basement, he addedcomputers that he built himself to do God knows what. Even though myfather being as such, he is still my father, and I haven't come tothe point yet in revealing his name to anyone. For some reason Istill feel protective of him, but if there were someone I couldreally trust, I guess I would reveal his name as long as I was keptupdated to what was found concerning him, and given the truth, andguaranteed that no harm would come to him. I wouldn't even mindsomeone asking him questions, but he is tight lipped, believe me. Nowthat all of this stuff has come out, he might not be."

--© Christine Olivo



I think there is a good chance that most or all ofthe SAGE radar sites were deliberately chosen to coincide withgeomagnetic hot spots, earth grid power points, or something alongthese lines, and that (most) SAGE sites have had a connection to mindcontrol all along; in other words I consider it possible that theSAGE system had at least a twofold agenda going since its inceptionor soon after. Nearly all military installations have beenconstructed on earth grid power points; in particular thoseconstructed in this century.

It wouldn't surprise me if some of the other SAGEradar sites are used in Montauk-type operations as well. At a SAGElocation Germany it was observed that many of the people in theadjacent town seemed to be "under the influence" of EM/RF mindmanipulating transmissions; San Francisco area researcher and authorKen Wells, Jr. informed me that there is a SAGE radar site close toSan Francisco. (All SAGE radar dish sites were constructed with atleast four levels of underground directly underneath the supportingtower structure itself.)

When the Phoenix operation pulled in to MontaukAir Force Station, they weren't exactly strangers to the Air Forcethere, and in fact base personnel relateyd to the new arrivals datathey had amassed on how the SAGE transmissions caused some verydefinite effects on personnel at the base, which varied depending onthe particular frequencies being transmitted by the SAGE dish. (Onegets a good idea exactly what kinds of "effects" these were furtherahead in this report, in the section entitled More Weird Tales OfMontauk AFS).



Important information about the Montauk base aswell as some exceptionally intriguing anecdotes come my way from aformer Air Force radar technician/engineer named BobTidwell.

Bob was briefly stationed at Stewart AFB, aninstallation otherwise noteworthy for the fact that it has withoutdoubt figured significantly somehow or other into the (lower) HudsonValley UFO phenomenon. Many black NSA choppers seen at or near thesightings of the giant boomerang (and other craft) were traced toStewart by investigators during the course of this years-long seriesof UFO sightings--unsurprisingly, long after Stewart's "official"closure.

Tidwell has some pertinent technical informationregarding SAGE and other radar systems. He also notes that it washighly unusual for a SAGE site to situated so close theshoreline--virtually all other sites he knows of are much furtherinland. He specifies a few other instances of incongruities andanomalies regarding the equipment used at Montauk AFS.

Additionally, Tidwell's information shows howStewart was used as a staging area for operations at the Montaukbase, and probably as a paper trail cover for Montauk aswell.

The following material is from a number of emailssent to me by Mr. Tidwell.

"These special sites were referred to as SAGEsites, which is very misleading. SAGE (Semi-Automated GroundEnvironment) actually refers to the manner in which radar andcommunications information was automatically routed from all radarsites to a central Control & Command center. Most locations alsohad an associated "ground radio" site that would allow C&C tocommunicate with whatever intercept aircraft were currently in thatparticular area. This specialized system involved the setup ofmultiple communications paths and new protocols to insure that all ofthis information would reach C&C. This new technology would laterevolve into today's World Wide Web. I don't know why theses sitesthemselves were referred to as SAGE, unless it was a ploy to drawattention away from the manner in which our radar sites communicatedwith C&C.

"The Air Defense Command constructed most of thesesites in the 1950s, but most were decommissioned in 1969 and 70,because of the new airborne radar aircraft, which overcame thecurvature problem without having to use the lower frequencies. Somesites that were in sensitive areas remained open as late as1980.



"I can positively say that this site (Montauk AirForce Station) was in operation, in some manner, as late as 1972.This was verified to me by a personal friend a few years ago. He wasserving submarine duty in the area, and was leaving for extended seaduty within a few days. He and several shipmates were on shore leaveon Long Island, and were looking for a beach area to have one lastbeer party before shipping out. One of the guys suggested the oldMontauk Base, as it was deserted, and they could get drunk and spendthe night on the beach without getting into trouble.

"They were able to enter the base area ok, themain gate was open and in disrepair, so they started looking for agood place to party. When they came to the location of the radar sitethey discovered a shiny new security fence, and were immediatelysurrounded by armed security police. They were then escorted offbase and told never to come back (emphasis added).

"It has been suggested to me by several personsduring my investigations that Stewart AFB was acting as a staging andtransfer center for Montauk. Steward certainly had connections to theelectronics and radar schools at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi.I myself was given orders to the 1st Air Force at Stewart. When Iquestioned my orders, I was told that Stewart was indeed my correctdestination, and to consider my orders secret, even though this wasnever officially stated on paper. I've been told that certainpersonnel were being brought into Montauk through Stewart, inorder to eliminate a paper trail leading back to Montauk.(emphasis added)."

This last comment is very interesting to mebecause I have heard the same kind of thing from other sources andthis practice may in fact be continuing presently. In fact in 1996,while combining a visit to my family in East Hampton [Montauk isin E. H. Township] with my ongoing investigation into theproject, I overheard at a supermarket some comments made by the twoguys in front of me (one in particular was especiallytalkative--almost in a nervous fashion) to the checkoutgirl.

This fellow was saying that he and his companionhad just arrived in the area, and in fact had orders to report toMontauk! (obviously there is no overt military facility ON THE MAPanywhere in this area these days). His decidedly more taciturn buddygrunted in a discouraging way--like, "shut up dude," but blabbermouthkept on obliviously, to the effect that they had come in "through NewJersey" (as if to provide some paper trail cover) in order to bestationed at Montauk. After they left I inquired of the young ladyabout their comments, adding, "what branch of the military has anactive installation at Montauk?" She replied animatedly, "yeah!That's just what I was wondering!"

If I had to hazard a guess as to which branch ofthe military these guys were in, I would say Navy. I definitelydidn't seem to get an "Air Force" vibe. Also as they were both prettychunky I would think they were probably officers of one degree oranother!

Tidwell continues: "I remember the trip up there,and the trip back, but the few days that I was there are only ablurred memory. I remember showing my orders to the guard at the maingate, and being directed to a location that was away from everythingelse. There was a small one-story barracks-like building that hadbeen converted into office space.

"I went in and presented my orders. There wereonly three people in this building; a female secretary, a FirstSergeant, and a Captain. I remember then being told to go outside andpolice the area (pick up cigarette butts) while they checked myorders. Looking back now, this memory seems very absurd, having a newperson walking around, picking up trash in a dress blueuniform.

"After what seemed like an hour, I was called backin and told to go into the Captain's office. He informed me that myorders were a mistake, and that I would be reassigned to anotherlocation. He had my new orders on his desk, already typed out, exceptfor the new location. The nearest location would have been Buffalo,but the Captain simply asked me where I wanted to go. (This isunheard of in the military) In a daze I said "back to Alabama." Hethen took my orders out to the secretary, and returned a fewminutes later with the Alabama location typed in. Henever called or checked with anyone to ok this, and I never checkedin with the base personnel office, which is standard practice. Theyseem pleased to get me out of the area.

"One of the things that seemed to trouble them wasthat I had gotten married a few months earlier, and had brought mywife with me. I vaguely remember being there about one to two weeks,and had even rented a place to live. I also have vague memories ofshopping on the base, although I don't remember anything else aboutthe base. Also, why would I be there that long if I had gone in andwas told that I wasn't supposed to be there.

"So, I loaded up my car and drove back to Alabama.I spent the next year at the Dauphin Island radar site (I found outlater that this was one of the most sought after assignments), untilit closed.

"We were again asked to fill out the dream sheetsfor reassignment. After the site closed, the personnel began leavingfor their new assignments. After a while the base commander called meinto his office and wanted to know why I was still there, and hadn'tleft yet. I informed him that I hadn't received my new orders yet.They started checking, and appeared to be experiencing someconfusion. At one point I was asked if I had been getting mypaychecks ok.

"The next day I was called into the commander'soffice, and laying on his desk were my new orders, with the newassignment location blank. I was again asked "where do you want togo?" The nearest location that was still active was North CharlestonS.C., so I requested that. He took the orders out to his secretaryand returned a few minutes later with that location filled in. Backthen I didn't question any of this strangeness, I just told myselfthat I was being extremely lucky.

"I spent my remaining two years at NorthCharleston. While going through my out-processing physical, severaldoctors were very interested in my knees. They asked several times ifI was having any trouble with them. This seemed strange to me, as Ihave never had any trouble with my knees in my life. I was them askedwho had performed the reconstruction work on both of my knees, asthey were amazed at how precise it had been done. I told them thatthey were mistaken, and that nothing had ever been done to my knees.This seemed to really trouble them. Later, when I got home, Iexamined my knees and discovered traces of faint surgery marks onboth knees. The marks are still visible today.

"After going back to civilian life, I occasionallywould have a recurring dream. In this dream I was told that I wouldhave to go back into the Air Force and work for an additional twoyears. I thought that this dream might have a connection with beingon inactive duty status for two years before I would receive mypermanent discharge, but the dreams continued on for about 20 years.They were very vivid, and were always connected in some way. I wouldbe stationed at a strange radar site, and worked onequipment that I was not familiar with. The site waslocated on what appeared to be a section of a larger base, although Icouldn't quite picture the base. It was also located near water. Inthe dreams I would do normal everyday things (besides work at theradar site), like shop in stores and ride around in my car. It was asif I were reliving another life in my dreams.

"Then, sometime in the early 90s I noticed a booktitled Montauk - Experiments in Time. The name drew myattention, so I picked up the book and started thumbing through it.My blood then seemed to turn into ice water, for here was thelocation that I had been dreaming about. All of the photos andillustrations had been in my dreams, even the ones that supposedlypertained to time travel.

"I know that there wasn't enough time for me tohave been stationed there, as I was only in New York for a few days,although several people that have helped me with this (Marc Davenportand Dr. Fred Allen Wolf), insist that some form of time travel couldhave been involved.)

"A few vague memories that have come back to me mytime at Stewart are; being taken to a Holiday Inn(?), to a room onthe second floor, and being strapped into a chair and drugged. Thereis also a memory of being put on an aircraft and taken to anotherlocation. This reminds me of your mention of psychotronic devices,maybe used for mind control. Another point that has surfaced in thelast month concerns the time that I was stationed at Dauphin Island.I wrote an article for my newsletter about UFO radar reports, andused my knowledge of working on equipment at North Charleston. Aftercompleting the article, I realized that I didn't refer back to myexperience at Dauphin Island. I then realized that I didn't rememberexactly what it was that I had worked on there. I do remembereverything else there, except what I was supposed to actually beworking on, and probably would not have realized this had I not havedecided to write the article.

"As a quick note, during my investigation intosites and bases here in Alabama, I discovered that Maxwell AFB, atMontgomery, was the original NORAD Command & Control Center. Ihave several eye witnesses to the fact that Maxwell has severalunderground levels. My investigation into this goes as far as to evenshow what happened to the dirt that was removed. It is still beingused for research and development projects, among other things, andone of my information sources stated that the basic research for theHAARP project was conducted at Maxwell. I haven't been able toconfirm this, but thought that it might fit into yourresearch."

--© Bob Tidwell


Tidwell recollected an incident which happened toa friend of his in the Air Force around 1980. This fellow had justreported to a base in Maine, and the next thing he knew he was wakingup in Navy hospital in Boston. He was told that he had fallen and hithis head badly. He had no recollection of any such event or whathappened in between that and waking up in the Navy hospital. Asfortune would have it he was befriended in the hospital by a nurse,and when he was released he was given some time off from active dutyto continue recuperating. The nurse invited him to spend a few dayswith her at her parents' house on Long Island. Major and continualfeelings of deja vu washed over this fellow after he arrived on LongIsland, coupled with some very strange feelings about things that hefelt may have happened to him during the time he was supposedly"unconscious" after his "accident". As Tidwell put it, "He then toldme about having dreams of being stationed at an unusual site that hefelt was located at Montauk Point. In his dreams he felt as if hewere an officer, because everyone would salute him. He also said thatthe site was a joint Air Force-Navy project of some sort."

This person became progressively more curiousabout what might be going on and subsequently became aware of theMontauk Project operation, which he was sure he had somehow beeninvolved in. As Tidwell noted, the man believed, based on what hefound out about the Montauk Project, that it was an operationinvolving both the Air Force and the Navy (as HAARP was originally).Not many people know this and I don't believe it was mentionedspecifically in Nichols' books.

Tidwell also relays how his friend has to have ayearly checkup as a requirement for his disability classification.Bob writes, "Every time he undergoes his physical, he is questionedas to his medical records. It seems that he has two identical fileswith his correct name and social security number on each file. Theother file incorrectly identifies him as a Marine Corps Captain. (Hewas put into a Naval Hospital after his injury, not an Air ForceHospital)".



Bob Tidwell keeps fairly close contacts with otherAir Force radar techs, and they are somewhat a specialized breed. Heconfided to me that although there is absolutely no doubt thatMontauk AFS exists (or existed), that it was a radar station for theAir Force and that obviously it was staffed, neither he nor any ofthe numerous radar techs he has contact with know of or ever heard ofanyone who was ever stationed at Montauk.

Here's what Bob had to say.

"Radar Techs tend to stay in touch with eachother, even after all these years. I contacted some of them andrequested the names of anyone that was stationed at Montauk AFS, andat a site that I'm looking into here in Alabama that may have beensimilar. What we discovered was that none of us has ever heard ofanyone that was ever stationed at Montauk, before or after 1969. Thisis very odd, in that we are usually able to track down people fromsites all over the world. There are major web sites devoted to usradar techs, but nobody can remember ever hearing of anyone thatadmits to being stationed at Montauk. We put out feelers everywhereand came up completely blank. The radar site was there, no questionabout that, but the people that were stationed there are like ghosts.The same is true for several other sites that I am lookinginto.

"We did find out that when Montauk closed in 1969,and was reopened through TAC, that this was most unusual, and alsosuggests to us that the site was being used as a cover for somethingelse. I did find out though that Montauk's military connections after1969 were being made through Hancock Field in New York. Hopefullythis can be of use to you."

--© Bob Tidwell



Information which strongly suggests that some mostunusual things were going on at Montauk Air Force Station in the late1950s and early 1960s comes from a fellow who's father was an AirForce Colonel and assistant base commander at Mitchell Air Force Basein central Long Island. Periodically, personnel from Montauk AFSwould come to Mitchell for R&R. These fellows caused considerableconsternation and distress to personnel at Mitchell due to thepeculiar, bizarre, dissociative and generally loony behaviorexhibited by just about all of them. Among other oddities, a numberof the men became totally lost and disoriented, though they had notgone very far at all from the central base area. The group fromMontauk was monitored closely and constantly by their commander.Something seemed seriously out of whack with the entire group and theMitchell commander was asked by other Mitchell personnel to have theMontauk group leave before their R&R tour was over. This was inthe very early 1960s, and the number of these kinds of occurrencesprompted this colonel to conclude that something was indeed amiss atMontauk AFS, and to drive out to Montauk a number of times with hisson in the interest of attempting to find out what was going on atthe Camp Hero location.

Even though the phase of the Phoenix Project--nowknown as the Montauk Project--had not yet "officially" gottenunderway, let's not forget that Camp Hero has had a reputation ofbeing a "psych" base pretty much throughout its entire existence,shortly after the land was legally stolen from its Montauk Indianowners around 1910. In other words it has always been a center forexperimental, psychologically oriented or based (i.e. intelligence)government projects. Nichols indicated that there were someindications that even before the Montauk project commenced there wereties between Brookhaven Labs with it's considerable (ex)-Naziscientist aspect, and the Montauk Point base on a major earth gridpower point, with it's connections to the preexisting underground anda significant, well-established pro-German (Nazi/Aryan) community inthe Montauk area. On top of this, there is some very strong evidencethat Montauk (Camp Hero) was the site of some weirdness withpsychedelic drugs in the mid-60s. As Peter Moon noted, there isalmost certainly a link to Timothy Leary and Richard Albert ofHarvard during this period of time at Montauk Air Force Station. Abase building which had a number of rooms painted in full onpsychedelic style circa 1967-68 were found and videotaped by PrestonNichols with a video crew at Montauk Air Force Station.


A Mrs. Sneed of Sag Harbor visited Montauk AFS in1980 and related to me her experience there. She was with a friendand on legitimate business for her husband, a retired military man.The trip was pursuant to certain consumer goods and other items beingmade available to veterans at a major discount and obtainable at thePX of any nearby military base. Mrs. Sneed had with her theletters/documents of authorization. Montauk AFS was the closest baseto them so that's where they went. (Let's not forget however thatMontauk Air Force Station was officially decommissioned and closed 11years prior to this; of course the reality was that it was NOT closedand naturally many people in the area knew this obviousfact).

Strangely (or not!), they were treated withextreme brusqueness, suspicion and rudeness, first by guards at theentrance to the base, then by other base personnel and officerscalled to the scene by the guards, all of whom attempted in everypossible way to deter the women from entering the property, despitebeing shown the official authorization numerous times.

Mrs. Sneed refused to back down, having made upher mind not to have undertaken the 50+ mile round trip for nothing;and seeing no good reason why the desired items should not be madeavailable according to the terms of the authorizing document shepresented.

Finally the women were admitted and escorteddirectly to the PX with vehicles directly in front and in back oftheir car. They were not allowed to stop or slow down. Although thebase itself did seem to be unusually quiet on the "surface", judgingsolely by the reception they'd received there was obviously somethingrather "important" and secretive going on there.

Mrs. Sneed stated that there were air vent stacksprotruding from the ground all over the place. She told me she feltvery strongly at the time that substantial underground activity wastaking place at the Montauk base and in fact commented on this to herfriend. Mrs. Sneed stated that though she and her friend couldn'tpossibly be any threat in any imaginable way to anything (legitimateat least) that was going on there, they had people standing rightnext to them when they went into the PX, and were escorted right backto their cars and right off the base. According to Mrs. Sneed,everyone they encountered was acting very strangely, downrightcreepy...






The readers' interest and intelligence, asevidenced by their willingness to look beyond the nearly worthlessdisinformational slop and tripe doled out by the major news andinformation media on almost every subject of any importancewhatsoever, is greatly appreciated. At this point in time the ownersand operators of the major news organizations, to a very largedegree, are thoroughly connected to the "powers that be" behind thescenes of our society; they are part of the overarching"mind-controlling" structure now in place and many of the employeesof such organizations are themselves "mind controlled" for the mostpart and avoid and ignore stories and information which wouldn'tfurther the aims of the "controllers;" controlled in their thinkingthrough the threat of job loss if nothing else. The mass mediacorporations support and further the aims and practices of our covertgovernment--disseminating disinformation which aids the coverups ofsome of the most grievous wrongs committed against us by our (secret)government.

By controlling the general information which is infact made public, the plan to (further) manipulate the consciousnessand awareness of humanity is already in progress.

The real story is definitely not on CBS oranywhere else like that!


It has crossed my mind more than few times latelythat with the astonishing array of mind-, mood-, thought-, body-, andenvironment (as in HAARP)-altering technologies at the disposal ofthe covert government and it's New World Order/Big Brother/1984objectives, it would be extremely easy, and undoubtedly quitetempting for these "devotees of evil" to attempt to manipulate muchof the world's population, in accordance with the "religious" beliefsof a good percentage of humanity, into believing that the entire lifesupporting framework on Earth is crumbling, (which to some extent itmay well be due to rapacious and devastating environmental policiesand agendas set by the covert government), and/or that we are underattack from some thoroughly evil, possibly cannibalistic alienshell-bent on enslaving, raping, pillaging and in general destroyinghumanity and maybe our planet as well. (Funny how that's exactly whatthe covert government is doing!!)

There are innumerable adherents worldwide to theplethora of "apocalyptic" false religions fostered and propagated bythe malignant secret, cultic "brotherhoods" underlying so much of theworld's power genuine structure. Among these false religions I wouldinclude at least the institutionalized and popularized versions ofmost of the world's primary organized religions. The concepts,precepts and beliefs instilled in the followers of these religionscreate within them fertile ground for both general social control,more overt forms of manipulation and blind obedience to "authority",in addition to creating a fundamental psychological framework ormindset within great numbers of human beings which greatly increasestheir susceptibility to the more brutal, intensive and destructivetypes of advanced mind control programming we find being implementedin such projects as MK-ULTRA, Phoenix, and of courseMontauk.

What's further distressing is that even a social"movement" such as what's known as the "New Age" philosophy, whichhas some undeniably positive aspects including a sensitivity andopenness to the fundamental connection within each of us to all lifeand to higher realms of understanding, wisdom and awareness, as wellas an enhanced sense of respect for and desire to coexist with allfacets of nature on this planet, can be "infiltrated", subverted andmanipulated by the some of the many tentacles of the beast that isthe worldwide covert control system or government.

I believe that more than a few fundamental "NewAge" tenets and theories such as an impending pole shift, dimensionalshift, or other galactic or planetary realignments of a potentiallymassive, even catastrophic nature, including the "end of time"scenario as per the Mayan Calendar and other schools of esotericknowledge, could be getting played upon through the implementation ofsome very subversive social manipulation by some very devious peopleand agencies, using any and all available means of influencing andshaping human consciousness--including certain highly advancedtechnologies like those EM/RF systems perfected in the MontaukProject, and now HAARP.

It would be pretty easy to make it seem like thepoles, magnetic fields and everything else are shifting if theionosphere is being whipped into a veritable frenzy with HAARP'sEM/RF transmissions which deeply impact weather, mind, seismicactivity, and just about everything else! And HAARP is just one ofthe ways in which various aspects of our reality" can be manipulatedand our perceptions thus "controlled".


Byron Weeks has put it as well as I ever could,and I reprint below some of his thoughts on this topic.

"With what we know of electronic warfare I am surethat it has occurred to many of you that we have the potential forone heck of a millennial celebration!

"We have harnessed the Tesla Effect and are ableto roil the magma at the core of the earth enough to create tectonicplate disruption sufficient to produce earthquakes and volcanoes. TheHAARP Project has demonstrated the ability to control weather,produce giant storms, cause severe droughts, and quite probably thephenomenon known as "El Nino". High wattage microwaves are capable ofmelting rocks and leveling small mountains. ELF waves are versatileand have been used successfully in mind control, with a typicalreaction of the hallucinated appearance of Alien beings. Holographicprojections can show realistic movies against the sky, and couldentertain us with a fake Second Coming of Christ, angels in the sky,trumpets, and celestial music. Biological warfare could give a goodimitation of the punitive plagues of the last days...

"Do you suppose any of the above might cause chaosand rioting that would necessitate calling in United Nations troopsto keep order? If that wasn't dramatic enough, our government, whichhas buddied up to Russia in a continued war against the drugged-upand dumbed-down people of "Amerika". Alongwith the anticipation of Global Governance, the NWO probably has moreup its sleeve, such as planned economic collapse, and civilinsurrection engendered by the collapse of welfare payments, andinvolving rabid minorities armed with Chinese weapons and whippedinto a finely tuned state of paranoia through the application of ELFwaves.

"It has always been a little troubling to me toconsider that a loving Eternal Father in Heaven would bring thedreadful punishment of an Apocalypse down upon a sinful world. Couldit not be that what the prophets have always told us may have comefrom God's foreknowledge of Mankind's tendency to self destruction?Perhaps He thinks it wiser to let us decimate ourselves, since thehuman experiment has not turned out very well, anyway.

"But we can be very proud that our technology hasadvanced to the point at which we can self-annihilate in a very shorttime whenever the fancy strikes us. Imagine! Our very own Apocalypse!I guess we can show those aliens a thing or two!"

--© Byron Weeks



The entire philosophical impetus and conceptualbasis for what the secret government is trying to accomplish withwhat I've called "reality control", implemented on a very widespreadbasis, is a subject worthy of much study in itself.

Others have done a tremendous amount of excellentresearch and writing on this topic, which needs not beduplicated--even if I could do so.

Rather it makes sense to quote some pertinentmaterial from different sources, to help portray some of whatunderlies the Montauk Project and many other mindcontrol--consciousness manipulation operations.


Again, Byron Weeks has some excellent writing onone aspect of this; the complete de-spiritualization of human beings.In other words, inculcating the concept that we are nothing more than"meat machines", thoroughly mechanistic biological systems whose"consciousness"-- in terms of emotion, creativity, or any "higher"awareness whatsoever, not to mention the anything remotelyspiritual--is nothing more than a synaptic byproduct of theinteractions of purely physical components and processes. In otherwords, we are nothing but a body--a view reinforced by ourcivilization's officially sanctioned modern "science" at everyconceivable turn.

As Mr. Weeks put it in The Psychology BehindMind Control and Psychic Warfare:

"Body identification gives rise to a host ofsociological phenomena, the least of which is the mechanistic viewthat consciousness is a product of the brain, and secondarily thatthe mind is centered in the brain. Dr. Jose Delgado was one of thechief proponents of this viewpoint. Delgado was the author of thebook Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a PsychocivilizedSociety. For Delgado, the mind existed only in the brain; topostulate its existence as an independent entity was to him sheernonsense.

"He rejected the concept of free will, andproposed that the mind was a functional entity produced by theelectrical operations of the brain, and as such should be manipulatedand controlled in order to control the behavior of the population.This was a view that seems to be shared by proponents of the NewWorld Order. Delgado, since the mid-1970's, was the director of theSpanish neurophysiological laboratory Centro Ramony Cajal. As timewent on, his interests shifted from direct stimulation of the brainto the broader area of the biological effects of electromagneticfields, an area that has been eagerly embraced by the military andpolitical system as a means to achieve their goal of absolute controlof the population.

"There are several psychological schools ofthought that have been adopted by government psycho-scientists andthe military to justify mind control. All of them relate to the ideaof psychic energy as originating in the human psyche, typified by thework of Carl Jung. The energy originating in the human psycheconsists of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and neuro-physiologicalstimuli and responses. It consists of a physical component that canbe measured and an etheric hyper-spacial component that can only bemeasured by specialized equipment."



Weeks goes on to describe extremely coherently andlucidly how the public is continually manipulated and our evolutionand progress substantially restricted by the suppression,destruction, and/or alteration of significant, importantinformation.

Weeks refers particularly to an alteration ofMaxwell's equations which resulted from Maxwell's extensive researchinto electromagnetism--alterations which drastically affected theentire course of "mainstream" science and physics forever afterward;notably in the information made available to scientists andphysicists off the time such as Einstein, as well as the subsequentconceptual framework which Einstein arrived at. To cut to the chase,the missing link which would provide the key to the unified fieldtheory was deliberately cut out of Maxwell's equations by a rathersinister group of scientists before Maxwell's work was presented tothe scientific community and the world. Of course his original workand all the implications thereof were and are now known to the covertworld government, as are the resultant advanced sciences andapplications of this knowledge to very high technology.

This technology is all being implemented in thefurtherance of unquestionably evil, abusive, oppressive, brutal andrapacious agendas and goals; with consequences which are destructiveto nearly every significant aspect of human beings, destructive tohuman societies and any of its positive, hopeful and constructivegoals, and destructive globally, to the fabric of life itself; inpart due to a general state of mind which has no understanding of,respect for, and connection with and to nature and the earth with itsmultitude of life forms; a state of mind which is the product of ourcurrent dehumanized, mechanistic and massively mind controlled(through every available means) existence at the hands of theworldwide covert government and its super hi-tech arsenal of mindmanipulating technologies.

I found the information below regarding Maxwell'soriginal equations and the interdimensional implications thereof veryinteresting, and I feel extremely relevant to what is known about thework of Wilhelm Reich regarding what he called "orgone" energy; somecharacteristics of which are "electromagnetic" in nature but outsideof the commonly understood "EM" frame of reference. The informationis also quite relevant to what Preston Nichols has reported onregarding the Montauk Project-- both the mind control andinterdimensional/time travel aspects of the Project.


From The Suppression of Vital Data inPhysics by Byron Weeks:

"For thousands of years, many discoveries havebeen suppressed from the populations of the planet in order to keepthem in bondage. The burning of the libraries of Alexandria is oneexample of how information can be suppressed. Another example wouldbe the common technique of suppression of scientific information byalteration of the information itself.

"Perhaps the most blatant and far reachingalteration of data was the alteration of Maxwell's equations. JamesClerk Maxwell was a mathematical genius who lived in the late l9thcentury. His original work, which is available to covert scientificdepartments in the government, had the potential to radically alterthe entire course of our civilization.

"It is certainly clear to most of you by now thatthe human population can easily manipulated by electronic means usingvarious methods developed through the military industrial complex.What may not be clear to you is that many of the EM effects can beinitiated from outside of what is normally seen as theelectromagnetic spectrum. Just as a magnetic field in a wire is atright angles to the current flow, other fields and waveforms existthat are an integral part of the electromagnetic spectrum, yet existat a certain number of right-angle rotations (orthogonal rotations)away from the electromagnetic field components we are normallyaccustomed to. If these hyper-spacial components, which are notsubject to the usual electromagnetic constraints of time and space,are generated and manipulated, they can in turn generate EM effectsthat have the capability to influence human biology andconsciousness.

"Let's take a brief look at how and by whom theequations of Maxwell were changed, in order to make subsequent openscientific development that would have influenced civilization in apositive way impossible."

--© Byron Weeks


The following section contains crucial informationabout the massive deception and manipulation of scientific conceptswhich so extensively impacts our view "reality" in this present daymaterialistic culture, and is quoted directly from ValdamarValerian's Matrix III, Volume One, 1992,p.310-311):


"In late 1864, James Clerk Maxwell published hisepic material on electromagnetic waves. His material dealt not onlywith electrical and magnetic waves, but also therelativistic/ethereal psychoactive component of these waves(representing electromagnetics of the second order and above). Theequations also included transformations that enabled the change frominertial frames of reference to non-inertial frames of reference.Maxwell's original equations were written in Quaternion notation, acomplex mathematical system available at that time before VectorAnalysis was introduced by Oliver Heaviside. Today's generalizedequivalent of Quaternions is Tensors.

"In short, Maxwell's original work gave thenecessary information for gravitational propulsion and psychoactivedevices. Someone somewhere recognized this, for shortly after hisdeath, the mathematician Oliver Heaviside, the chemist Willard Gibbs,and physicist Heinrich Hertz decided to "edit" or "interpret"Maxwell's famous equations which were, in the original form, thefoundations of electromagnetics and Unified Field Theory (UFT). This"unholy trio", especially Heaviside, disregarded the Quaternions orScalar components of Maxwell's original equations, because theyrepresented potentials and not fields. He thought potentials wereakin to "mysticism", because "everybody knows" that fields containmass, and mass cannot be created from apparently nothing, which iswhat potentials are, both literally and mathematically; they are anaccumulation or reservoir of energy. Furthermore, not only did theythrow away the gravitational component with the Quaternion/Scalar,but also postulated that gravitation and electromagnetism weremutually exclusive, not interdependent. That was the death blow tosubsequent efforts by scientists to realize a functioning unifiedfield theory. Because of this one act, electromagnetism was reducedfrom its original five dimensions to only four: X, Y, Z, and time.The element of G was removed.

"Because of this deliberate act, twenty-two othererrors exist today in electromagnetic theory. The very concepts offorce, mass and charge are ill-defined, and the so-called "static"electrical charge has been discovered by Quantum mechanics not to bestatic at all, but to move rotationally by virtue of the quantummechanical spin. Finally, adding insult to injury, the so-called"imaginary components" of Maxwell's original equations as well as themutilated version of the equations have also been discarded orignored. With this last error, the door to hyper-spacial domains wasforever closed, for the present mathematics and physics ofelectromagnetic theory do not allow for hyper-spacial domains(domains outside of three dimensions), superluminal signals (signalsthat exceed the speed of light or are infinite in speed), and aunified field theory.

"The edited version of Maxwell's work, which everyphysicist and engineer has had to contend with, discardselectrogravitation, and avoids the unification of gravitation andelectromagnetics. It also prevents the direct engineering ofgravitation, space-time, time flow rates, free energy devices, andquantum changes, which is viewed by the altered equations that arevector-based as only a statistical change. The quaternion approachcaptures the ability to utilize electromagnetics and produce localcurvature of spacetime. Heaviside wrote a subset of Maxwell'sequations where this capability is excluded.

"Dr. Henry Monteith has independently discoveredthat Maxwell's original quaternion theory was a unified field theory.Einstein assumed, because he only had access to the alteredequations, that curving spacetime could only be achieved by the weakgravitational force due to mass, that the local frame would always bea Lorentz frame, which would mean that all operations would beconstrained to "conservation laws of physics".

"In the 1960's the Hertz (Hz) replaced Cycles PerSecond. Since, then everyone thinks that all electromagnetic wavesare hertzian. Only the upper portion of the spectrum before Infraredcontains Hertzian waves. ELF and ULF are not; waves in biosystems andnatural phenomena are not Hertzian in nature."

--© Valdemar Valerian






There are two researchers who have contacted meindependently with what I feel is some quite significant information.The work of each these individuals dovetails and coincides to a greatdegree with that of the other on some very intriguing points. Theinformation brought forth by each is very significant in relation tothe truly ancient history of Montauk, and what's more to the realhistory of the human race on earth as well.


Dr. Bruce Cornet of New Jersey was the first ofthe two to contact me. Dr. Cornet's detailed and extensive researchrelates to the tetrahedral physics developed by Carl Munck, BruceCathie and Richard Hoagland (who popularized it), and appliestetrahedral formulas to the northeastern U.S. in particular in thiscase--as it relates to a planetary grid system and specific powerpoints. Cornet has accomplished this by means of correlating thetetrahedral data to topographical features, geomagnetic anomalies andknown locations of metaphysical/ parapsychological phenomena, and hascross-referenced this data this with the esoteric and ancient historyof the region to come up with some most intriguing ideas.

To sum it up, Mr. Cornet has pieced togetherevidence and information as noted, related this to the photographs ofMars' Cydonia region, and states that much of the northeastern areaof the U.S. had actually been terraformed many millennia ago(obviously by some technologically advanced civilization) in whatamounts to a replica of the Cydonia region of Mars!

Of particular note would be the lower HudsonValley region of New York State, an area with a very significanthistory, both recent and not, of a great number of occurrences ofparanormal, metaphysical phenomena. Areas of New Jersey andPennsylvania would be included in this region, and Long Island andMontauk itself would be figure in this overall the scheme of thingsas researched by Cornet.

(This is a good place to mention that for sometime I have felt or intuited a "connection" of some kind between thelower Hudson Valley region and Montauk. My feeling is that thisconnection could be "esoteric" and energy-related, and there couldpossibly be actual physical connections as well--perhaps tunnels. Infact I have had this intuition corroborated by a number of people. Interms of hard evidence, I offer this statement, which came my waythrough Bruce Cornet, from Mr. Bob Tidwell.

"I was assigned to Stewart AFB, near Newburgh(lower Hudson Valley area) in 1969, so I'm familiar with that area.(I was only there for two weeks, and that's a story in itself.Stewart was used as a staging point for Montaukpersonnel.)"

Let's keep in mind here that Montauk Air ForceStation was officially decommissioned in 1969. Why would the AirForce need a staging area for a base which was closed? In fact,Stewart AFB was also supposedly closed right around this time aswell, though it is well known throughout the area that it in fact isnot the least bit closed--even today! Stewart AFB seems to haveplayed a rather significant role in some way or other in the widelypublicized "Hudson Valley UFO" phenomenon, tens of thousands ofsightings of mostly huge boomerang-shaped craft throughout much ofthe mid and late 1980s).

Dr. Cornet wrote:

"By the way, Montauk occurs at the same latitudeas Colchis on the eastern side of the Black Sea. Colchis wasimportant as an early ancient Egyptian outpost, and the place wherethe Golden Fleece of Greek mythology was hidden. The Golden Fleece,according to Temple (1976), is Horus or Hero. Colchis is also wherethe native saffron and crocus plants are located, the only knownsource of a chemical that cures gout. Read The Sirius Mystery byRobert K.G. Temple.

"Oh, and by the way, my area of specialization ingeology was the Newark Supergroup, and one of the basins Iconcentrated my studies on was the Newark basin of PA, NJ, and NY. Itis shaped like a giant Ark or Argo, with Philadelphia as its rudder,Newark near its bow, the Empire State Building at its prow, and theStatue of Liberty along its keel. Long Island and Montauk fit intothis picture as a forward submarine extension of this Ark - somethinglike a ramming device."

--© Bruce Cornet



Another researcher named Michael Lawrence Mortoncontacted me with some similar information: to whit, that he hadapplied the tetrahedral formulas of Munck, Cathie and to some extentHoagland, to the area around Turtle Cove/Camp Hero usingtopographical maps, and came up with what was to him some verystartling correspondences. Within the central area of Montauk AirForce Station itself according to the noted formulas, The two mainbunkers and radar hill itself came up as being very major powerspots--right on the nose so to speak!

Granted that these hills were the result ofconstruction by the government and military within (mostly we think)the 20th century--nevertheless the data and numbers on these threesmall hills are so significant that it appears certain that theconstruction took place at these exact locations precisely because oftheir "tetrahedral", planetary grid significance: what's more, itappears at least very possible that these exact spots could well havebeen the locations of the "Pyramids of Montauk", the existence ofwhich at one time anyway does seem fairly certain.

Dr. Cornet estimated that the date that thislarge-scale terraforming would have taken place would have been atleast 10-12,000 years ago. Interesting to note is that the MontaukIndians are believed to have inhabited what was until recently theisland of Montauk for at least 8,000 years if not longer.






There are some signs and testimony that"negative", malevolent forces were not in control of the power spotand subterranean facilities /laboratories at Montauk Air ForceStation, between (approximately) 1993 and mid-1997, although morerecently this appears to have changed once again.

Between 1993 and 1997 the facility was operated byan Air Force contingent utilizing particle beam technology indefensive operations concerning Hale-Bobb and the object said to betrailing the comet; perhaps also against "hostile" UFOs.



In late February of 1998, a psychic in NYC told methat her reading on Camp Hero indicated to her that the time portalso to speak was currently shut down.

Not long after, in a phone conversation with AlBielek, he told me more or less the same thing: that certain groupsclosed off the access to the portal (stargate) for those regressiveforces which have been responsible for so much of the severe horrorand abuse at Montauk--not only abuses against human beings, butabuses of the power point/interdimensional gateway itself.

According to Bielek, the Montauk Project per se,which Moon and Nichols have written about and which my report covers,was primarily being operated from the future, and that the projectwas (and still is) in support of the so-called "New World order"objectives, using a veritable army of 5-10,000,000 intensivelyprogrammed individuals in the U.S. alone.

Bielek informed me that these negative agencieshave numerous other locations in the U.S. and elsewhere worldwide,some very close to the Montauk base itself; in fact some within a fewmiles (one directly north of the village of Montauk beneath an oldNavy submarine base on Fort Pond Bay). So, it's not as though they'vepacked up and gone home!

Bielek also told me that "positive" (for lack of abetter word), Constitutionalist groups within the U.S. Air Force hadbeen instrumental in rousting these creeps to some extent--NOT thatthe Air Force is totally unified on this or related issues. It seemsthat most of the armed services are in a condition of schizophreniaon the whole issue--with some elements supporting the New World Orderand some not.

Bielek's information indicates that the Camp Herounderground (as opposed to other underground facilities in and nearMontauk) was recently the site of a defensive operation utilizingparticle beam weaponry and other technologies, reportedly directedagainst malevolent ET intrusions. According to Al Bielek this AirForce crew deflected the Hale Bopp comet from a collision course withearth, and that the object "hiding" behind it was then destroyed(however an escape pod did manage to bail out before destruction).The reason this object was targeted was that the Air Force called inover 130 remote viewers to get a reading on the trailing object andcame up with 130+ different readings--indicating to them that theobject was being heavily cloaked/screened and therefore it'sintentions had to be considered hostile. Time manipulations have beeninvolved in some of this defensive activity by Bielek's accounting,and that the fact that the time portal has been shut off does in facthave some drawbacks from this perspective.

I subsequently contacted Preston Nichols to gethis input on this. For the most part he did in fact corroborateBielek's information--in fact much of it came from Nichols. However,he can and will NOT say positively that there were no negative forcesanywhere in the extensive Montauk underground during this period oftime.

As best he could personally determine and throughhis active contacts with Air Force agencies recently at Camp Hero,there did not appear to be any EM mind control operations going onthere at the time, but given the way projects can be hidden withinother projects and the way compartmentalization works, secret agendascan be piggybacked onto "legitimate" operations with no way foranyone involved in the above board activities to even be aware of it.Nichols pointed out that his most recent investigations indicate thatthere are EM/RF mind control transmissions still being picked up inthe vicinity--by his estimation emanating from Block Island, about 15miles directly east of Montauk Point, but not emanating directly outof Camp Hero.

He confirmed Bielek's statement that anti-"NWO"Air Force agents raided an underground base about 15 miles west ofMontauk in Sag Harbor being operated by the Montauk Project's mindcontrol crew in August of 1996, and turned up records on 30,000programees (New World Order shock troops--mostly recent ones) at thatbase alone! Apparently this caused (the Air Force) someconsternation; in some respects there is a serious secret conflict oreven a war underway between two opposing factions within the(covert?) government.

Apparently this "Montauk boys" programmingoperation in Sag Harbor was operated with the assistance of aCatholic religious order known as the Pallotine group: a monasticorder working with the secret government to help train an elitefighting group of children along the lines of Delta Forces. More onthis aspect later in this report.



The Montauk Project (especially the EM/RF mindcontrol aspect) was reactivated--more like exhumed from the grave--in1988, and a phase of the project was carried out at Camp Hero untilaround 1992. There are some indications that security had then becomeexcessively problematical, as the first Montauk Project book byNichols and Moon had been published and curiosity seekers and otherswere becoming far too prevalent and nosy. There are other rumors ofconflicts among different groups over the use of the facility, and in1993 the Montauk Project moved out.

The Project was eventually reorganized at RobinsAir Force Base near Atlanta. However, after a period of time it seemsProject directors realized that certain aspects of the Project justcouldn't be implemented adequately other that at Camp Hero, due itwould seem likely to the geomagnetic characteristics of Montauk.Additionally, directorship of the Montauk Project appears to haveshifted to the Navy at this time, as has occurred with HAARP. Alinking of some elements of the Montauk Project to HAARP, previouslyoften suspected and which may have already existed, has now beenproved to be underway at the Camp Hero location.



It would seem that there were some sort ofcontentious or adversarial activities at the Air Force Stationbeginning in late 1997.

In mid-February 1998 in the immediate vicinity ofCamp Hero State Park/Montauk Air Force Station, the followingconditions were observed; consequently, clear proof now exists of amaintained covert subterranean facility operating at this location, afacility whose very existence has been covered up for years--as it iscurrently by covert federal intelligence/military groups, the NYState government and the NY State Parks System, and other local andregional governments and relevant agencies.

There is an old bunker southeast of the baseproper outside the "restricted area" which is relatively close to thelighthouse and right on the Atlantic cliffs, with a paved circulararea directly in front of it which was (at one time) an artilleryemplacement. (This was the location where Siemens-subsidiary CardionCorporation tested a very high tech particle beam radar system for atleast five months in 1994; all clearly visible from thelighthouse).

The bunker entrance adjacent to this circularconcrete area was recently demolished in an "unauthorized" and"unofficial" fashion in an obviously substantial endeavor, accordingto certain witnesses from the Montauk area. A section was completelybroken through the thick concrete exposing an underground area. Thishole was then subsequently cemented over again by certainauthorities.

A contingent of people from Montauk were at thislocation checking out the current situation there after havingwitnessed the previous conditions just described.

Continuing along the remnants of Old MontaukHighway west through the locked "fisherman's gate" towards the"fisherman's (parking) lot", the first paved road on the right(heading roughly north) leads to the southeast entrance to CampHero/Montauk AFS. About halfway to that entrance along this road onthe left (west side) is a large boulder which had somehow been moveda bit, and clearly visible underneath was a well-maintained concretewell or entrance with a metal ladder bolted to the side--all in goodrepair. Despite extensive drenching rains around this time, when arock was dropped there was NO SOUND of it hitting any water. Theboulder hiding this entrance was quite large and would require atleast a few people to move it.

Further on this road at the base entrance, theextremely sturdy locked gate at this entrance was severely impacted,smashed and basically wrecked--although entry with other than a tankwould not really be possible. The same thing also happened to themain entrance to Montauk Air Force Station off Highway 27 (MontaukHighway) about 6 months ago, and to at least one other entrance, atthe baseball field "leased" (by whom I haven't ascertained) to EastHampton Township for recreational use by the residents of the smallneighborhood right nearby--the old base housing area.



Certain of the underground facilities at MontaukAFS, as noted, were used by the Air Force in what they consideredlegitimate defensive operations related to Hale-Bopp comet and anobject (said to be) following it. Preston Nichols, as noted, was infact working occasionally with the Air Force during this time on asort of "consultant" basis. Nichols believes these operations werenot in any way a part of the "Montauk Project".

At this time as well (1996-1997), Nichols wasopenly working with an Air Force contingent which had busted the"Montauk Project" mind control operations in Sag Harbor as describedabove. Apparently the Air Force was either unaware of the mindcontrol operations at the WW 2 Navy base on Fort Pond Bay in Montaukor else these activities started up (again?) more recently (since1997).

Nichols has affirmed that he had not been in theMontauk underground since late spring of 1997 when the comet departedour skies. His suspicions that the current tenants at CampHero/Montauk Air Force Station are Navy operatives connected to theHAARP project got some solid confirmation from a source who oftenreceives reliable information from connections in certainultra-top-secret intelligence and military agencies. This source hasstated that the Navy/HAARP contingent has without doubt taken controlof the Montauk underground installations, in a decidedly heavy-handedfashion; i.e., they were definitely not given the keys.

A linking of certain aspects of the MontaukProject with the global capabilities of HAARP is high up on theagenda right now, as well as using the Montauk (Turtle Cove) powerspot to boost other HAARP (Tesla technology) operations andexperiments.



This would be a good place to pass along someinformation conveyed to me by Preston Nichols in March1998.

I asked Nichols if he was consciously aware of howone enters the underground facility at Montauk, and if so, whether hewould tell me. He replied instantly, "Sure, I know. The maincheckpoint entrance to the areas of the Montauk underground which Iand Air Force personnel I was working with used is beneath the"Montauk Tower" building right in the middle of Montaukvillage!"

This was most interesting because that buildinghas had an unusual history, and was the subject of some investigationon my part not long ago. The results of that investigation make upthe latter section of Part 4 of my report on the Montauk Project.Suffice to say here that my investigations on this particularbuilding, purportedly at this time privately owned "residentialcondos", turned up a substantial number of major anomalies,incongruities, and obvious indications of outright BS, lies andmisrepresentation on the part of numerous government/ bureaucraticofficials at various regional and local levels, real estate agents,supposed occupants... you name it.

The roughly 9-story building was constructed inthe 1920s--a peculiarity in its time and still the tallest buildingon Long Island's east end (that's not saying much, mind you). Afterfailing to attract many tenants, it was appropriated during WW II bythe U.S. Navy, which operated a submarine base with underwater "subpens" about a mile north of the village on Fort Pond Bay as well asat Camp Hero, and the "Montauk Tower" became a major commandpoint.

It's history after WW II is notably obscure; Ithink it's safe to say that the structure was utilized by means oftunnels connecting it to Camp Hero at Montauk Point during the 1950sand 1960s before the "Montauk Project" per se got into gear, incertain forerunner projects being operated on Long Island, as well asduring the Montauk Project from roughly 1970-1983. And as we nowknow, even after it's supposed conversion to privately ownedcondominium residences, it is still in fact part of the secretoperations in Montauk NY.

One thing I asked about continually when I wasposing as a prospective buyer for certain units available(supposedly) for sale was what was the basement of the building usedfor; how did one gain access to the basement, and such. Never oncedid I receive a straightforward, clear response to this line ofinquiry from any supposed tenants or realtors.

And guess where one gains access to the Montaukunderground? Well, of course not by way of the penthouse apartment,though that "apartment" was unquestionably an Air Force facilitystaffed with Air Force personnel, at least up untilmid-1997.

Nichols said that one enters an elevator whichgoes to the basement: however, this is NOT the main elevator for thesix floors of "condos", which has no button for a basement level (Iknow because I was in it). After exiting in the basement, one walksto a small room off the main basement in which there is anotherelevator which seems to go down quite deep. One exits into a smallroom with armed guards and is there subject to what Nichols called aretina scan: word is that this does more than just correlate patternsin the iris and such, but in fact actually can scan thought andconsciousness as a way of making an absolutely foolproofidentification. From there one enters into theunderground.

Considering the high levels of obvious bullshitsurrounding everything about this building and what it's supposed tobe, I wasn't too surprised to hear this from Preston Nichols;nevertheless, there it is in black and white: eyewitness testimonyabout how one gains entry to the Montauk undergroundfacilities.


Towards the completion of the "Sky Pebbles"operation with the Air Force and prior to the U.S. Navy assumingcontrol of the Montauk underground, Preston Nichols entered theunderground by means of the entrance beneath the "Tower" building inthe middle of the village of Montauk, in the company of an Air ForceGeneral. Nichols says this man had orders from the Pentagon grantinghim access to the subterranean facility; he and Preston wereauthorized to snoop around making sure that by all indications andevidence the operations being run there were the operations which hadin fact been authorized.

A question arises however as to which levels orareas of the underground the general and Nichols were given accessto. Furthermore, the way compartmentalization works, certain groupscould be involved in certain activities without any knowledge thattheir operations may be a small part of some much larger project, theoverall scope of which they are not even remotely aware. Also, secretagendas can be piggybacked onto "legitimate" operations with no wayfor anyone involved in the above-board activities to even be aware ofit. Thus, at Montauk for instance, there could be Air Force peopleworking on something to do with particle beam technology, with noknowledge that, for example, it's being used against ETs. Again,there may be personnel there who are unaware that their particularactivities may in some way "plug into" HAARP operations; or if theydo know that, are completely ignorant of what some of the realobjectives of HAARP actually are!



Of particular interest as well in this account isthe fact that some cadre within the Air Force dispatched this generalto the Montauk underground to check up on what was going on there: inother words to check up on what some other Air Force faction wasdoing or had done in the "Sky Pebbles" (Star Wars) particle beamoperations. This would tend to bolster reports of a massive,virtually across-the-boards split within the many levels and layersof the federal government--both covert and overt--and certainlywithin the military and intelligence agencies, into at least two mainfactions: pro- and anti- New World Order. Undoubtedly many furthersubdivisions and splinter factions exist within these two generalcamps.



In late 1996 I took a ride with Preston Nicholsnortheast of the village of East Hampton and north of Amagansett, inthe Devon, Stony Hill and Springs areas. In the woods west ofAlbert's Landing and Devon we found what seemed clearly to be theremains of an old bunker; several are known to have existed in thegeneral area. This particular location seemed as though it had beenexcavated, cleared and then "landscaped" a bit--perhaps 5 to 10 yearsprevious to our visit.

These bunkers, which date back to before andduring WW II, connected underground and underwater to Montauk, viatunnels beneath Gardiner's Bay. Noteworthy also is that there is saidto have been a Nazi underwater submarine pen near Stony Hill,linked to an underground facility there. (Don't laugh: there isvoluminous evidence of a great many instances of a highlypeculiar and rather constant Nazi presence and a strongPro-Nazi element on Long Island before during and after WW2. PeterMoon has covered many facets of this entire mind-blowing story in theMontauk project book series coauthored with Preston Nichols, and Irefer readers to this as well as to the sources Moon cites forfurther details.) As it seems the bunkers andunderground facilities were still intact during the 1970s there is astrong likelihood these bunkers were somehow used in theProject--perhaps as a way to bring kids into the underground forprogramming. As at Camp Hero, there were recreational facilitiesquite nearby often used by youth groups, day camps and boy/girlscouts.

Later on this same trip, while driving through thesurrounding woods, Nichols noticed and commented upon the numerousred standpipes protruding from flat cement slabs, all throughout thismostly undeveloped area. These seemed at first glance to be firehydrants. There are some residences here, but the density is fairlysparse. It seemed a bit unusual to have so many hydrants in this kindof area, so we stopped and checked them out more closely.

It seems that a good percentage of these numerousstandpipes were not in fact hydrants, because in most cases there wasa smaller straight pipe with a vented cap adjacent to the larger pipewhich looked like a hydrant. This immediately gives rise to the solidhypothesis that these larger pipes are not for getting water from butare in fact for pumping something, such as fuel, into--obviously intounderground storage tanks, which would need to be vented. Some ofthese concrete slabs did not have this vent pipe, indicating thatthey were in fact the "real" fire hydrants in the area.

These same kind of standpipes with accompanyingvent stacks are seen along Old Montauk Highway directly adjacent toCamp Hero.

Following this train of thought along some verysubstantial and well-bedded tracks, there can't be too many reasonsfor numerous (fuel) storage tanks throughout this area; the privateresidences here use no common fuel tanks or anything like that. Itstands to reason that such underground storage tanks are in fact foradjacent underground facilities, and the existence of bunkers in thegeneral area which were once linked to the Fort Pond Bay Navy baseand Camp Hero would lead one to think that this area still has suchconnections, and that there is some kind of currently activeunderground here.

Nichols also noticed on this trip the existence oftriple phase electrical lines all throughout the area; thiswould be totally unnecessary in any residential or evenlight-industry area and would simply never be seen in such areas.Triple phase power lines are only for heavy industry or otheractivity in which major amounts of electrical power would be used.This does not fit at all with any of the visible, surface conditionsand characteristics of this entire area of eastern Long Island.Shipbuilders or other known industries nearby would not use triplephase power.

My trip to the area in June and July of 1998brought to light some other conditions regarding this generalvicinity of East Hampton Township in relation to apparent undergroundinstallations, which is discussed further along in thearticle.


Changing locales a bit, there is somecorroborative testimony regarding very substantial underground areasat Brookhaven National Laboratories, related by a building contractorfrom eastern Long Island. He told reporter Jerry Cimisi from Dan'sPapers on Long Island that he has on several occasions done on-siteconstruction work in the subterranean levels of BNL, and stated in nouncertain terms that the underground areas at Brookhaven werevast--and that only refers to what he got to see!





On Site At Montauk--Summer 1998


On June 24, 1998, I visited the Camp Herolocation. As has so often been the case, strangeness andpeculiarities awaited me literally the instant I arrived in thearea.

My first order of business was to check out theso-called "senior center" directly adjacent to the restricted portionof the old Air Force Station, which was completed about two years agoand is ostensibly operated by the Town of East Hampton. My knowledgeof the demographics of the region leads me to seriously question thenecessity of constructing this facility at the furthest easternextremity of East Hampton Township. The number of seniors who arefull time residents of the Town and who live in reasonable proximityto the location would have to number very few. What would be thepoint of incurring the excessive transportation costs of bussingfolks from other areas of the Township to this remote location, whena facility could very easily have been constructed in a much morecentral location? No one I've had contact with has ever seen thisfacility being used for it's intended purpose, nor any purposewhatsoever.

Not surprisingly, it was dead as can be, inmidafternoon on a weekday. I spent about ten minutes "casing out" theplace. After two years of even intermittent use one would expect tosee some indications of wear and tear regarding things like paint,carpets, windows, doorknobs, doorsills (especially) and so on. Suchis not the case with this "senior center". The building is literallyspotless and appears virtually untouched since the completion ofconstruction. These must be the neatest seniors on the face of theearth, and are apparently invisible to boot.

Earlier this year Preston Nichols visited the CampHero location with a British film crew that was filming a documentaryon the Montauk Project. As Nichols has previously been specificallywarned by a judge that if found on the restricted portion of CampHero he will be jailed, Nichols waited for the film crew off to theside of the main entrance road in visual proximity to the new seniorcenter, while the crew went to the then-demolished main entrance gateand beyond, into the restricted portion. (The senior center is justeast of this entrance road, in a field at the western border of theneighborhood which used to be base housing immediately north of theinner perimeter [restricted portion] of Camp Hero/Montauk AirForce Station. This housing was later deeded over to the town of EastHampton in 1984 and the properties sold via lottery to supposedlylower income families).

Nichols noted that, as usual, there was noindication of any activity whatsoever at the senior center and novehicles parked there. Imagine his surprise then, when the exteriorcellar door of the building opened up and a man came out, walked overto the entrance road, and looked down the road towards the main gatewhere the film crew was, clearly attempting to figure out who theywere and what they were doing. One would have to wonder how thisfellow could have been at all aware that anyone was at the base'smain entrance--as he was in the basement of the senior center whichis several hundred feet from the entrance road and several hundredyards from the entrance gate; also questionable is why this personwould even be the least bit interested in the presence of people atthe base entrance, as he would supposedly have been an East HamptonTown employee.

Things became even stranger when this fellowrealized Nichols was sitting at the side of the road watching theentire proceedings--he did a noticeable double take and retreatedback into the basement of the "senior center"! Okay...

During my brief visit to the facility after havingbeen there for about six or seven minutes, I observed a red pickupcruise rapidly past the senior center in the direction of the smallneighborhood just east. It's undeniable that some of the residents ofthis neighborhood are in fact base employees, as was elaborated on inmy first report on the Montauk project. Less that a minute later, thepickup scooted back in the opposite direction. The driver was goingat a noticeably fast speed both times. Such maneuvers could possiblybe explained as someone having left somewhere (such as home),realizing they had forgotten something and quickly returning. Theproblem with that explanation is that the vehicle was going the wrongway--that is, first towards the residences and then away. There wasno chance the driver had time to go to any of the houses in thearea--also, there are few places of employment nearby the drivercould have been coming from, suddenly realized they had forgottensomething, and turned around. Even if that were the case, whysuddenly turn around and leave if you were nearly home? This justseemed really odd and I believe I was being surveilled. IncidentallyI noticed a video cassette of "Men In Black" on a table right infront of the window inside the building.

I checked out this senior center on two otheroccasions over the next two weeks: never any sign of activity, otherthat some things were moved around on a desk in a small "office" andthe "Men In Black" video was gone. On one of these other occasions asI was just leaving I distinctly heard a vehicle zipping along theentrance road leading to the base's main entrance gate. There is onlyone turnoff which is the road to senior center and the smallneighborhood; the vehicle had already passed this intersection and noone could have gotten up to and then through that locked gate veryquickly, yet within about a minute there was no sign of this vehicleanywhere around the area as I drove out! Bizarre, as usual.Also, though the main entrance gate was demolished in late 1997 alongwith nearly all other entrances, it has since been fully repaired andthe high-security electronic touchpad and key entry system completelyreplaced.



Back to the events of my first visit. After beingapparently surveilled by the red pickup while at the "senior center",I then drove up towards the lighthouse, turning right (south &west) off the paved road onto the dirt road which enters the"fisherman's gate" and the unrestricted portion of Camp Hero.Although this area is open to visitors on foot, only vehicles with aspecial Camp Hero fishing permit may drive into this area. Thesepermits number about 200, and are given out by lottery, along with akey to the gate. New York State and Town of East Hampton fishing orparking permits, though also required, are NOT sufficient to gainaccess to this location.

No sooner did I leave the paved road than alate-model white Blazer or similar vehicle with tinted windows and aconspicuously large antenna jutting up from its rear pulled offdirectly behind me. To my surprise the gate was unlocked and wideopen, and I briefly considered driving in, but the close proximity ofthe other vehicle deterred me, so I backed up and parked along thedirt access road and walked in. There were absolutely no indicationsthe white Blazer was being driven by a "fisherman" as it entered CampHero.

I was there to check out the reports mentionedabove concerning a forcible entry into the old bunker by the cliffs,and also the report of an underground entrance covered by a boulder,along the southeast entry road to the base. I did find evidence thatthe bunker had been broken into--according to reports, in the laterfall of 1997. As I had parked in a questionable location (theopposite side of the dirt road had a "No Parking" sign) I started toreturn to the car, and was intercepted by the white Blazer just as Iwas exiting through the gate. The vehicle popped up from a side roadsouth of the gate and inside the perimeter at the exact moment I wasgoing off the property and the driver scrutinized me thoroughly andblatantly. I repeat, no fishing gear of any kind whatsoever wasnoticeable on or in this vehicle and the driver was obviously notgoing fishing.

I drove my car around the loop at the lighthousewhile deciding whether or not to drive in the fisherman's gate tolook for the underground entrance, which I then decided to do. Assoon as I entered the still-open gate, I was approached head on by alate-model dark green Blazer, also with a large antenna and tintedwindows, coming from the direction of the "fisherman's parking lot".This vehicle, again, had no fishing gear of any kind visible on or init, and the driver did not appear to be involved in fishing atall.

He slowed and scrutinized me closely as well, andappeared to be about to hail me down, but I kept going, checked myrearview mirror to ascertain that we were not in sight of each otherand turned right onto the southeast entrance road to the base. Theentrance gate to the inner perimeter on this road was in very ruinedcondition, and was held together by locked chains. (I noticed on asubsequent visit that the heavy steel of the gate had been cut innumerous places with a welding torch--hardly the kind of equipmentteenage vandals would haul around on foot!) On the west side thisroad I did indeed find the manhole-type underground entrance, almostcompletely covered by a large boulder and some smaller rocks. If onedid not know what to look for one would most likely never find theopening despite it being right next to the road. I stress again thatI was not under visual surveillance at this point.

I then drove out of the area, and--what a surprise!--when I reached the gate, I was literally boxed in by the darkgreen Blazer, which somehow had gotten behind me (coming from thesame direction as when I had first seen it about two minutesearlier), and the white Blazer as well, which again suddenly appearedfrom the side road, just in time to sandwich me between the twovehicles! The driver of the white Blazer, which was more or lessfacing my car, stared at me long and hard and in fact appeared to besmirking--almost laughing. This time I got a good look at the fully"Aryan" racial characteristics of the thin, youngish driver. (If Ihad to guess which branch of the military he might be in I would sayprobably Navy). I can't imagine how the dark green Blazer could haveretraced its path and gotten back in a position to be coming from thewest again in such a short time as it took me to find the undergroundentrance and then head out--maybe two minutes at most.

I slipped out through the fisherman's gate and wasimmediately tailed by the white Blazer, so I decided to pull into thelighthouse parking lot (I figured the Blazer would not pull in thereso as to preclude any possible confrontation initiated by me and thisproved correct; also I wanted to give the impression that I washanging around the area to give these security guys something toworry about). I waited till the white Blazer disappeared on aroundthe loop, and then I left.

I next went to the baseball field under EastHampton Town jurisdiction which is directly north of the restrictedportion of Camp Hero and east of the small neighborhood, from whichthere are two locked, gated entrances to the inner base (althoughthere is no fencing of any kind along the entire remainder of theperimeter in this area!!). One of these gates has been substantiallydismantled with a welding torch and is held together by lockedchains.


Several days later on Saturday, June 27, MichelleGuerin, who originally gave me the information about the bunkerbreak-in and the manhole-type underground entrance, revisited thisarea of Camp Hero with some colleagues. Keep in mind that since sheand others observed this underground entrance in February 1998 untilmy visit on June 24 1998, the condition of this underground entranceremained more or less exactly the same. Yet within three days of mythoroughly surveilled visit, and it would seem in response to it, Ms.Guerin noted that the boulder was moved and the entrance had beenburied under a pile of dirt. I corroborated this information andfound out some other things as well on July 2, as I will relaybelow.

I was informed by Nichols, who got the informationfrom someone with connections to Brookhaven Labs, that BNL uses whiteand dark green Blazers for security and that's who was surveilling meat Camp Hero on June 24.

It must be pointed out that the entire state ofaffairs regarding the "fisherman's gate", the "fisherman's parkinglot" and the special access permits for this location is--like nearlyeverything about Camp Hero and its administration--peculiar,contradictory, confusing and suspicious. There is no way to do any"fishing" from the cliffs 50 feet above and 60 or more feet inlandfrom the surf, and there are no direct access roads or paths fromthis "fisherman's parking lot" to the surf. Although often completelyempty, the lot is sometimes occupied by trucks with camper shells andRV-type vehicles, with people sitting around in lawn chairs. None ofthe vehicles I have ever observed there give any indication of beingowned by fishermen, none of the people I have ever observed hangingaround there seem to be doing any fishing and I have never observedanyone fishing (surfcasting or otherwise) along the beach below thisarea. These points are corroborated by everyone I've ever spoken withwho has been there. What's more, there is standard beach access forvehicles with East Hampton Town and NY State permits on the northside of the lighthouse. The entire business with this "fisherman'slot" and access to same is clearly a total shuck-and-jive operation.These must be agents of some kind reporting in and/or awaitingdirections, programming, etc.



I visited the area again with my 5 year old son onJune 28 but did not go near any of the restricted or weird areas. Ifact we spent nearly the whole time, roughly an hour, at theshoreline. My main focus was Turtle Cove itself, where I found thefeeling to be quite energizing and definitely powerful, almostpsychoactive. It's very dramatic and visually attractive spot aswell, with a look and feeling more reminiscent of some of the WestCoast than much of the nearby Long Island shoreline. Overall I likedTurtle Cove as did my son and found the energy there to be positiveand strong.



My next significant foray to the vicinity of CampHero came on the evening of July 2. A quick walk to the fisherman'slot showed that several pickup trucks with camper shells were nowthere, along with a late model, very large and luxurious motor homewith Pennsylvania license plates and a very unusual-looking antennaon its roof. This nonresident having been allowed one of therelatively few Camp Hero fishing permits (and other Town & Statepermits required as well) while so many residents of the area fishfor a living seems unlikely and/or incongruous to say theleast. As well, a couple of the other somewhat scruffy-looking truckshad out-of-state plates also.

I next went to the manhole-type undergroundentrance which Michelle Guerin noted had been buried right after myJune 24 visit. Indeed the entrance was buried under a large pile ofdirt, but what I found after digging away some of the pile was thatthe entrance had in fact been sealed with a solid, 5 inch thickcement cap in which was embedded an iron rebar "handle"; in additionto which the entire entrance and cap were then buried beneath a largemound of hauled-in topsoil.

Obviously, this entrance is active to some degree,and it was sealed in such a way as to permit removal of the cementcap via the rebar handle with appropriate equipment. However, it wasapparently not desirable to have this entrance easily located oridentified, so the entire setup was then further obscured with thepile of dirt! Doubly weird in the true Camp Hero tradition. It is afact that many of the other unusable, defunct or unoperationalunderground accesses on the base have been permanently sealed: thatis not the case with this one.



I returned to the lighthouse parking lot where Iteamed up with Preston Nichols and a fellow I will call "Mr. Coffee",whose emails to me concerning his involvement in a recent phase ofthe Montauk Project follow later in this report.

Mr. Coffee penetrated the restricted portion ofCamp Hero while Nichols and I remained outside. Coffee wanted to seeif he got any unusual feelings or picked up anything about the area.(A strong yes on both counts). While we were exiting the area to thewest of the base (the opposite side from the lighthouse/fisherman'sgate approach to Camp Hero) along a dilapidated remnant of the oldshore highway, I was struck by the sight of fresh and very clear tiretracks entering a large puddle or small pond (which never seems todry up) from the direction of the base--tracks which neither exitedthe other side of the puddle nor backed up! Nichols had just finishedobserving that the puddle always seems to be there whether or notthere had been recent rains, and felt that there could be some kindof entrance beneath the puddle.

Later that evening Nichols powered up some banksof signal receiving equipment he has installed in a bus, and gleanedthe following information from the data generated by the equipment.The signals received indicated to Nichols that particle acceleratorswere in full operation at very high output, both offshore fromMontauk Point (the subterranean facility extends out under the ocean)and at Camp Hero. Nichols then ascertained that the Delta-T antennain the Camp Hero underground was emitting EM fields indicative ofinterdimensional/time travel operations.

This data would tend to reinforce the scenariothat particle accelerators are being used in highly advanced,relativistic, interdimensional operations linked to certain aspectsof the Montauk Project now merged with HAARP, under the control ofthe U.S. Navy and in conjunction with Brookhaven Labs. These are ofcourse ultra-classified, above-top-secret agendas beingpursued.

This also tends to reinforce a graduallystrengthening impression that what is to me the most unarguablynegative aspect of the Montauk Project, the mind control/(child)psychosexual abuse aspect, has been split off from theinterdimensional/time operations, which are now under the largerumbrella of the Navy's HAARP operations, into a separate projectwhich however is under the Navy's control as well. It's important tokeep in mind however, that HAARP, as is irrefutably proved byinternal government/military documentation on the project, mostassuredly already had its own covert agenda running with regard toutilizing the HAARP (Tesla) technology as a means of mindmanipulation/control--perhaps somewhat more in the sense of a"weapon". According to the same documentation, these EM/RF weaponsshould be accessible for use against domestic "enemies" (U.S.citizens!): such as, people who disagree with the government(their own words)!!



Due to information relayed to me from severalsources, I did some investigation in the area of the old WW 2 Navysubmarine base on Fort Pond Bay, north of Montauk village. Word isthat this is the current site of the Montauk Project mind controloperations. As this is an old military facility and as the Montauktunnel network definitely connects to this area, it would seeminevitable that the subterranean portions of this base, probablynewly enlarged and refurbished, are being utilized for clandestineactivities.

In fact I became curious about this area in 1991,before I ever knew (consciously at least) about the Montauk Project,when I realized that a fairly large area of land here was totallyundeveloped, in a region where wholesale dismemberment of largertracts of woodland and farmland for very expensive, lucrative realestate speculation and development is completely rampant. I wonderedto myself what forces could have deterred all development of thisarea in such a heated real estate market, while so many acres of lessaccessible prime woodland and farmland has been devastated by thedevelopers on eastern Long Island. (Some of the old Navy baseproperty is within Koppleman County Park.)

The reasons for the total lack of development inthis area became clear when I found out this is an "old" militaryfacility. Furthermore this is in close proximity to Fort Pond, wheremy family used to come for late summer vacations in the late 1950s,and may have some connection to what appears to be an involvement tosome degree in Montauk project activities on my part--an involvementwhich according to my consistent intuition dates from a rather earlyage. As does Camp Hero, this area has lots of "roller coaster" hills,most not more than 75 feet in elevation. It is indisputable that manyof the hills at Camp Hero are manmade and conceal undergroundfacilities--I feel strongly the same is true at the Navybase.

According to information relayed to me, the oldNavy base is currently an active site for the "New WorldOrder"-related Navy contingent running the present-day "Montauk Boys"mind control operations, and subjectively speaking, I would have tosay the "vibes" and the energies in general in this neck of the woodsare palpably weird, negative and downright disturbing, as I will soonelaborate on.

On July 7 I decided first to take the Long IslandRail Road from East Hampton to Montauk, as the line runs smackthrough the middle of the Fort Pond Bay area in question--the tripserving a double purpose as my son wanted to take a train ride. I hadnot taken the train along this stretch in probably thirty-five ormore years. For some strange reason, although the train's speed wasquite rapid while going through the woods of Hither Hills State Park(directly to the west of both Koppelman County Park--which "covers"some of the old Navy base property--and of the remainder of the Navybase itself) the train slowed to a literal crawl while traversing theNavy base area, both on the trip into Montauk and on the westboundtrip later.

What was also very strange is that on thewestbound trip through the Navy base--no more than a mile from thetrain station, I became aware of a strong melancholy, withdrawn anddepressive state of mind which not only came over me and even more soover my five year old son, but seemed very definitely to affecteveryone else in our car to some extent--this while the train crawledslowly along. As the train left the area and picked up speed goinginto the Hither Hills the mood seemed to noticeably lift and lightenall around, though I must say my son seemed affected by this negativeenergy the rest of the day. (I think its likely the trains have toslow down here to decrease interference of some kind from the diesellocomotives with certain [electromagnetic] activities goingon underground).

I can also recount an episode from summer 1986,when I went with my parents for a hike in the creeping dunes area ofHither Hills. As I recall there was an access road somewhere north ofMontauk Highway at the eastern end of Napeague (possibly through theLazy Point vicinity) from which one could enter this section of thepark on foot.

Although it was a rather typical hot and muggyday, no one seemed to be feeling any discomfort at the outset. Yetwithin about 15 minutes, my mother, then in her early 60s and inquite good health, suddenly and without any apparent outward cause(such as spoiled food, heat, or whatever) became nearly totallyincapacitated, though very vague as to what exactly was botheringher. She just appeared totally sapped of energy physically andmentally and felt very faint; she indicated that all she wanted to dowas get out of the area. To me there was even at the time somethingreally weird about this, as there didn't seem to be any specificailment or symptom which my mom could put into words--just feltterrible--really ill all over. The condition did not persist or showitself to be any kind of medical or other problem. She recoveredrather quickly--within a half hour or so after leaving. This hasalways stuck in my mind as a very bizarre occurrence.

While waiting for the return train I and my sontook a short walk to the so-called "bottomless" pond immediatelynorth across Industrial Road from Fort Pond. Peter Moon has notedthat this small (perhaps 300 feet in diameter) body of water iscompletely separate from Fort Pond and is reported to beexceptionally deep. Montauk being the remnants of an underseavolcanic mountain, perhaps this is an extinct lava tube filled withwater. To the best of my ability I attempted to visually ascertainwhether this body of water was notably and unusually deep, and itcertainly seemed to be so: the water right at the edges of the pondwas very dark. The bottom of the pond was not visible anywhere that Icould see; it drops off immediately at the sides except for someboulders, and I was unable to touch the bottom right next to thebanks with a stick roughly 10 feet long. This in direct contrast toFort Pond itself no more that twenty-five feet away, where the sandy,gravelly bottom is clearly visible, and gently slopes away in rathernormal pond-like fashion.

Subsequently I drove to the old Navy base area onFort Pond Bay--first to Navy Road, which runs (roughly) east to westalong the shore of Fort Pond Bay, and was again struck by the ratherinexplicably depressive atmosphere here. Considering the generalmilieu and economic base of East Hampton Township and indeed of mostof the Montauk area, and the generally agreeable way this area isgeographically situated above Fort Pond Bay, one would rather expectthe "look and feel" of the area to be much more pleasant andappealing. Yet the feeling around there is strongly grim, unfriendly,unappealing, somewhat dilapidated and oppressive overall. Right afterturning off Second House Road towards Navy Road I noticed a smalllandscaping/topsoil operation with no clearly observable sign orbusiness name, which gave off a strange vibe and seemed to be anespecially run-down business, though two young men were working--inrobotic slow motion--digging in one of the piles of material. Ispotted a sign on a post which read -- "Smile. You're underobservation by our new 24-hour surveillance camera." (!?!?). Itseemed impossible for this run-down dirt-fill operation to have beenthe object of such severe and continuous intrusions as to warrant24-hour surveillance!

Continuing west on Navy Road directly north of therailroad tracks, one comes to the end of this small neighborhood andapproaches a locked gate, beyond which the road continues into theheart of the old Navy base itself. The roller coaster-style hillsabound in this area. A definitely unfriendly man exiting through thegate on foot at this time responded monosyllabically to my queries asto whether this was an access to the County park and about whichdirection exactly one would go. Peter Moon had just informed me thatwhen he visited this area, he crossed over the railroad tracks to thesouth and soon came across large quantities of trash and wastematerials strewn throughout the woods of what is apparently KoppelmanCounty Park. This would without doubt be illegal dumping of adecidedly nasty variety, as these woods are supposed to be for naturepreservation and recreation; as well there are a number of residencesin relatively close proximity.



After leaving the Navy Road area I turned up aroad which roughly parallels the railroad tracks and Navy Road to thesouth (I think an extension of Industrial Road) and found myselfbehind a large trash-hauling truck from Mickey's of Montauk whichcontinued west on this road past the small neighborhood of a dozen orso homes, whence the truck turned right into a largeclearing--apparently a workyard for Mickey's trash-hauling operation.As it turns out this would be directly south of the area where PeterMoon had seen all the garbage illegally dumped! A couple of workersat this location, as with the workers at the landscaping/topsoilfacility back a ways, seemed to be moving in a dazed, almost roboticfashion. (Mind controlled slave workers?)

East Hampton Town, of course, has authorized,designated landfill and recycling areas and the woods west of thevillage of Montauk is not one of these. Without doubt somethingpeculiar, unpleasant and illegal is going on with this secretivedumping of trash, and there is very often a mafia connection to suchillegal dumping in the northeastern U.S.--particularly in New Yorkand New Jersey. The mafia has already been shown to be connected tocovert, clandestine government operations in the Long Islandarea.

Could there be a connection between this dumpingactivity and secret projects? I believe there could be. Undergroundfacilities generate waste just like any others--in fact would likelygenerate a fair amount of fairly toxic waste due to the nature ofmuch of the clandestine activities. As for the more typical types ofgarbage generated by the large numbers of people who work and evenlive in these underground installations, where is this sizablequantity of trash supposed to go? These thousands of people are notconsidered residents of the Town of East Hampton and cannot be afactor in any demographic data for the town in terms of wastemanagement operations and planning; so, where does all the garbagefrom the underground go? Could it be it's hauled out bymafia-connected trash-hauling outfits who bring it to the woods nearthe old Navy base--among other places--for illegal disposal?! Also,consider what the subliminal effect would be upon someone hiking inthe area and coming upon lots of rotting trash. Yech! Let's goelsewhere!--a result surely quite desirable to those operating thesubterranean facilities.



Preston Nichols had made a comment to me thatwhile he had been working with the Air Force at Camp Hero on theHale-Bopp operation, most of the moving around between differentlocations underground was done with golf carts. He further noted thatthere were extremely long corridors or tunnels going as far as BlockIsland offshore from Montauk Point to the east, and extendingunderground westward to East Hampton.

In agreement with this statement by Nichols, andalso in agreement with information noted earlier in this report aboutthe presence of unusual hydrants or standpipes and a triple phasepower line in the Stony Hill area of East Hampton (known to have hadbunkers and undergrounds dating to WW2), there is yet another area ofthe Town of East Hampton where there is a notable and ratherillogical lack of real estate development. This is a surprisinglylarge area in fact, right between the Stony Hill and Fireplaceneighborhoods on the north and East Hampton Village on the south. Asthis has never even been productive farmland, the pressures for realestate development of these scrub woods would logically be extreme,and yet there is virtually no such development in an area severalmiles square. There is extensive development further out from thevillage in all directions, yet not here. This is sort of an island ofrather thoroughly preserved woods here surrounded by very high-pricedsub-rural homesites. It just seems inexplicable to me, consideringthe general thrust of real estate development in this region. Also inthis general area there is a small antenna farm with some decidedlyunusual looking receivers and other equipment.

I think this is probably the location of the EastHampton underground and that as with the Shadmoor region of Montauk(a Camp Hero military annex in the Ditch Plains area discussed inPart 4 of my first report), the Montauk Navy base and Camp Heroitself, extensive development is not allowed so as to prevent anykind of interference or conflict with the underground facilities thatsuch development might precipitate.






For a number of years I've resided principally inNorthern California. I know for a fact that schoolkids from all overNorthern California on field trips to the San Francisco area use the"old" military facilities north of the Golden Gate (within the GoldenGate National Recreation Area) for bivouacking overnight, as thefederal government (still the owners of the property--though themilitary facilities are supposedly "closed" or "decommissioned")offers the "accommodations" to school districts all over NorthernCalifornia, to use for sleepovers during their field trips, etc.Uh-huh...

We got the following information from a schoolgirlwho was there in that context recently. Although the area where theywere spending the night was supposedly not militarily active, amissile mounted on a flatbed trailer, visible behind a chain linkfence in the evening, was gone the next morning! One might wellwonder what else might have happened during the night at thislocation where those kids were, given the documented tunnels, etc. Inthis region.

The region in and around the Golden Gate NationalRecreation Area on both the San Francisco and Marin sides, as well asareas of nearby Sonoma, Napa and Lake counties, are reported to havea number of extensive underground areas--some engineered andconstructed since the arrival of white people and some far moreancient. As at Montauk and elsewhere, the covert government hascreated numerous underground installations at the many military andex-military sites (and other locations) throughout the generalarea.

Peter Moon has made allusions to the fact that theSan Francisco peninsula and the Golden Gate region as a whole is asubstantial earth grid power point itself and this factor has beenknown and utilized by cultic, secret "brotherhoods" directly linkedto the worldwide shadow government. There is a SAGE radar site in theGolden Gate area as well.

One of the covert government's more "well known"facilities in the general area is Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County'sRussian River region. I can attest from personal recollection duringthe time I resided in nearby Santa Rosa in the 1980s, that over theyears a number of local residents have reported on some decidedlypeculiar and even vile and very ugly events occurring at this heavilyguarded, completely isolated, remote, exclusive "campground" in thewoods where many of the "shadow" government's most powerful figurescome to "unwind" and "party". These incidents were reported to locallaw enforcement agencies and made public through the regional newsmedia.

Certain of these incidents, regarding thephysical/sexual abuse of women by groups of men have been reported onby the local Sonoma County press and substantiated by testimony suchas that emailed to me by "Sue Ellen" and reprinted in the section ofthis report immediately following . She describes her sister's forcedinvolvement in very unpleasant episodes at Bohemian Grove during thetime she was employed at the Pentagon. I have recently read othertestimony describing truly horrendous incidents at Bohemian Grove andthe proclivities of some of it's more "illustrious" members; peoplelike George Bush.

Further substantiation of the conditions atBohemian Grove comes from Cathy O'Brien. While I cannot personallyvouch for the accuracy of the following material and though somereasonable doubts and suspicions about both Cathy O'Brien's andhusband Mark Philips' credibility have been raised, I am nonethelessincluding here an excerpt from Ms. O'Brien's The TranceFormation Of America, which describes her own experience atBohemian Grove. I am doing so because it does jibe substantially withmy own personal knowledge of numerous allegations and charges madeabout Bohemian Grove on the local level, involving the same kinds ofunpleasantries and atrocities related by Ms. O'Brien.

"I was programmed and equipped to function in allrooms at Bohemian Grove in order to compromise specific governmenttargets according to their personal perversions. "Anything, anytime,anywhere with anyone" was my mode of operation at the Grove. I do notpurport to understand the full function of this political cesspoolplayground as my perception was limited to my own realm ofexperience.

"My perception is that Bohemian Grove serves thoseushering in the New World Order through mind control, and consistsprimarily of the highest Mafia and U.S. Government officials. I donot use the term "highest" loosely, as copious quantities of drugswere consumed there. Project Monarch Mind-Control slaves wereroutinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club:purveying perversion. Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to beused recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment forpolitically affluent individuals to "party" without restraint. Theonly business conducted there pertained to implementing the New WorldOrder, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, givingthe place an air of "Masonic Secrecy". The only room where businessdiscussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionatelyand appropriately referred to as the Underground.

"...My purpose at the Grove was sexual in nature,and therefore my perceptions were limited to a sex slave's viewpoint.As an effective means of control to ensure undetected proliferationof their perverse indulgences, slaves such as myself were subjectedto ritualistic trauma. I knew each breath I took could be my last, asthe threat of death lurked in every shadow. Slaves of advancing ageor with failing programming were sacrificially murdered "at random"in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grove, and I felt it was "simply amatter of time until it would be me". Ritualswere held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of theRussian River. These occult-like sex rituals stemmed from thescientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe traumato ensure compartmentalization of the memory, and not from anyspiritual motivation."

--© 1995 by Cathy O'Brien with MarkPhillips

This "owl" monument does indisputably exist, asattested to by many other accounts which tell also of similargrotesque, terrifying, perverted and even deadly horrors at theoutwardly idyllic compound.


I've been in contact with a woman in Sonoma Countywho gave me a good bit of information on underground facilities inthe Bay Area, including Hamilton AFB in Marin, which--surprise--hassupposedly been closed in the mid-1980s but in fact is positively NOTclosed. (The AF was still answering the phone as of a few years ago.)There is a foster care facility directly adjacent to the baseproperty, and the FBI is on the board of directors for this "home".It's virtually guaranteed that there have been ties to the PresidioMonarch Project operation at San Francisco's Presidio Army base. Atthe Child Development Center's day care facility on the base severalhundred children were subjected to psychosexual mind controlprogramming by Army Colonel Michael Aquino, an intelligence officerwho also worked for the CIA and other intelligence agencies.Additionally Aquino was head honcho of the "Temple of Set", a Churchof Satan offshoot based in San Francisco which provided both theseemingly requisite conceptual cult underpinning for the Presidio'skiddie mind control operations.

In further exchanges she told of growing up in theSanta Rosa area; her dad was a dabbler in the OTO (Crowley) andsimilar mystical stuff. In the 1960s or 70s she happened to meet afellow who was the Civil Defense coordinator for the Santa Rosa areain the 1950s. He told her that there was a substantial undergroundfacility (which I have heard mentioned elsewhere) beneath an AT&Tbuilding in downtown Santa Rosa; further discussions revealed thatthis facility stretched for several miles to a military airfield.Part of this installation would now be directly beneath the SantaRosa Mall, a major hangout for kids, and probably several schools,residential, industrial and office districts.

Back then, Ms. Gulson was not really able to plugthis kind of info into any larger scenario. Later she became veryinterested in mind control activities by the government, especiallyinvolving children.

As in many other regions of the Unites Statesthere is no shortage of clandestine, bizarre government operationsthroughout this area-- one of which is an underground facility/baseconstructed in 1992, about 15 miles. S.E. of Santa Rosa, near theboundary with Napa County.

I mentioned this information to my acquaintance,Judy Gulson, and she told me that she already knew of thefacility.

Regarding this subterranean base: The NapaSentinel thoroughly investigated the secretive goings-on in themountains between Napa and Sonoma County. Their exhaustive research,involving many calls to Washington D.C. as well as to two local AirForce facilities, determined that, on the record at least, this was aclassified operation (according to Travis AFB and Hamilton AFB (innearby Marin County) to construct an underground facility to bestaffed and operated primarily but by no means only by FEMA!Many black unmarked choppers were seen in association with both theconstruction and subsequent operation of this facility. A largemicrowave transmitter there is aimed at Santa Rosa.

On paper, and sinister enough in its own right ifone takes onto account FEMA's secret charter and agenda, thisfacility is ostensibly part of the "continuity of government (inchaos)" system of numerous, bomb/radiation-safe undergroundinstallations nationwide; a system supposedly designed to ensure themaintenance of law, order and government during a time of nationalemergency, social/civil upheaval, extreme natural disaster (perhapsinduced by HAARP!), or other situation which causes a definitecollapse to some degree of the federal government; FEMA's operatingcharter also call for the reins (or is that "reigns") of the federalgovernment and virtually all its powers being passed into FEMA'scontrol if deemed necessary.

However I personally think it's very likely thatthis new underground base near Santa Rosa is actually more than aFEMA hangout.

A weird point in all this, which Ms. Gulson and Iboth noted, is that Hamilton Air Force Base, contacted by The NapaSentinel during its investigation, was supposedly been closed anumber of years ago; in fact at one point Marin County was supposedto acquire the property for use as some kind of park (soundfamiliar?). The deal never finalized, and most people think theinstallation is closed and mothballed. Guess what--it's not! It is insome level of operation, staffed by at least some AFpersonnel.

Another very interesting point--immediatelyadjacent to this base is a privately-run foster home called St.Vincent's Home for Boys, on the board of which is the FBI! Oh really!I imagine other unlisted members of the board of directors are theNSA and CIA. As seems to happen so often in this whole business,there is a wellknown writer on mind control operations who accordingto some, is himself actually tied to the some agencies and operationshe has written about; a man who has some strange connections,including to the above-mentioned foster care home. The followingcomes from Ms. Judy Gulson in northern California.

"The whole subject of Walter Bowart is really upfor grabs and conjecture.

"A man in Petaluma has a web site called THE PAGE.His name is Walter Radtke--aka Walter Alter. Recently, I wasin email contact with a woman named Kathleen Sullivan, an MK-ULTRAsurvivor. I was doing some research on mind control and somehowconnected up with her. Kathleen was gearing up for this conference inAtlanta and was emailing all sorts of stuff. I happened to mentionsomething about the Alter/Radtke Web Site and the information there.She became hysterical and claimed that Bowart isRadtke/Alter.

"Now, I have been in touch withRadtke/Alter.....never mentioned anything about Kathleen Sullivan.Out of the blue, he emails me saying that someone was accusing him ofbeing Walter Bowart. He says, "Who's Walter Bowart?"I became uneasy and answered, "With all of theinformation you have at your site, you surely must know of WalterBowart!!!"

"I have never spoken with this man in person. Iknow where Walter Radtke lives; he is in the phone book. This pastweekend I was in Petaluma and drove by his house. Kathleen said thathe would be living in a cul de sac. The reasons for that aresecurity, she says. Sure enough, he does live in a cul desac.

"In addition, after further research, I found thata corporation owns the house. Walter Radtke/Alter tells me that heworks at St. Vincent's Home....right next door to ("decommissioned"!)Hamilton AFB.....and the FBI is on the board of the Home. The Home isprivately held. There is much strangeness.....not the least of whomis Kathleen herself."

--© Judy Gulson



In the summer of 1998 Preston Nichols wascontracted to do some scientific work for a private party in theSierra Nevada Mountains east of Sacramento California. Nichols becameaware that Beale Air Force Base, somewhat near his location, wasemitting signature EM/RF frequencies indicative of "Delta T"interdimensional/time travel operations in progress. FurthermoreNichols also noted the presence of extensive and pervasive "435 Mhz"transmissions capable of implementing mind control, weather controland other relativistic, high-energy physics functions such asinterdimensional/time travel operations. The transmission blanketedthe entire central Sacramento Valley region--even beyond some of thelower mountains to the west. Only after several mountain ranges werepassed did the signal finally begin to diminish. Nichols reportedthat he had never seen such a pervasive signal and believes that issomehow propagated upon the water molecules in the air, enabling itto "saturate" an area, especially a geographic basin area such as theSacramento Valley, in a way unlike other EM/RF transmissions.Indications are that a ground based transmission is being deployed.Nichols speculated that there is some kind of link to HAARPoperations going on, very likely but not exclusively to the weathercontrol aspects of HAARP.



A man now living in Calgary named John Tooker hashad substantial recall of personal involvement in the MontaukProject. Tooker believes that he was in fact a participant during theMontauk Project operations in the late 1970s and early 1980s, whilein an altered state of mind and/or some alternate, parallel realityor "timeline". Tooker says he was rather a different person when heworked on advanced time-related technologies at the Camp hero base;that is, literally--that he may have been subjected to some kind ofage regression and/or transfer of consciousness, along the lines ofthat reported by Al Bielek, and that he was "Daniel John Waters"during this period a Camp Hero.

Mr. Tooker has reported on some extremely timelyinfo about some VERY odd goings on in Calgary, which sound amazinglysimilar to a lot of the information coming in about Denver. (Denverhas been named by some as the "capital" for the western U.S. sectorin the possibly impending New World Order).

Given the fact that Calgary is in roughly the samegeographical relationship to the continental divide (the Rockies) asis Denver, perhaps there is some esoteric/earth energy relationshipas well, which may make Calgary suitable for use as another WesternNorth America NWO "nerve center".

Tooker informed me that a Canadian Armed Forcesbase in Calgary, although recently "closed" and decommissioned (herewe go again) is in fact still functioning, but has become extremelysecretive about doing so. This is based not only on directobservation but also eyewitness testimony from a security guard whowas working there; just recently, this guard, who is a close friendof Tooker and has worked with him on some research was summarilytransferred from the location without explanation.

There was more notable weirdness--quitesignificant in my opinion--which he told me of going on there; forinstance, so-called cell phone transmitter towers have been appearingeverywhere in Calgary. A similar state of affairs exists in New YorkCity, where these transmitters have been installed on nearly everystreet corner!

These so-called cell phone transmitters are beinginstalled in tremendous numbers all over the country now, and thatwhile cell phone communications may be one of the purposes of thesetowers, there is in fact a covert purpose as well and that suchtransmitters are being unquestionably used for mindmodification/control of the general population: most of the towersare operating at ten kilowatts of power or higher--much more powerthan is needed for only cell phone transmissions.

(My current residence is in a very sparselypopulated mountain region of Northern California, and sure enough,within the past two years one of these transmitters was installed ona mountain quite nearby.)


Al Bielek, having left Denver after living therefor about 18 months, told me the city was literally crawling with"Montauk boys" and to some extent "Montauk girls"; young people withAryan (Germanic/Nordic) racial characteristics programmed with theMontauk and "Monarch"-type techniques to be sleeper agents to beutilized in the covert government's astonishing array of brutal,vicious, psychotic, satanic and murderous "operations" and"activities", and also during the projected implementation of theso-called New World Order. Bielek had a number of casual interactionswith some of these people while in Denver.

Bizarrely, and remarkably like what Al Bielek wastelling me about Denver, Tooker said that the streets of Calgary haveas of fairly recently become inundated with a tremendous number ofstreet people, the great majority of whom fit the "requirements" forthe typical "Montauk Boys" to a T! Holy shit!

There is solid evidence, some in photographicform, of a tremendous, many-leveled and multipurpose subterraneancity easily one hundred square miles beneath the finally completedDenver International Airport, which houses a vast array of differentunderground facilities including those necessary for a nationalgovernment to operate, as well as underground freeways and asubterranean rail line connecting this to other subterraneancomplexes operated by the covert government.

In addition to all this the floor of the mainterminal at Denver Airport is constructed of a material which is saidto be impervious to particle beam and EM pulse weapons. The floor andwalls have a number of esoteric Masonic symbols and phrases, as wellas murals depicting global destruction and apocalyptic themes. If theplace was plastered with Buddhist, Jewish or Christian symbolism, youcan bet some Constitutionalist or civil libertarian would be raisinghell.

Obviously many more subterranean installationsexist nationwide and worldwide.


I have been told by Preston Nichols, which wascorroborated by other sources, that in fact large portions of LongIsland have underground facilities, (including of course BrookhavenLabs--a point confirmed to Long Island reporter Jerry Cimisi by aprivate contractor who's worked often on the Brookhaven facility),AND that these are connected to many other such facilities nationwide(and worldwide) by an extensive and elaborate super-high-speedunderground rail system.

Nichols also told me that the Lower Hudson Valleyregion, where so many hundreds of thousands have had "UFO" sightings,contacts, and like experiences, has major undergroundinstallations--vast in fact. This is borne out by Ellen Crystal'sresearch in the Pine Valley, NY region, where she documents numerousinstances of craft disappearing underground and the sounds oftremendous subterranean construction activity; also by Larry Warren(principal Bentwaters AFB/Rendelsham RAF UFO witness), who said thatthe Plattsburg, NY area (Upper Hudson Valley) was the site of anenormous subterranean government military installation; as well Mr.Warren was has been in an underground base in Egypt while in theservice, which he says was about as big as NY State! (Bentwatersitself, of course, is situated above a huge underground.)


In yet another correspondence to me from Judith,she comments on a recent trip she made through several northeasternstates in 1997.

"Back to the underground. According to conspiracytheories, experimentation may be going on there--possibly undergroundliving quarters--do you know anything more, proven or theory, aboutwhat may be actually happening? I took a 4 day trip through DC, MD,OH, PA--driving in July--I saw some very unusual situations there.First, unexplained spikey dust all over the forests in MD & PA.In PA, on the turnpike in about the center of the state, I ran acrossthis weird area, where again, the vibes were very high, the trafficwas mesmerized in there, you go through 3 tunnels in and 3 tunnelsOUT of there. There were an inordinate amount of 18-wheelers in therewith NO identifying names or signs on the sides. There were thousandsof cars in there, lined up bumper to bumper, not moving and it was amajor freeway, for reasons unknown. I got out of my car and foundthat the steep embankment there was throbbing--you could hear thesounds of machinery below the surface. It was spooky--but obviouslysomething was going on down below. Of course, PA is mining country,but this seemed too close to the surface...I spoke to a doctor whoknew the area and knew PA. He had heard of this particular stretch ofPA and knew that whatever was going on was highlyunusual."

--© Judith



A gentleman from Pennsylvania named Ron Hannivigcontacted me after reading HAARP's Covert Agendas with some startlingtestimony about the U.S. (shadow) government's long interest in andexperience with the fundamentals underlying much of what HAARPtechnology is based upon long before there was HAARP--which to greatextent is the awe-inspiring technology developed by of the "father"of our modern AC electrical power system, Nicola Tesla.

Hannivig reports that he personally worked on theconstruction of a "Tesla EM Tx site" in West Australia during the1960s; a location roughly on the other side of the world fromMontauk.

According to Mr. Hannivig, there are a number ofsuch sites worldwide, which would correlate with what others havediscovered about HAARP.

From Ron Hannivig--

"Been reviewing your work regarding the ongoingactivity out on Long Island, NY ... by way of messages beingforwarded to my attention - and thought you might be interested inconsidering my findings.

"From what I can gather - at the time, the areaaround Montauk Point, Long Island, NY was a prime portal - a"wormhole", in the time/space conundrum. Bythe way ... it is understood there is another such "wormhole" locatednot too far from Montauk - in Block Island Sound ... very nearFishers Island, NY (this island is actually in NY - however, it'slocated right off the coast of New London/Mystic, CT). This wormholeappears at a pinpoint location ... and been trying to verify thereport/s for about a year.

"Back in the mid 1960's - I had worked during theconstruction phase of a massive Tesla EM Tx (electromagnetictransmission) site located upon The North West Cape of the Exmouthpeninsular, West Australia ... and was there the day it wasofficially turned over to The US Navy. It was subsequently named theHarold Holt US Navy Communications Base...named after the formerPrime Minister of Australia - who mysteriously drowned while he wasin office. At the time of his drowning - I was in West Australia, andnobody I knew believed it was an accident.

"Today - we (my Australians contacts and myself)believe Prime Minister Holt had been seriously questioning the truemission of this American US Navy base upon Australian soil - and as aresult, was rubbed-out.

"The prime requirement of these Tesla EM Tx sitesare their location relative to MN (magnetic north) and those selectedtargets to be zapped by an electromagnetic slug (of sheer energy) ...setup an electromagnetic force field ... cause holographic typeillusions to simulate UFO type activity ... fully distort thetime/space conundrum ... Of course, this list can continue on, toinclude mind altering experiments, etc... Furthermore, this samegreat arc alignment includes a fourth plot point - which is theinterpolated timely position of MN ... a prime factor in implementingthis quantum type technology. Four plot pointsrepresenting interconnecting events, all of them falling upon acommon great arc ... becomes prima facie evidence.

"Therefore, given this alignment - relative to MN... the generating facility for the activity on Long Island, NY wouldactually be located on the other side of the world. Distance is not areal factor ... it's the alignment, relativeto the elusive positions of MN. Finally ... ifI had not actually worked at this massive West Australia Tesla EM Txfacility - I would likely not have been able to make thisconnection. Any questions, please feel free toask. The dedicated target of The Tesla facility I know to be atExmouth is just south of Long Island, NY."

--© Ron Hannivig


I do believe Mr. Hannivig has a fairly solid graspof the nature and purpose of these sites in general, although I foundsome of the scenarios painted as to the potential and/or planned usesfor these sites and the "Tesla" technology to be unlikely and alittle extreme. Hannivig indicated that in his firm opinion the Teslatechnology as implemented through HAARP would be utilized to triggera major undersea seismic event in the Atlantic during summer 1998.Hannivig pinpointed a target date of August 24, 1998. Coincidentallyor not, this date has been mentioned a number of times this year by anumber of "psychics" as a date when a massive cataclysm some kindwould occur, resulting in a tidal wave striking the Eastern coast ofNorth America, and also an exceptionally large hurricane, "Bonnie",did indeed begin to pose a substantial threat to the Eastern seaboardon this very date (no tsunamis or similar cataclysms generatedhowever).

I ran Hannivig's ideas past Preston Nichols and Ifind myself in agreement with his general assessment of Hannivig'sideas: that is, although such a scenario is technically possible,there is way too much the overt government/"Establishment" andthe covert government/New World Order would stand to lose--far tomuch of the country's and the world's industry, banking, commerce,wealth and power, as well as great numbers of military, governmentaland scientific facilities are centralized or located along theAtlantic seaboard of the US for such a move to be seriouslyconsidered or enacted.

Hannivig noted that the Tesla EM/Tx site whichwould likely implement this would be on the opposite side of theglobe--in Australia. Yet on July 18 1998 at least three significanttsunamis caused by a seismic event occurred in the South Pacific, andas many as 8,000 people--mostly children--may have perished onPapua/New Guinea's north coast, in addition to which entire villagesand a large portion of the whole culture, a way of life, were utterlydecimated. The story of this immense human tragedy completelyvanished from sight and consciousness within days and wassubsequently unilaterally avoided by the mass media...for somestrange reason.

My thought was this. Given the undeniable andrelentlessly "Nazi"-like, pro "Aryan" mindset and worldview of somany in the covert government. Perhaps the scenario Ron Hannivigenvisioned was fairly correct--but in reverse. In other words,perhaps the HAARP facilities on Long Island were utilized to triggerthe undersea quake which caused the devastating and deadly tsunamisin New Guinea. After all, nothing vital to Establishment or covert(global) government interests in terms of global resources or powerbase was lost and no white people perished: only thousands ofbrown-skinned people's lives were lost.

Mr. Hannivig has commented in reply that thePapua/New Guinea tsunamis could have been artificially triggered. Onewould have to plot the trajectories in terms of the relations toMagnetic North to determine where the Navy's HAARP/Tesla sites wouldneed to be in order to have triggers the undersea tremors off NewGuinea, and if in fact there are such transmitter sites at theselocations.






D.C. Hammond on Monarch and MK-ULTRAprogramming

Serious students of mind control may know of thistalk by Dr. D.C. Hammond on artificially induced Multiple PersonalityDisorder--i.e., the deliberate fracturing of a person's personalityand consciousness coupled with mind "programming": by means ofritualistic psychosexual abuse as well as drugs and EM/RF signals.These operations are often carried out by "satanic" cults directlylinked to intelligence/military covert government agencies for thepurpose of creating Monarch-type agents. I am including in thisreport a portion of some of his comments on this topic. I found it tobe one of the most lucid and understandable explanations of theentire system and how (tragically well) it works and has worked, on atruly unbelievable number of people nationwide.

Dr. Hammond has worked closely with a substantialnumber of victims of government (intelligence)-run mind controloperations and has a solid grasp of both the overall extent and scopeof the programs and also the impact of these kinds of activities uponthe personal lives of those unfortunate enough to have been subjectedto them.

"At the end of World War II, before it even ended,Allen Dulles and people from our Intelligence Community were alreadyin Switzerland making contact to get out Nazi scientists. As WorldWar II ends, they not only get out rocket scientists, but they alsoget out some Nazi doctors who have been doing mind-control researchin the camps. They brought them to the United States.

"What they basically do is they will get a childand they will start this, in basic forms, it appears, by about twoand a half after the child's already been made dissociative. They'llmake him dissociative not only through abuse, like sexual abuse, butalso things like putting a mousetrap on their fingers and teachingthe parents, "You do not go in until the child stops crying. Onlythen do you go in and remove it." They start in rudimentary forms atabout two and a half and kick into high gear, it appears, around sixor six and a half, continue through adolescence with periodicreinforcements in adulthood. Basically in the programming the childwill be put typically on a gurney. They will have an IV in one handor arm. They'll be strapped down, typically naked. There'll be wiresattached to their head to monitor electroencephalograph patterns.They will see a pulsing light, most often described as red,occasionally white or blue. They'll be given, most commonly Ibelieve, Demerol. Sometimes it'll be other drugs as well depending onthe kind of programming. They have it, I think, down to a sciencewhere they've learned you give so much every twenty-five minutesuntil the programming is done. They then will describe a pain on oneear, their right ear generally, where it appears a needle has beenplaced, and they will hear weird, disorienting sounds in that earwhile they see photic stimulation to drive the brain into a brainwavepattern with a pulsing light at a certain frequency not unlike thegoggles that are now available through Sharper Image and some ofthose kinds of stores. Then, after a suitable period when they're ina certain brainwave state, they will begin programming, programmingoriented to self-destruction and debasement of the person. In apatient at this point in time about eight years old who has gonethrough a great deal early programming took place on a militaryinstallation. That's not uncommon.

"I've treated and been involved with cases who arepart of this original mind control project as well as having theirprogramming on military reservations in many cases. We find a lot ofconnections with the CIA. This patient now was in a Cult school, aprivate Cult school where several of these sessions occurred a week.She would go into a room, get all hooked up. They would do all ofthese sorts of things. When she was in the proper altered state, nowthey were no longer having to monitor it with electroencephalographs,she also had already had placed on her electrodes, one in the vagina,for example, four on the head. Sometimes they'll be on other parts ofthe body. They will then begin and they would say to her, "You areangry with someone in the group." She'd say, "No, I'm not" and they'dviolently shock her. They would say the same thing until she compliedand didn't make any negative response. Then they would continue. "Andbecause you are angry with someone in the group," or "When you areangry with someone in the group, you will hurt yourself. Do youunderstand?" She said, "No" and they shocked her. They repeatedagain, "Do you understand?" "Well, yes, but I don't want to." Shockher again until they get compliance. Then they keep adding to it."And you will hurt yourself by cutting yourself. Do you understand?"Maybe she'd say yes, but they might say, "We don't believe you" andshock her anyway. "Go back and go over it again." They would continuein this sort of fashion. She said typically it seemed as thoughthey'd go about thirty minutes, take a break for a smoke orsomething, come back. They may review what they'd done and stopped orthey might review what they'd done and go on to new material. Shesaid the sessions might go half an hour, they might go three hours.She estimated three times a week.

"Programming under the influence of drugs in acertain brainwave state and with these noises in one ear and themspeaking in the other ear, usually the left ear, associated withright hemisphere non-dominant brain functioning, and with themtalking, therefore, and requiring intense concentration, intensefocusing. Because often they'll have to memorize and say certainthings back, word-perfect, to avoid punishment, shock, and otherkinds of things that are occurring. This is basically how a lot ofprogramming goes on. Some of it'll also use other typicalbrainwashing kinds of techniques. There will be very standardizedtypes of hypnotic things done at times. There'll be sensorydeprivation which we know increases suggestibility in anyone. Totalsensory deprivation, suggestibility has significantly increased, fromthe research. It's not uncommon for them to use a great deal of that,including formal sensory-deprivation chambers before they do certainof these things.

"Now the problem is there are many differentlayers of alternate personalities with this stuff. What we have uphere are innumerable alters...we found out that all of this greatwork had done nothing but deal with the alters up here and had nottouched the mind-control programming. In fact it was not only intact,but we found one who was having her therapy monitored every sessionby her mother, out-of-state, over the telephone, and that she stillhad intact suggestions that had been given to her to kill hertherapist at a certain future time.

"...I have the very uncomfortable feeling fromsome past experience that when you look at this you will find thelarge proportion of ritual-abuse victims in this country are havingtheir ongoing therapy monitored.

"I remember a woman who came in about twenty-fouryears old, claimed her father was a Satanist. Her parents divorcedwhen she was six. After that it would only when her father hadvisitation and he would take her to rituals sometimes up until agefifteen. She said, "I haven't gone to anything since I was fifteen."Her therapist believed this at face value. We sat in my office. Wedid a two-hour inquiry using hypnosis. We found the programmingpresent. In addition to that we found that every therapy session wasdebriefed and in fact they had told her to get sick and not come tothe appointment with me. Another one had been told that I was Cultand that if she came I would know that she'd been told not to comeand I would punish her. If anything meaningful comes out in a patientwho's being monitored like that--from what I've learned thus far,they're tortured with electric shocks--my belief is if they're inthat situation you can't do meaningful therapy other than beingsupportive and caring and letting them know you care a lot and you'llbe there to support them. But I wouldn't try to work with any kind ofdeep material or deprogramming with them because I think it can donothing but get them tortured and hurt unless they can get into asafe, secure inpatient unit for an extended period of time to do someof the work required. I have a feeling that when you make inquiriesyou're going to find that probably greater than fifty percent ofthese patients, if they're bloodline, meaning mother or dad or bothinvolved, will be monitored on some ongoing basis.[Pause]

"The way you create Manchurian Candidates is youdivide the mind. It's part of what the Intelligence Community wantedto look at. If you're going to get an assassin, you're going to getsomebody to go do something, you divide the mind. It fascinates meabout cases like the assassination of Robert Kennedy, where BernardDiamond, on examining Sirhan Sirhan found that he had total amnesiaof the killing of Robert Kennedy, but under hypnosis could rememberit. But despite suggestions he would be able to consciously remember,Sirhan could not remember a thing after he was out of hypnosis. I'dlove to examine Sirhan Sirhan."

--© Dr. D.Corydon Hammond






From "Sue Ellen", a well-known Mormonsinger

One thing which has been cropping up more and morein the info I've been getting is the tremendously extensive use ofchildren in mind control operations and the unbelievable high levelof infiltration into the child care and education systems on the partof agencies carrying out these operations. The following was emailedto me in 1998 by a woman who has lived much of her life immersed inthe world of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, as well asgovernment phychosexual-abuse mind control programs linked tomilitary bases and kiddie-porn operations.

"First off, I am one of 13 children. I am also aprofessional singer. I have three CD's and 9 cassettes that I haveproduced for the Mormon (LDS) music market. I am kind of famous in mymarket and have won what you might call 'grammy' awards. My albumssell all over the world.

"I was raised by Vandenberg Air Force Base inSanta Maria (Santa Barbara County), California. My sisters Eve andLouisa have worse stories than mine, but let's just say we've allexperienced some crazy times. My mother was a religious fanatic. Shewas third generation incest. My father was secretive and alsoreligiously 'affected' even though he did not practice what hepreached. His mother molested him. We were the 'perfect' large Mormonfamily. My dad was a music teacher. My Mom produced babies almostevery year that I remember growing up. I was the second mom by thetime I was six years old and learned how to cook and do laundry. MyDad was apparently into child pornography and 'sold' us to thegovernment.

"When my sister Eve was reportedly gang raped whenshe was 11, she started running away and was put into a Catholicconvent in Los Angeles--(this is really, really strange consideringhow Catholics and Mormons get along). I am sure she was MKULTRA'dthere. Her story is very interesting and is picked up in the militarywhere there was a base she was on that served up a lot of drugs. Shesays that Crystal Gayle and a well dressed man asked her to muledrugs for her 'country'. He spilled a file on my whole family infront of her on the floor. She picked it up and saw every one of usin it! She says we were all sold to the government according to him.She also says that everyone on that base almost is now famous! It waslike an entertainment ground for the MK stars. Shenames a lot of them. She is a multiple personality and a recoveringalcoholic and drug abuser. It took me many years to get this all outof her. Now her life makes sense to me.

"Louisa, my other sister had hysterical blackout/non breathing spells since the day she was born. I know now thatshe was a victim of sexual molestation from my dad (her primarycaretaker at the time). She remembers it until she was 4 or five.Memories keep coming up for her. She was also molested at age 16,when my dad 'flipped out' and had full penetration sex with her. Heran away to Hawaii and wrote me on an old garbage bag that he didn'tremember what he did and that he was sorry. I was a very religiousgirl at the time and thought the world had come to an end and wasjust 'waking up' to the possibility of these horrible thingshappening to people.

"Did I tell you that Louisa (one of my sistersthat worked for the Pentagon), just told me about another memoryabout Vandenberg AFB where she remembers being hooked up to thishelmet with wires. She got sick when the memory was coming up. She'shad so many of them, she knows what to expect now and gets through itall better than she used to.

"My family is a nightmare. Anyway, Louisa ended upworking for a man that was third from the top at the Pentagon. Sheworked as his assistant and decoded top secret government files (allin Disney and Alice in Wonderland, etc. language), and madereservations for his regular trips to Santa Rosa where he would meethis buddies at the 'good ole' boys' fart club there. You've probablyheard of Bohemian Grove. She was 'losing' time on occasion and waseventually raped by this man. When she tried to go through even theproceedings to indict him, she was unsuccessful and bullied. She quitthe armed services and has had a family of six children. She is justnow waking up to what has happened to her and the memories aresurfacing. I am worried for what they may have programmed into herwhen she wakes up!

"Anyway, to my story. As if my family of originwasn't bad enough. My husband's family is involved, too! My husband'sdad was in the Army (a colonel) and Navy and is now retired. He wouldtake the kids to Disneyland every year for ten years while he learnedsome ridiculous language school for the army (a language he cannoteven speak hardly a word of to this day when asked, so I think thiswas a cover for what he was really doing). He was a member of theMormon Tabernacle Choir and became a Mormon Bishop. Sounds great ,huh? The only problem is, I found out he molested a niece in thefamily and had never 'repented' before accepting the 'calling fromthe Lord' as BISHOP! Red flags started going up all over for me. Hisfamily is even worse than mine!

"I could go on. It's too long.

"Anyway, that's a start. These are painfulmemories and I want to see that those bastards that are playingaround with people's emotions get what they karmically deserve ASSOON AS POSSIBLE! I want to however stay out of fear and not giveinto hate. But let me know how I can help you GET THESE GUYS! THERE'SONLY A FEW OF THEM AND A WHOLE LOT OF US!!

"I hope that's enough of an advantage.

"There was a report done by the "Strengthening theSaints Committee" where they asked a sort of high ranking churchofficial to do a study and report. He interviewed 60 victims ofsatanic ritual abuse. These Satanic Ritual Abuse victims pulled thelid off pandora's box by all saying pretty much the same thing: "Theytook me to the church/temple to get baptized. They dunked me. I thinkthey were trying to drown me.

"They asked if I loved Jesus. I said yes. Theydunk me again. They ask if Jesus will save me. I say yes, they dunkme again. This goes on and on and Jesus doesn't save me. Then Satancomes and saves me and he's the one who really loves me and now Iwill do anything he says."

"They have all seen murder. Some have participatedand remember it. They all have emerging memories in their 30s and40s. That is when this stuff comes out. Anyway, a lot of them areunder psychiatric care and many were referred by the psychiatricworld where split personalities are becoming so common because ofthese rituals. They are so horrific that the victim simply can'tendure unless they run away into another personality that's strongeror whatever. It's the saddest thing in the world. These are sadisticsoul murderers."

--©"Sue Ellen"



Another connection to organized religion surfacedwhen Preston Nichols was working with Air Force agents indeprogramming a number of "Montauk Boys" at Sag Harbor, as noted inthe section of this report on corroborative evidence. The Pallotinegroup, by means of various youth related services and facilities, hasbeen tied to the procurement of children for use in the project.Preston Nichols called it a monastic order working with the secretgovernment to help train an elite fighting group of children alongthe lines of Delta Forces. Strangely, the Pallotines, considered tobe a "militant" order by the Roman Catholic Church, are said to haveextensive interactions and liaisons as well with many other organizedreligions.The unfortunate children are procured for the Projectthrough various youth related services and facilities operated by ThePallotine group, and those deemed suitable for such "service" totheir unconstitutional secret government are funneled through thePallotine network into the Montauk Project. Judging by some photos onthe Pallotine web site, These 'fathers' look like real CIA types.They have a remarkably creepy message on the web site also, whichreads in part--"for those that have gone astray... this is where youwill find your salvation" and that "Jesus is going to refresh andREMAKE you". I definitely won't be planning to worship at these guys'church!

Though this may sound somewhat hokey and notparticularly significant or relevant in the bigger picture, I can saythis: Preston Nichols feels that the information he has found outrelating to the Pallotines and many of the world's organizedreligions is a major aspect of the Phoenix/Montauk Project, whichuntil now has been almost entirely unknown and completely hidden. Dueto what he feels is the extreme emotionalism and at times irrationalnature of how many relate to religious beliefs in our world, PrestonNichols stated that he is NOT going to publicize the information hehas uncovered regarding the Pallotine organization; because itexposes the deep involvement of many organized religions inthe mind manipulations perpetrated against humanity by the covertworld government, it is severely damaging to these religions,and because it could lead to an extraordinarily volatile and in factdangerous situation for him personally.



The Order of the Rosy Cross as well the Knights ofMalta, to which George Bush belongs, and also the Skull and BonesSociety, to which both Bush and supposed political rival Bill Clintonboth belong, have been mentioned as other religious or"philosophical" organizations which have been and are linked to theMontauk Boys operations, and are tied in fundamental ways to the NewWorld Order in general. In addition the various organizationsmentioned are linked to Masonic systems.



Substantial and virtually indisputable evidence ofdirect links between certain military agencies and a number of mindcontrol operations has already been well documented by other writersand researchers, and some new evidence is provided in this report inthe preceding material by the Mormon singer "Sue Ellen" regardingchild abuse and psychosexual programming at California's VandenbergAir Force Base in Santa Barbara County. Worthy of special noteregarding this topic is the body of information relating to theMonarch Project operation at San Francisco's Presidio Army base, inwhich hundreds of children at the Child Development Center's day carefacility on the base were subjected to psychosexual mind controlprogramming under the general direction of Army Colonel MichaelAquino. An intelligence officer with extensive and significantconnections to the CIA and other intelligence agencies, Aquino alsoran and operated the "Temple of Set", a Church of Satan offshootbased in San Francisco. Due to major ties to the CIA on the part ofAquino and other principal defendants, and just as in the McMartinPreschool case in Los Angeles County, no one was ever found guilty inthe Presidio case despite substantial hard evidence and the testimonyof hundreds of youngsters, parents, and mental health careprofessionals.


From Judith, who provided some very interestinginformation noted earlier in this report on some unusual occurrencesin NYC and Long Island on or around August 12 1983 (a highlysignificant date in the Philadelphia/Montauk [Phoenix) saga],comes testimony which corroborates so much other information on theritualistic abuse of children in programming/mind control operationsdesigned to create "sleeper" agents with thoroughly controlledalternate personalities.

"Thanks so much for the articles and your recentcorrespondences. I have not gone over the articles in depth, but theinfo in your letters has me very intrigued. You certainly have doneyour research.

"I am most interested in the underground info youmay have delved into.

"My father an AF colonel, graduated from WestPoint, 1944. I lived there as an infant in the early 1950s.Yeah--there WERE tunnels at West Point--most notably under the daycare center. Children were assaulted there, my sister and I both.Some very sadistic acts going on there. Vampiresque-cults in thatarea.

"Also, a great deal of extra frequencies in andaround West Point and that whole area. Not a question and theycontinue today. There are particular buildings at West Point whichhave definite frequency problems. Those of us who seem to be muchmore attuned to the change in frequency levels (my theory is that allmilitary people have been set-up with implants-- possibly mindcontrolled too--and are thus very sensitive to changes in frequenciesin the air in any environment), notice these changes from onecity-town-territory to the next. I am sure that Montauk is filledwith frequency problems and is hence, quite magnetic andcharged.

"Send any other information my way--as you haveit. Thanks much..."




Research has shown an extraordinarily high levelof involvement on the part of certain families or clans--blood lines,in other words--in a great many interdimensional activities andrelated operations along the lines of Philadelphia/Montauk; membersof which apparently possess specific psychic and geneticcharacteristics which facilitate certain of these endeavors. Many ofthese blood lines are German (Teutonic) and/or Celtic.

The primary psychic used in the "heyday" of theMontauk activities up until 1983 was Duncan Cameron, directly relatedto the truly horrible Ewen Cameron who conducted the well-knownexperimental mind control research (mostly drug-based with some EM/RFaspects also) at Montreal's Allan Memorial Institute (mostly in the1960s and early 1970s.). Duncan's father was deeply involved withclandestine (and not so clandestine) government agencies whichfunneled hordes of Nazi officials and scientists into this country;much of this well before the end of WW2.

The Kennedy clan is historically related to theCameron clan and Joseph Kennedy, in his office as US ambassador toGreat Britain, was unabashed in support of Hitler even after WW2began--in direct conflict with the position and wishes of hispresident Franklin Roosevelt.

Masterminds of Philadelphia/Montauk and relatedoperations are thoroughly tied to the Nazi/Aryan agenda and even forlower level, non-esoteric, noncritical activities and experimentswill often utilize subjects with "Aryan" genetic characteristics andblood lines: these people are often of German or Celtic descent. Thereason these groups have been "selected" (let's not say "chosen") forsuch a thoroughly unenviable distinction in connection with suchactivities is due to what project operators believe are strongpsychic, intuitive and mystical/ magical abilities inherent in peopleof these races.

To whatever extent this may be true, those ofCeltic/German descent are most unfortunately being exploited inservice of a truly hellish and near-unremittingly evil agenda. Itseems more and more evident that cherishers of true human dignity andfreedom must all use any powers we do indeed possess; such aspositivity of thought and strength of mind, body and spirit, usedwith compassion and insight, to overturn and counteract theoperations of these despoilers of humanity to the greatest extentpossible.

Aleister Crowley, a British intelligence agentwith strong sympathies for the Nazi movement in addition to (being) awell known "mystic", was thoroughly in on much of this type ofskullduggery earlier in the century, employing his own peculiarmixture of mysticism, Aryan fascism, elements of psychosexual mind(and astral) programming, and cloak-and-dagger weirdness. TheCrowleys also reputedly has clan connections to the prominentmystical family Cameron and Aleister himself had strong connectionsto Montauk.



Another family name which Peter Moon has foundcrops up in this field with notable frequency is Wilson. One memberof the Wilson clan who has been very influential in the modern worldand who has been consistently in opposition certainly to some of theagendas of the secret (worldwide) government is L. Ron Hubbard,founder of Scientology. Hubbard is the name of his adoptive parentsbut he was born a Wilson. Peter Moon was fairly high up in theScientology network in the 1970s when Hubbard was quite activepersonally, and has researched this genetic angle exhaustively.Whatever one's personal views on Scientology, (and by manyindications it's been thoroughly subverted by infiltrators afterHubbard's death), they did seem to be dedicated to a relativelyenlightened agenda, which sought real psychological clarity andfreedom from pathological, kneejerk states of mind imprinted onto oursubconscious from past traumatic events, even prior to the presentlifetime.

It's an undeniable fact that Hubbard andScientology were mercilessly and relentlessly hounded and harassed byFederal authorities back when he was alive (and likely since!) waybeyond any reasonable degree, and that alone would give one reason tothink that he was probably on to something both important andpositive.

Though not publicized much in the more popular,"outer" teachings of Dianetics, those in Hubbard's inner circles werequite aware that some of his non-published, internal material whichHubbard allowed access to addressed very specifically ill-intentionedextraterrestrials or extradimensionals which capture humansouls--usually between lifetimes. These beings implant (false)spiritual, psychological even sociopolitical concepts designed tokeep souls trapped and enslaved as it were--by continually andendlessly reincarnating into an external reality or world alreadyheavily controlled and manipulated in so many ways; by those whomaintain and broadcast the dominant "frequencies" which make up the(quantum/ electromagnetic) matrix of our perceived and experiencedreality via such operations as the Montauk project. This fits somevast agenda of human spiritual (and physical!) enslavement andcorresponding conditions; a longstanding agenda of the secret, cultic"governments" which support, further and foster this ongoing, massmanipulation of the human race through the indoctrinated and/orenforced political, religious and other social systems.

William Bramley's exceptional book The Gods OfEden, one of the more unusual "UFO" books ever written, coversthis very angle in tremendous detail and provides ample documentationthat the predominant "control group" which attempts to run the showhere on Earth, as manifested in the ruling secret brotherhoods/societies/governments (i.e. the Bilderbergers, CFR and the like), isinextricably tied to specific ET groups.

As per further information on L. Ron Hubbard, hedid a stint in Naval Intelligence where he assimilated a lot of theinformation the government had amassed resulting from their researchand experiments into drug-based mind manipulation andnarcosynthesis--this in the 30s! Hubbard took the information andtechniques and applied them in a methodology supposedly aimed at"empowering" (in pc 90s-speak) and liberating people on veryfundamental psychological levels from ingrained, encoded (oftendeliberately) "engramatic" behavior and states of mind, usuallyprogrammed by traumatic means (intentionally or not). It does notseem as though Hubbard wanted to be a cult leader, no matter how thegovernment has tried to portray him, and much of his work comesacross as predominantly sane and useful.

Hubbard was vehemently opposed to psychiatry andin particular (interestingly enough!) to the ubiquitous Dr. EwenCameron, who at different times has been--incredibly--the presidentof the American Psychiatric Association, the Canadian PsychiatricAssociation, and the World Psychiatric Association. In light of that,and given Ewen Cameron's truly odious, cruel, horrible, andunpardonable activities, any reasonable person would be more than alittle suspicious of the motives and agenda of psychiatry in general,as Hubbard most certainly was. Far too often psychiatry is used as atool of social behavioral control and modification, used to forcesubjects' minds to conform to certain concepts, beliefs, structuresand mores imposed from without; strictures which again nearly alwaysreinforce the wishes and aims of society's prevailing rulers and ofthe status quo.

Montauk Project author Peter Moon was aScientology member and in fact occasionally worked directly withHubbard. Moon seems certain that Hubbard in fact was pretty much onthe opposite team, certainly in terms of the known objectives ofPhoenix/Montauk, regarding "mind control". Moon believes Hubbard tohave been on the whole dedicated to the personal spiritualemancipation of human beings from programming of virtually any kind,and my admittedly skimpy knowledge of Scientology/Dianetics wouldtend to back that up. I think the movement has suffered from apersonality cult syndrome, and that Hubbard may in fact have had abit of a messiah complex running, but I do find some quite worthwhileelements in the Dianetics material.

Hubbard was of course a participant in the socalled "Babalon Working", some mystical ceremony enacted along withfellow Aleister Crowley adherents Jack (JPL/Cal-Tech/Father of modernrocketry) Parsons and Marjorie Wilson Cameron. This ceremony has beensaid to have certain esoteric correspondences with the PhiladelphiaExperiment, and may have (helped) open some dimensional channelenabling negative ET's easier access to our dimension/reality--a newfreeway was put in.

Perhaps to that extent Hubbard was some kind ofinfluence on the more mystical aspects of Montauk/Phoenix operation,but I see any evidence he would have supported the specific goals ofthe project at all. Perhaps it would be best to note however thatthere are a substantial number of people who dispute that statementand would even dispute that Hubbard and his organizations ever hadany beneficial, humanitarian or positive goals and agendas atall.



Interestingly, other information about theconnection of certain Scientology members to some of the secretgovernment's "unusual" experimental research activities comes frompremiere mind control researcher and author Alex Constantine, who hasauthored a wealth of excellent books and articles on the generaltopic of government sponsored, administered and operated mind controlprojects, including certain of those based on electromagnetic/radiofrequency transmissions.

I quote below a section called "Psychic Spying atthe Stanford Research Institute Or CIA Mind Control?" fromConstantine's Virtual Government.

"Concrete evidence that electronic mind controlwas the true object of study at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) wasexposed by the Washington Post in 1977. When the Navy awarded acontract to the Institute, "the scientific assistant to the Secretaryof the Navy, Dr. Sam Koslov, received a routine briefing on variousresearch projects, including SRI's. As the briefer flashed his chartonto the screen and began to speak, Koslov stormily interrupted,'What the hell is that about?' Among the glowing words on theprojected chart, the section describing SRI's work was labeled, 'ELFand Mind Control.'

" 'ELF' stands for 'extremely long frequency'electromagnetic waves, from the very slow brain frequencies up toabout 100 cycles per second.... But the 'Mind Control' label reallyupset Koslov. He ordered the SRI investigations for the Navy stopped,and canceled another $35,000 in Navy funds slated for more remoteviewing work. Contrary to Koslov's attempt to kill the research, theNavy quietly continued to fork out $100,000 for a two-year projectdirected by a bionics specialist. The "remote viewing" team at SRIwas really engaged in projecting words and images directly to thecranium. It was not a humanitarian pastime: the project was militaryand test subjects are subjected to a lifetime of EM torture pliedwith the same thorough disregard for human rights as the radiationtests conducted at the height of the Cold War. To be sure, thetreatment subjects have received at the hands of their own governmentwould be considered atrocities if practiced in wartime.

Mind control was also used in domestic covertoperations designed to further the CIA's heady ambitions, and duringthe Vietnam War period SRI was a hive of covert political subterfuge.The Symbionese Liberation Army, like the People's Temple, was acreation of the CIA. The SLA had at its core a clique of blackex-convicts from Vacaville Prison. Donald DeFreeze, otherwise knownas "Cinque", led the SLA. He was formerly an informant for the LAPD'sCriminal Conspiracy Section and the director of Vacaville's BlackCultural Association (BCA), a covert mind control unit with fundingfrom the CIA channeled through SRI. The Menlo Park behaviormodification specialists experimented with psychoactive drugsadministered to members of the BCA. Black prisoners were programmedto murder selected black leaders once on the outside. The CIA/SRIzombie killer hit list included Oakland school superintendent Dr.Marcus Foster, and Panthers Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, amongothers. DeFreeze stated that at Vacaville in 1971-72, he was thesubject of a CIA mind control experiment. He described hisincarceration on the prison's third floor, where he was corralled byCIA agents who drugged him and said he would become the leader of aradical movement and kidnap a wealthy person. After his escape fromVacaville (an exit door was left unlocked for him), that's exactlywhat he did.

"EM mind control machines were championed at SRIby Dr. Karl Pribram, director of the Neuropsychology ResearchLaboratory: "I certainly could educate a child by putting anelectrode in the lateral hypothalamus and then selecting thesituations at which I stimulate it. In this was I can grossly changehis behavior." Psychology Today touted Pribram as "The Magellan ofBrain Science." He obtained his B.S. and M.D. degrees at theUniversity of Chicago, and at SRI studied how the brain processes andstores sensory imagery. He is credited with discovering that mentalimaging bears a close resemblance to hologram projection (the basisfor transmitting images to the brains of test subjects under themisnomer "remote viewing"?).

"The SRI/SAIC psi experiments were supervised atLangley by John McMahon, second in command under William Casey,succeeding Bobby Ray Inman, the SAIC director. McMahon has, accordingto Philip Agee, the CIA whistle-blowing exile, an affinity for"technological exotics for CIA covert actions." He was recruited bythe Agency after his graduation from Holy Cross College. He is aformer director of the Technical Services Division, deputy directorfor Operations, and in 1982 McMahon was appointed deputy director ofCentral Intelligence. He left the Agency six years later to take theposition of president of the Lockheed Missiles and Space SystemsGroup. In 1994 he moved on the Draper Laboratories. He is a directorof the Defense Enterprise Fund and an adviser to congressionalcommittees.

"Many of the SRI "empaths" were mustered from L.Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology, Harold Puthoff, the Institute'ssenior researcher, is a leading Scientologist. Two "remote viewers"from SRI have also held rank in the Church: Ingo Swann, a Class VIIOperating Thetan, a founder of the Scientology Center in Los Angeles,and the late Pat Price. Puthoff and Targ's lab assistant was aScientologist married to a minister of the church. When Swann joinedSRI, he stated openly that fourteen "Clears" participated in theexperiments, "more than I would suspect." At the time he denied CIAinvolvement, but now acknowledges, "it was rather common knowledgeall along who the sponsor was, although in documents the identity ofthe Agency was concealed behind the sobriquet of 'an east-coastscientist.' The Agency's interest was quite extensive. A number ofagents of the CIA came themselves ultimately to SRI to act assubjects in "remote viewing" experiments, as did some members ofCongress."

--© 1996 Alex Constantine



In a rare example of a crack in the mass media'swall of silence and coverup regarding mind control projects ingeneral and electronic mind control in particular, the SonomaCounty Independent weekly newspaper, in their July 9 1998edition, featured a front page article on electronic mindmanipulation by the means of surgically implantedmicrotransceivers.

The article focuses primarily on the case of aSilicon Valley family; in particular, activities involving their son.Writer J. Douglas Allen-Taylor details a litany of horrors sufferedby the Kats family at the hands of "scientists" and "doctors" workingat Stanford University Medical Center facilities in the service ofgovernment intelligence agencies; pursuing extensive mind controlagendas which utilize physical implants for monitoring, tracking andactivating pre-encoded psychological "triggers".

Edward and Claudia Kats, Russian immigrants wholeft when Russia was still part of the Soviet Union, relate how theirson Jay was first implanted during a 1982 tonsillectomy operation atStanford Medical Center. Edward attests that he himself was thenimplanted during an operation at Kaiser Hospital in 1991. Theysuspect that the initial reason for the interest on the part of theCIA was the family's suspected but nonexistent connection to the KGB.Subsequent experimentation continued even after the agency realizedthere was no such connection, as son Jay was inducted into a full-onmind control operation. The article mentions the blond haired,blue-eyed appearance of Jay, and this makes me suspicious thatperhaps the real reason for the interest on the part of the CIA hasto due do with genetic/racial factors.

The Katses describe how the implants affectedJay's mood, mental acuity, attitudes towards other people...theworks. His school performance deteriorated tremendously and he beganto get in trouble with the law. They believe he and Edward are thetarget of transmissions which are intended to induce them to commitany of a wide range of preprogrammed actions--even crimes. Claudianoted in the article that threats, "bad thoughts" and negative,(self)-destructive concepts and attitudes or "feelings" are alsotransmitted.

Edward Kats feels that large segments of thepopulation, in particular racial minorities, are being subjected tothe same kind of programming; for one reason, to instigate continualsocial/civil unrest and disturbances.

The Katses and their legal representatives havefiled formal and well documented complaints and reports with a hostof law enforcement, judicial and other governmental agencies on manylevels. Predictably, no serious interest has been shown nor anyactions taken in response to the charges.

Another Silicon Valley resident mentioned in thearticle is David Duval, who feels he was implanted because of hissuspected links to illegal drug trafficking, and is being used in theexpectation that he can help track the whereabouts of certainkingpins in illegal drug operations.

Santa Clara University law professor AlanScheflin, author of a very hard-to-find 1978 book called The MindManipulators, says that clandestine mind control experiments havebeen going on in the US for many years, and that a good number ofthese involve implantation with just the kinds of devices referred toin the above allegations.



In late October of 1997, Investigative Report onthe Arts & Entertainment Network carried a reporton the Colin Ferguson murder trial. Ferguson had been found guilty ofmurdering six and wounding another thirteen during a deadly andinexplicable outburst aboard a Long Island Rail Road commuter trainin late 1993.

A brief segment towards the end of the A&Ereport showed reporters interviewing a "Raoul Diaz", outside thecourthouse where Ferguson's murder trial was in progress. Diaz, whohad appeared to testify in Ferguson's behalf, described how he hadbeen kidnapped while driving a taxi in the Bronx, and subsequentlyplaced on a Long Island Rail Road train at Penn Station bound forHicksville. Someone of Oriental appearance sitting directly adjacentto him on the train displayed a small handheld device and commentedthat he was employed by the CIA. He said to Diaz, "look at that blackman over there", then pressed something on the device and Fergusonimmediately fell unconscious. Appearing visibly ill at ease duringthe interview, Diaz nervously continued with his astonishing accountwhen someone behind him whispered something and the interview wasterminated abruptly.

There was no explanation offered by either thoseconducting the interview at the time or by the producers of theA&E report for the information related by Diaz. The intendedinference would seem to be that this was just some screwball, thoughhe certainly didn't appear so. Diaz came across as coherent, rationaland credible, gave no indication of being a wacko.

Diaz was not allowed to testify at the Fergusontrial by Ferguson and/or the judge, and to my knowledge, no otherwitnesses who had some other peculiar and troubling information toimpart about that train ride to hell ever got to testify either. Diazhas literally never been heard from again, certainly not in anypublic way. Strange as well that Ferguson, a man with some obviousand substantial mental impairment, was allowed by the judicial systemin a blatant procedural anomaly to conduct his own defense--which,though technically permitted under the U.S. Constitution, is almostnever granted in practice in a mass murder case such as this, withsome good reason.

I first heard this information in 1995 fromMontauk Project book series coauthor Peter Moon, about the Orientalman who urged Diaz to observe how the small handheld remote controltransmitter could make Ferguson nod off. Why Diaz would have beenkidnapped and placed on the train to so observe the clandestinetechnology which apparently activated the terrifying and deadlyproceedings is anyone's guess. How interesting that this took placeon Long Island. Notice we are talking aboutelectromagnetic/radio-frequency mind control here--the undeniablespecialty of the Montauk Project.

It could be the killings were an attempt toexacerbate racial tensions in the New York area which had alreadybeen rather strained for years. Or maybe only one or several of thosekilled were actually the real intended victims and the mass shootingwas to cover up that fact--as it would look like the target(s) diedby chance with the others in an indiscriminate massshooting.

Perhaps this was a preliminary test-run oftechnology which could subsequently have been used in the astonishingnumber of mass murders committed by young teen or preteen boys in thepast couple of years in the United States--often atschools.






Indications are that tremendous numbers of youngpeople from the streets of America--those millions who for reasons ofsocial disintegration, family conflicts, subliminal entrainment,outright mind manipulation or a combination of these and/or otherfactors are now filling the streets of American cities and evensmaller towns; drifting, homeless and undirected--are being inducteden masse at this period of time and programmed via the technologiesperfected at Montauk; computer assisted EM/RF mind control utilizingdeliberately caused "multiple personality disorder" syndromeconditions to create thoroughly programmed alternate personalitieswithin targeted subjects. Various combinations of agendas from otherprojects like Monarch and MK-ULTRA as well as the Montauk Project arebeing implemented via these operations.

Nearly every major population area in the countryhas a "Montauk Boys and Girls" project underway at this time.Children programmed through various means (such as havingschoolchildren on overnight field trips bunk at "decommissioned"military facilities during which time they are abducted, programmedand returned. Subsequently, triggers and cues embedded in popularmass entertainment (for example, the movie Scream has beencited as inspiring certain of the horrendous, grisly mass murderscommitted by young adolescents in the U.S. recently) can set these"sleepers" off in predetermined ways.

Parents: more than ever, and in ways you wouldnever have dreamed of, watch out for your children--who they arewith, what the influences on them are, where they go, what they areinterested in.



The ongoing string of mass murders committed byyoung boys often right around the age of puberty (considered to be avery significant age by the Montauk Project mind control experimentoperators), has finally pushed me over the brink; into confrontinghead-on the likelihood that this and a veritable blood orgy ofsimilar mass murders by youngsters in the past couple ofyears--mostly but not only in the southeastern U.S.--are the resultof some sort of mind control program.

I have had strong suspicions that the Jonesboro,Arkansas massacre in March 1998, a May 1998 graduation dance massacrein Edinboro, Pennsylvania and a subsequent school shooting rampage inSpringfield, Oregon--to name only the some of the more recentincidents--represent the tip of the iceberg of some serious andextensive youth-directed mass-conditioning programs currentlyunderway. Regarding the Arkansas tragedy in particular, there weresome very troubling aspects to the mass shooting there by twoyoungsters, aged 11 and 13, who murdered four schoolmates and ateacher while wounding 11 others. The two were in possession of anumber of weapons, camouflage clothing, a van stocked with provisionsand "survivalist" gear, among other oddities, and there were reportsof ties to a satanic cult of some kind currently popular in thesoutheastern U.S.


Despite a fairly rigorous childhood andteenagehood in New York City and Long Island, and many years sincespent in other major urban areas like L.A. and the Bay Area, I mustsay I can really recall no precedent for these types of mass slayingsperpetrated by teens and preteens, against their peers or elders,often carried out at (usually public) schools.

What in the name of God or any standard orconcept of a more evolved, civilized and positive existence andbeing; what in the name of any decency, reason, compassion, orawareness could possibly be motivating or compelling these youngpeople to manifest such remorseless, shameless and vicious violencein mass murder?

And notice also that this is not happening in NewYork, L.A., Chicago or other large cities. Its happening mainly inquiet, totally "typical", rural/suburban Middle American communities,among predominantly white, middle class people.

I think programming is on the scene here in a mostmajor style. Subliminals embedded in popular entertainment could evenbe the triggers for certain preprogrammed behavior and responsesready to be "activated".

In fact, in one of Alex Constantine's articles onthe mass ritual sex abuse case involving McMartin Preschool and theiroutright CIA connections, he notes that many of the CIA's childoriented MK operations are "administered" by an Indonesian religiouscult: one of the leading members of this cult is also a principalofficer in a MAJOR computer games software manufacturing/developingbusiness. He doesn't name names, but I believe it must be either SegaGenesis or Nintendo or some corporation rather close to them in termsof market share, from the way he writes it.



The use of music as an aid to programming, whichforms a significant aspect of the operation experienced first hand by"Mr. Coffee" and described in his account reprinted directlyfollowing this section, has been consistently commented on by certainresearchers, including Preston Nichols. Music provides access to thedeeper, subconscious, emotional, nonlinear/logical portions of thepsyche. As shown so clearly by "psychedelic" pioneers Tim Leary andRichard Alpert in their government-sponsored LSD research (some whichoccurred at Montauk AFS)--"set and setting" are crucial indetermining the impact and outcome of an LSD trip...and a mindprogramming operation. Music, as an especially emotional art form,could be utilized very effectively (albeit diabolically!) to assistin amplifying, intensifying and boosting the impact of certainprogramming operations and experiences. In addition, certain triggerscan be activated by the music previously used duringprogramming.

There is information put forward by people like"Sue Ellen" above and others indicating that certain music stars arebeing trained/programmed/groomed/mind controlled, so that in theirroles as mass entertainers they are fulfilling a certain function inthe general mind controlled new world order of things, and that thereare very likely entrainment frequencies and subliminal commands andsuch embedded within the sound tracks: certainly in the case ofcountry music the overall tone of the lyrics of many country songs isundeniably "down" and puts forth an ultimately depressing view ofthings. So many of these songs are about serious emotional distress,failed relationships and similar topics.

Technically and even artistically, the level ofmusicianship, proficiency, etc. could be quite high and the musiccould "sound good" but there could be specific signals/frequenciesmixed in later, perhaps unbeknownst to the performing artists, whichreinforce an element of the lyric content or even communicate someother "message". Even subliminal vocal tracks could be used in thisway. Much "heavy metal" and rap music overtly exhibit extraordinarylevels of negativity, hatred and descriptions of violence in theirlyrics, the destructive impact of which could all easily besupplemented with a hefty dose of subliminal images, commands and thelike.

My thought is this. One concept which could begetting inserted into country and other pop music by these andvarious other methods might be this: to abuse (physically, sexually,emotionally) or neglect your children resulting in their lives beingunder the control the government, or to "turn them over to thegovernment" in any number of other ways, and/or assist the governmentin gaining access to and control over your children so that thegovernment can (have means and opportunity to) subject them topsychosexually abusive mind control programming, so they can servecertain purposes as agents of the government. If kids are abused athome, and/or families are in fact being subliminally encouraged inmany ways through manipulation of mass media to literallydisintegrate, then more and more kids have been and will be ending upeither in some sort of government custody or on the streets, wherethey become fair game for the picking; particularly by organizedcrime, which as I noted in my first report, is strongly inplicated inthe procurement of young people by any number of means, for covertgovernment agencies to utilize in their unconscionable, inhuman andunconstitutional operations.

This is the sort of thing that is apparentlyoccurring which at least in part deals with this sort of socialengineering--molding and shaping of consciousness and social realitythrough covert (and evil) manipulation of mass communication such asthe press and the news media, television, entertainment. movies,music, and so on. Additionally there are the technologies developedin the Montauk Project by which our very thoughts and evenpsychic-level experiences can be interfered with, tweaked, twistedand controlled.

I received an email on the subject of music asutilized in mind control operations, which read in part asfollows:

"With the advances in technology since DickSutphen's book The Battle For Your Mind first came out, is itstill impossible to reduce various frequencies to detect thesubliminals when they are psycho-acoustically modified andsynthesized so that they are projected in the same chord andfrequency as the music?"

Though I'm unfamiliar with the book mentionedabove, the topic is certainly intriguing. Here's my response to thequestion, based upon my admittedly limited familiarity with the nutsand bolts of such operations.

Certain people connected to the Montauk Projecthave made repeated references to the way popular entertainment--inparticular music--has been and is being utilized as an aid to EM/RFmind control programming, either directed towards a population as awhole or towards smaller groups or individuals.

Preston Nichols has relayed information about someof the more esoteric technologies which utilize music as a medium fordissemination. He referred to what he calls a "quantum" waveform ofsome kind which is not in either the audio or electromagnetic wavespectrum, and which can transmit extensive amounts of information.This quantum information signal apparently interacts with certainlevels of consciousness and awareness: there is no commonly availabletechnology at this time with which the information can bedecoded.

One point made by Nichols which I, as a musician,found intriguing is that the equipment used in implementing thisquantum information wave is highly dependent upon vacuum tubes, asmuch of the Montauk Project technology has been in general, althoughtransistors are utilized to some extent. Interesting that manyelectric musicians, especially guitarists, have adamantly withstoodthe tidal wave of solid state technology when it comes to instrumentamplifiers: as many rock fans know, most electric guitarists,bassists, miked vocalists and other musicians swear by the vastsuperiority of the tonal qualities of vacuum tube amps and theability of such equipment to convey a far greater range of subtlenuances of feeling that transistor amps.

Nichols indicated to me that a substantial amountof popular music during the 1960s, 70s, 80s and of course now hasbeen utilized in service of a covert (of course!) MK agenda usingvarious methods and technologies, and as I've pointed out, similarcharges have been made by a number of other people, for example CathyO'Brien. (Nichols worked as a sound recording engineer before goingto work at Brookhaven Labs around 1970).

More detailed and technical information wasconveyed to me about this entire matter but to be honest thetechnical part is a bit over my head. I am a bit weak in radioelectronics as well as quantum physics, relativity and the unifiedfield theory.

I have been extremely intrigued by the statementsmade by Nichols and others about music being utilized for mindcontrol purposes but remain somewhat unclear about how this isactually accomplished technically. Then of course questions such asthose posed by Mr. Hart above have crossed my mind as well--that is,how can the subliminal psychoacoustic frequencies, quantuminformation waves and other embedded data be isolated, deciphered,etc.



Certainly one of the most astonishing accountsfrom a victim/survivor of an intensive mind control programmingoperation to have ever come my way is this one; emailed to me in late1997 by an individual who gave me a brief autobiography whichdescribed how he had been picked at the age of ten, through the"auspices" of the "Silva Mind Control Program", to be an unwittingcandidate for the "MK-ULTRA/Montauk/Ewen Cameron School of MindControl" (I think I made that last one up!), which commencedin earnest when he entered college at Rochester NY.

Continually monitored by military agents who hadtracked the fellow throughout high school, my contact was given thefull complement of Montauk type programming after he entered college,and he subsequently worked for his programmers in an altered state ofmind as a slavelike agent. Among other horrors, he has had recalls ofassassinating targeted subjects.

Here's the real grabber--this fellow has piecedtogether solid evidence (including recovered computer text filesdetailing this particular MK method) showing that music was used as amajor aspect of a CIA covert mind-programming technology/system, as ameans of substantially strengthening the emotional components ofpsyche and personality and "enlisting" these aspects for theprogrammed "cause". This translates into a much more intense"commitment" and connection to the program on the part of mindcontrolled agents. This same music, perhaps with encoded subliminalsas well, is used to activate the previously embedded program in theagent.

An incredible and terrifying story--and,the dates of his major involvement which this fellow recalls coincideexactly with information from Preston Nichols regarding a very recentphase of the Montauk project, from 1988-1992.

This man was most recently an operative in thesoutheastern U.S.; however, that is where his "handler" made somemajor errors in "handling" my contact, which resulted in substantialand traumatic memory breakthroughs, a breakdown in the mind controlprogram in his case and my contact's disconnection from theoperation. (Naturally though, severe harassment and vicious threatshave followed him almost continually since).

Preston Nichols has reported that after thedeparture of the Montauk Project's mind control crew from the Montaukunderground installation roughly the end of 1992, the Project wassomewhat at loose ends for a couple of years but the directors thenregrouped and ensconced themselves in the Atlanta Georgia area atRobins Air Force Base.

I had occasion to meet this man, whom I will call"Mr. Coffee" (a pseudonym), in person during my trip to Long Islandin the summer of 1998, which has been recounted above in this report.I found him in some degree to be not what I expected; certainelements of the type of programming he has been subjected to--whatmight be called a fearless, kamikaze-type warrior with totalconfidence seem to have leaked through in to his everydaypersonality. Coffee indicated to me and Nichols that he (Coffee) mayvery well still be utilized while in an alternate state of mind forvarious covert operations by intelligence/military agencies. Heattested to feeling bizarrely affected by the energy particularly atCamp Hero but also in the village of Montauk.

Here is what Coffee had to say.

"Dear Sir:

"I believe that I was/am the subject of somehorrific government mind control experiments. I believe that thegovernment "selected" me at a very young age, watched me develop as ayoung man, and then when the time was right forced me into their"mind control project". My memories of these events were all butnonexistent until recently, when a single event triggered a massiveflood of memories which started to all come back to me. To be honestthe whole experience has left me quite shaken as well as quitescared. But mostly confused.

"It all started when I was 10 years old. My motherenrolled me in a mind control course called "the Silva Mind ControlMethod". It is sort of a self hypnosis course where you learn to divedown into the different levels of your mind. You learn things likehow to heal your body with your mind, relaxation techniques, ways tofocus your concentration, and melt spoons with your mind (things likethat). You may have heard of it? Anyway, while in the course welearned to go to our "level" (a relaxed state of mind which is thebasis of the Silva method). I was extremely good at all of the thingswe were doing for some reason right from the start. The instructor...was praising me like I was god's next gift to mankind. Telling methat I was the greatest student he has ever seen etc.etc..

"This is where it all starts: during one of thebreaks (about six weeks into the course) the instructor asks me to gooutside to meet some of his "friends". I go outside with him (and letme tell you, when you are 10 years old and you are in a class roomfor two hours at a time on your Saturdays and Sundays for eightstraight weeks you ABSOLUTELY live for your 15 minute breaks) soneedless to say I was not very interested in wasting my "break time"talking to whoever these people were. We go out the double doors andthere are two men waiting to talk to me. THEY BOTH WERE WEARINGMILITARY UNIFORMS, one was wearing army green, and the other was inblue (possible Air Force but I cant be sure). The instructor statesto the men "this is the kid" and they make some small talk. To behonest I really didn't pay much attention to them ( I was looking atthe other kids on the play ground and wondering why the hell I'm overhere and not over there). But here's the main point; The man in greenbends down on one knee and says to me "I hear you have some veryspecial abilities" and I said "I do"? He stands back up and speaks tothe instructor some more, then kneels back down and says "It was verynice meeting you, YOU KNOW YOUR GOING TO WORK FOR ME SOME DAY!" As a10 year old you don't quite grasp what is really going on and Iremember laughing and telling him that I didn't quite understand, butit was nice meeting him, and I ran off to the play ground. But when Ilooked back, the three adult were still standing there looking at me,talking about me, and sizing me up.

"That was the only time that I actually spoke tothose men for years, but what happens next is very odd. Growing up myparents were fighting all the time and they finally got divorced. Sowhat did I do, I used sports as my escape. All I focused on wassports, I would leave the house and go down to the field or into thebackyard and practice, and practice, and practice my soccer skills.As a result of this I became extremely good, so good you would notbelieve me (I just seemed to have a knack for it). I didn't thinkabout doing it, I just did it. It was like it was mind overmatter.

"It's funny because honestly I could do thingsthat were so unbelievable on the soccer field. You have to see it tobelieve it. Here is how; I honestly didn't know any better. I didn'tknow that I wasn't supposed to be able to do that, just take the balldown the field by yourself and score EVERY TIME! But in my mind, Icould do it, so I did it in real life EVERY TIME. When the opposingteams coaches asked how old I was, when I told them the didn'tbelieve me, after the games were over they would thank me for notrunning up the score and humiliating "their boys". That how good Iwas and I do have video tapes of the games to prove it!

"Here is the thing, and I didn't put it togetherat the time. When you go to any children's sporting event you see allof the parents. They are usually are dressed casually and usuallybring a folding chair and sit around and watch the game and gossipwith the other parents etc. etc..

I REMEMBER looking around at all the parents. IREMEMBER noticing TWO GUYS IN MILITARY UNIFORMS FREQUENTLY AT MYGAMES. ONE IN GREEN AND ONE IN BLUE. I remember this speciallybecause they stuck out like sore thumbs, and I specifically rememberthis because I was thinking "I wonder whose fathers are they?" Theylooked familiar from when I was 10 years old but I just could not putmy finger on it.

"I remember seeing the same two guys all throughmy high school sporting events. Whether it was football, basketball,or track. At the county track meet, during some football games etc.(I can rattle off 5 or 6 different examples).

"Imagine how effective would an assassin or anagent be if in his mind, through hypnosis, he truly had no fear. Ifin his mind, through hypnosis, he truly believed that he could dosuperhuman things. Things like jumping off a 3 story roof and landwithout injury, just as if he was jumping a foot stool. If in hismind, through hypnosis, he truly believes he possesses superhumanstrength and can turn his bodes adrenaline glands on and off like afaucet. These are just some of the experiments they conducted on mein an effort to make me the "perfect weapon" or the "perfect killingmachine".

"When it came time for me to go to college is whenstrange things started happening. I was a "Blue chip" athlete, andwas recruited heavily as an A-rated football player by most of themajor universities. By the end of my senior year in high school thedecision as to what school to attend was narrowed down to 2 or 3schools.

"Mysteriously, in the mail I received a letterwhich stated I had an appointment to have my physical taken foradmittance to attend West Point. I didn't think much about it and thephysical date came and went. Another letter arrives stating that Iwas "Rescheduled" FOR ANOTHER physical at West Point. The physicaldate also comes and goes. Again, I didn't think too much about it.Then I get a phone call from someone in the military, I don'tremember his name but I think he said he was major something orother. Anyway, he asks me why I didn't go to the physicals, and Itold him that 1st of all I wasn't the least interested in a militarycareer because my father was in the military and it just wasn't my"bag". Secondly my father graduated from Annapolis and if I went toWest Point he would disown me. About a week later I get a THIRDletter. This one mysteriously now states that I now have anappointment to have my physical taken to attend Annapolis.

"The thing is I never spoke to anyone aboutattending either West Point or Annapolis. I never spoke to anyfootball coaches, I never discussed it with my parents, I spoke to NOONE about applying to ANY military academy!

"I did some research about the process in whichone must to go through to enter either academy. Let me tell you thatthe physical is about the third screen they use to weed outunqualified candidates. These screens include either a presidentialor a congressional nomination (I could have gotten one due to thefact that my father attended Annapolis but since neither of us evenapproached the subject it really makes you wonder what the Hell isgoing on). In addition to this I was extremely underqualified sinceneither my grades NOR my SAT scores were EVEN CLOSE to the levelsexpected by the academies by their applicants.

"So how did I get THREE physicals scheduled toenter the military's most distinctive schools WITHOUT EVER APPLYING.Someone wanted me to be in the military very badly, and I still haveall the letters "requesting" my presence at the academies for myphysicals to prove it!

"By a rather odd set of events I end up going to acollege I had never heard of before called the University ofRochester located in UPSTATE NEW YORK right between Buffalo andSyracuse. I attended the University from 1988-1992.


This was a "Black Book Operation", these men werenot exactly in the military but some sort of a private group,operating from groups within groups. You see I was so far gone andunder their control because for some reason mind adhered to their"suggestions" extremely well, like nothing they had ever seen.Anything they told me to do while I was in this state of mind I coulddo.

"The experiments were all under hypnosis, and wereinitially designed to test how far the human could be pushed. Thingslike the limits of human strength. While under hypnosis they wouldtell me to imagine that my arm was a hydraulic press with unlimitedpower, they then would place objects in my hand and tell me to crushthem and I could. Another favorite was to test the limits of humanpain tolerances. For this experiment they would tell me to "turn offmy nerves"; "you are in a warm and safe place, you feel nothing andhave NO pain". As you can imagine they had many different varietiesof this test. They controlled me like I was a robot or something, andI remember standing and walking with "tunnel vision". I had nocontrol of myself at all. I remember having to give demonstrations ofmy abilities so they could get the funding needed to continue withthe project.

"I remember, being in a field, it was dusk, and Idemonstrated my abilities and the showed the things I could do. Therewere 6 to 8 men there one of them dressed in a suit was either asenator or a congressmen and after he saw the things I could do hesaid "JESUS CHRIST -- If I didn't see that with my own eyes Iwouldn't have believed it possible. ANYTHING YOU NEED YOU GOTIT!".

"The main focus quickly turned from doing simpletests on me to developing me as a killing machine, a military weapon,and they trained me as an assassin. I have memories of killingseveral people and executing several "Missions".

"My code name they called me by was "The Rhino"and I believe I killed several people between 1988 and1992.

"To be honest with you this letter should haveonly taken me a day or two to write but I have been working on thisfor over three weeks now. I am not going into great detail about mostof my experiences and the really painful memories. Every time I startthinking about these events my stomach turns and I become nauseous. Imust ask you to please forgive me, if any of this is unclear ordoesn't flow smoothly I'm sorry but I'm trying my best, but it isvery difficult and painful to remember and write all thisdown.

"I graduate from college and I move down South. Inmy apartment complex, this guy introduces himself to me at the pooland we become good friends. At this time I have no memories of allthese events so I didn't put the following together until later. Theguys name is Aaron and he is down South to get his masters degree inPSYCHOLOGY. Coincidentally he is also from Rochester NY. He becomesmy best friend and about a year goes by. When we would go outdrinking or be at parties Aaron would brag about being able tohypnotize people without them even knowing it and how he could just"fuck" with peoples' minds. I never thought much about it because hewas my best friend. I get my first job with a major corporation.Three hundred and sixty resumes for 1 spot and I got the job. Sonaturally I was very excited and told all my friends. The jobinvolved traveling all around the Southeast every week (being goneTuesday through Friday, on the road, every week).

The job didn't start until late August and it wasearly July so I had some time on my hands. About two weeks after Itold Aaron that I had gotten the job he calls me and asks me to comeover (as he was my best friend I would go over to his place all thetime so I thought absolutely nothing about it). I get to hisapartment and we bullshit for about an hour, and he tells me out ofthe blue that "some people are concerned about your new job" and Isaid "what the fuck are you talking about" and he said "the fact thatwe won't know where you are during the week"; and I was just utterlyconfused and extremely pissed off (I still had no memory of any ofthe events mentioned earlier) and I said "What the hell are youtalking about? Who is concerned? What business is it of theirsanyway? Who? I don't understand?" He let it go. What happened next hedid not let go.

"I had all this time on my hands and I was verynervous because I had to go to Buffalo for three weeks of training. Iwas 24 years old and this was my first "real job" with a company car,expense account and everything. Ever since I was very young Istuttered severely when I spoke. The thing is I knew it was all in mymind, because when I was alone I could speak very fluently, but whenI had to speak to anyone, read aloud or, heaven forbid, speak to agroup of people my entire throat would just "lock up" and I could notspeak word one. This was a serious problem for me and needless to sayI was tormented as a child. But anyway I decided that this was myfirst real job and if I wanted to get anywhere in life that I willnot let this stop me and it must be fixed and now is the time. I hadnever been to a hypnotherapist before but for some reason I reallybelieved in the power of hypnotism, and I really thought that thisalong with my Silva mind control could really help me. So I open theyellow pages and pick out a hypnotherapist. In the ad thehypnotherapist claimed to be able to cure many different ailmentswithin a few sessions, stuttering was one of them so I called andmade an appointment.

"I proceed to go into the appointment talk to theDoctor and explain how I think my problem is all in my mind. Hestates that my conclusions are "very interesting", and he puts meunder. When I opened my eyes the doctor's face was white as a ghostand he is sweating bullets, there are now two assistants in the roomand they have the same horrific look on their faces. The doctor in atrembling voice asks me "DID YOU KNOW YOU HAVE SOME KIND OF AGOVERNMENT MEMORY CAP IN YOUR MIND"? I said "no, what are you talkingabout?" He is still sweating profusely, and I ask him what was goingon. He would not discuss it but he said wanted to see me tomorrow. Igo to pay for the session in the lobby and I ask the assistant "whathappened in there?" At first she would not tell me but I finally gotit out of her. She said that I absolutely FREAKED OUT and I wasabsolutely screaming uncontrollably. She also stated that in her 15years with this doctor she had never seen anything like it. She saidthe doctor tried for 15 minutes to put the cap back on and I wouldnot let him, they had to get three other people to hold me down andfinally he got control of the situation again. This is on a Tuesday,the doctor wanted to see me the next day but he was booked throughFriday, the assistant made room for me to see him onThursday.

"I leave very confused, still having no clearmemories of any of the government experiments. The thing is I go homeand what do I do, I go right over to my best friends apartment(Aaron) and tell him the whole story about the hypnotherapist and thememory cap. He starts to FREAK OUT, you went to a hypnotherapistWHEN? And let me tell you he was PISSED! I remember being veryconfused because I didn't still didn't make the connection. Iremember going into his apartment, telling him what happened, he getsvery angry, but after that there was "lost time." It was between 3:00and 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon when I went over there. I rememberthis because there were soap operas on the television when I wasinitially telling him my story; when I left Jeopardy was onand it was becoming dusk. It was about 7:30 on the evening. I leavehis apartment and go home, I found myself sort of wondering whathappened? At home I empty my pockets on the table (change, keysetc..) and I have the receipt from the hypnotherapist. "Oh yea" I sayI'm supposed to see him on Thursday, but I couldn't remember anythingelse.

"I go back Thursday AND THE DOCTOR IS NO LONGERTHERE! I MEAN HIS NAME IS SCRATCHED OFF THE DOOR HE IS GONE,VANISHED, I MEAN IT WAS LIKE HE HAD NEVER BEEN THERE. There were fouror five doctors sharing the same office and there was simply a spacewhere his name had been. I go in and ask the receptionist where isdoctor so and so, as hard as I try I just cannot remember his name,but I can find my way back to where his office was. I ASK THERECEPTIONIST WHAT IS GOING ON AND SHE TELLS ME TO PLEASE LEAVE AND DONOT COME BACK. I ask about the doctor, she closes the receptionistswindow turns her back to me and walks away.

"I go home, even more confused, Aaron calls methat night to come over, I go, again not thinking anything about it.This is where all hell breaks loose. I go to his apartment and we aresitting down talking as usual. From the back bedroom six or seven mencome out! The same two military officers I had seen all along from mychildhood and at the University of Rochester (one in green and one inblue). The other men were dressed in black. The instant I saw thesemen I began to remember, my instinct tells me to run but I was takentotally by surprise. The men in black leap over the couch, grab andhold me. They pinned me against the back of the couch, I had noleverage to plant my feet and try get up. They start to laugh and saythings like "this guy isn't so tough" and "that was easy".

"I remember looking at Aaron with a look ofbetrayal: he could not look at me. The military officer in green says"do you have any idea how much trouble you've been, we should havekilled you a long time ago"; he asks Aaron "is he going to rememberany of this?" Aaron answers no. He proceeds to punch me in the face.I am struggling to get up but I just could not move, Aaron then takesover.

"Aaron then says the "magic word" and instantly Icannot move, he tells me how relaxed I feel how I feel warm and safeI feel, how I am in a "happy place".

"This is where things start getting a littlecrazy. What he did to me, I remember, he somehow locked me away in myown mind creating multiple personalities. I remember fighting him forcontrol in my mind. He said that I will do what I tell you to do. Hesaid the walls are closing in and you cannot fight it, in my mind Iof course pictured the walls closing in. On his instruction the wallsclosed in until I was inside a "vacuum sealed steel coffin", I couldnot fight it and I could not move. He then said you are being sent toa place in your mind where you will never be found, at this point Istart screaming "no no no". After he sent me to a place where "no onewill ever find you", he instructed that "a steel plate the size often football fields and 10 feet thick is crashing down upon you" andhe said "here it comes, and there is no escape". I remember screamingagain as he says "boooom". Here comes another one, "boooom", and heproceeded to do this five or six more times. I am screaming duringall of this.

"The hypnotherapist had pulled me out of it; twodays later the hypnotherapist has disappeared and Aaron locks the"monster" away again, with new doors and in a new place. The monsterwho claims to be the real me who is even now locked away somewhere inmy mind? This concept is very scary and confusing but these are mymemories.

"This all took place in the summer of 1994. Afterthat I couldn't remember any of these events, and Aaron continued tobe my "best friend". Over the next two years I would go over toAaron's apartment and hang out. I remember a lot of missing time,watching a movie and all of a sudden I would be watching a differentmovie and it is 2:00 in the morning. Sometime he would get up andlock the door when it is only the two of us and we were both about 6foot tall and 230 pounds with bodybuilder physiques living in a veryquiet and secure apartment complex. So I began to wonder about theseevents and I would ask him "why do you sometimes lock the door" andhe would never answer me.

"There is much more to the story--how I brokefree, where I am today, are they still watching me? It's funnybecause I play these events over and over again in my mind.Government experiments, multiple personalities, hypnosis. The thoughtthat the United States Government assigned someone to "watch" me foryears sounds kind of crazy. The thing is, as I was sitting heretyping on my computer and writing this letter, I remembered thatAaron used to come over and use my computer for some of his"theories" and "projects". When we were "best friends" I neverthought much about it.

"But LOOK what I found on my computer. Here is thefirst page of a 10 page document that is one of his theories on howthe human mind operates which he submitted to bepublished.


"Memory Regression Technique(MRT)


Memory Regression Technique (MRT), involvesthe process of retrieving past memories, and can assist in theretrieval of repressed material (memories) from the unconscious. MRTunderstands the process of association in relation to memory andstrongly believes that specific memories can be brought toconsciousness. Furthermore, MRT assumes to seize (particularlyregarding the repressed patient) deep-seated memories and experiencesthrough the aid of association using music.



Memory Regression Technique (MRT), involvesthe process of retrieving past memories. Memories that are eithergeneral or specific in nature. What the technique consists of isregressing one's mind (through age and time). By having individualsretrieve information (memories) from their past using a systematicalprocess, they begin to develop an adaptation to this process. A"familiarity" of retrieving past memories and as this processcontinues, releasing stored material is made easier by theindividual.

Memory Regression Technique can assist inthe retrieval of repressed material (memories) from the individual'sunconscious. Repressed material or pieces of information can bebrought to consciousness through the aid of association. It iscertainly probable that specific individual experiences / events wererecorded in one's memory through association, particularly with musicduring a specific "time" or period in one's life. Accordingly, MRTcan assist the individual in locating a desired "time episode" ofwhen certain specific events (memories) transpired, that may havebeen repressed through time.

Why is MRT so unique? MRT understands theprocess of association in relation to memory. When memory is storedit is essentially always stored in relation to the attainability ofone's senses via smell, taste, touch, visual, and through auditoryprocesses.

When individuals tend to remember pastexperiences it is usually retrieved through related associations(whether it was induced by the color red or from a personalmeaningful experience). MRT parallels with that of state-dependentmemory. State-dependent memory is an extension of context-dependentmemory (information that is better retrieved in the "context" inwhich it was encoded and stored or learned). It sometimes happensthat we retrieve information better when we are in a physiological oremotional state that is similar to the one in which we encoded andstored the information. Our moods may also serve as cues that aid inthe retrieval of memories. Emotion influences not only what is storedin memory, but also how easily records can be accessed from memory.Individuals can best retrieve emotional memories by reinstating theemotion they were experiencing at the time they originally stored it,especially if the memory is associated withmusic.

The objective is to increase the process ofretrieval. Knowing that music (a specific song) can elicit a pastmemory for an individual, MRT realizes this principle: more songs mayelicit more memories. MRT is an extensive collection of condensedmusic from past years to the present in chronological order. MRT isdesigned for availability to most settings: classical, country, jazz,rhythm and blues, pop, rock and roll, rap, gospel, folk, reggae,etc."

--Mr. Coffee

A subsequent email read:


I got your name off the mind control forum webpage and sent e-mails to all the people who I thought could help me.I had sent you that mail a while ago and a lot has happened sincethen. Since then I have regained more of my memory. As It turns out Ihave incredible telekinetic abilities, I can move, levitate andcreate objects using only my mind. And yes I was one of thesuperstars at Montauk from 1988-1992. They since have erased mymemory of everything and my abilities but I am slowly getting themback.

"The thing is I have remembered that I have a 8year old son and his mother is my sole mate and the woman I amsupposed to marry, both of which they have and are raising my son fortheir own purposes. I am going to be forced to make a trade with themin exchange for my silence. As you can imagine I cannot discuss thedetails for many reasons. I cannot go public as the whole affair goesa lot farther then just a simple trade and if I do they will killthem. I have tried to get him before and they simply erased my memoryagain, this time I am more prepared.

"I have read your articles and must say that youare correct on many accounts and can tell you only that everythingPreston Nichols claims happened in his books is all tootrue.

"I thank you for your concern and reply to myrequest for help. I hope you understand that things are in a verycritical time for me and even writing this letter is extremelydangerous for me. But I will try and keep in touch with you as bestas I can.

Thanks again"

--Mr. Coffee

I am currently unaware of Coffee's intentionsregarding matters such as public disclosure of what he has beenthrough and what he knows. He has met with Nichols a few times, andwith Peter Moon. Nichols informed me that Coffee is "definitelyinvolved" with some recent phase of the Montauk Project, but giventhe seriousness and sensitivity of the situation (in regards toCoffee's wife and child), Nichols would not discuss it further withme on the phone--which is pretty rare for him (even though he openlyacknowledges that his phone line is intensively tapped).

As described earlier, I did meet Coffee in personduring my trip to eastern Long Island in the summer of 1998. At thattime Nichols indicated to me that he felt Coffee may have been usedas a breeder and/or as cloning stock by the secret government,probably due certain racial or bloodline factors. Nichols believedthat Coffee had without doubt been subjected to "MontaukProject-related" government mind modification programs and that hisalternate identities had been extensively programmed to function as afearless, "invincible" extremely self confident soldier.

In early September 1998, Mr. Coffee was arrestedby local police where he currently resides in New Jersey, at theinstigation of the FBI and aided by a complaint against him by asuspiciously eager ex-girlfriend. They had a court order toconfiscate a Coffee possessed: though he was compliant in every waywith the officers, they found some pretext on which to arrest him andhe ended up incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital! Several daysbefore, Coffee had appeared on a Long Island TV talk show in which heaired an extensive account of his involvement in government mindcontrol programs, and the day after the broadcast he was the targetof a kidnapping/murder attempt.


From "Oscar Laurent" (a pseudonym) comes thefollowing testimony, which describes his own childhood induction intoa government-run covert mind control program.

"I have very vivid recollection of an episode(beginning midday, summer) from where I was in a van (mini van orother taller vehicle) sitting in the front passenger seat and pullingover at a gate in the fence where the road (perpendicular to highway,dirt) extended for a long distance (miles? Depth perception in aridwestern lands with only reference as a distant mountain range isquite confusing) from the highway to the mountains in the distance...I believe I've entered within a geomagnetic hot spot. The land aroundthis road is quite arid, plain, no structures rocks or dunes, andonly limited plant life (little grass clumps or small bushes) andextremely flat. During this time of transport between the highway andmountains, there is a large missing block of time...

The next memory is entering the wooded area of themountains, many solid rock faces with steep angles on the sides ofthe road winding through the forest, and (because I was woke up bythe bumpy road) then another lapse of missing time due tosleep...

The next memory is constant till theend.

The arrival (waking now) is to a dirt/gravelparking lot. There in this parking lot was a large house-likestructure, wide, typical design of a hotel; large front porch,dumpster and propane tanks outside to right (facing) of building,other cars/small trucks in lot near house, gravel on ground inparking lot, grassy area behind house with wooded area beyond that...all sides of this area are steep hill/mountain sides forming a basin(slightly darker in lighting) where the building was... miscellaneousother little things (trivial)> the interior of this building washouse like, we passed by dining and lounge rooms, [boredomeliminated memory of most of the interior, until goingdownstairs] and finally ended up in the basement of thisbuilding...

Stuff in basement was typical of an old building,miscellaneous old junk, whatever, but on the side wall (following awide path through junk) was a modern and shiny metallic door withdigital numeric keypad combination lock on the right side, which theperson leading me to it stood in front of and opened <note:perspective is from a 2,3,4 year old looking up at the man; lock atdoorknob height, still above head> when door was opened it swungopen towards me, and I notice that the side of it is about a footthick with bolt locks extending from it [similar to bankvault] (might have been the receptacles for locks mounted in thedoorframe) all metallic chrome or steel, and a long tunnel extendingfrom it down at a slight angle, and to the right <this inperspective to the building means it was leading beyond the back leftcorner of the building (facing front) where the rock slope of themountain extended upwards nearby> this tunnel was well lit at theentrance (white lights as found in office buildings) (similararrangement of lighting as the interior running lights of anairplane, (long light source in cavity on upper corners of wall, andif I remember correctly, slightly rounded and metal chrome,compliments nicely with the pure white walls and metal flooring(diamond hatch grips on floor)) There was also a chrome handrailextending the length of this hallway, which I would look up at (beingwhat, 3 years old?) and being led by the individual behind me withhand placed on shoulder sometimes for guidance or whatever, butalways walking behind... (I do not have recollection of this man'sface, as the driver of the van I was in stayed upstairs in the house,and I went with the "owner" of the house down to the basement, etc.)as we progressed down this hallway, it was obviously intended as alight adjustment area so the eyes could slowly adapt from the brightlight of upstairs and outside and the entrance to the tunnel to thedarkness where this tunnel met up with others in a spur. At this spur(probably 100 feet from entrance <perception of small person>)the lighting was rather dark at the lower level... The tunnel wasstraight, but the atmosphere and the gentle slope of this tunnel toldour senses we were now quite a ways under ground... At the spurintersection at the end of this tunnel (very dark) we turned in somedirection (no visual reference) to the left <geography of aboveground surface say this would be directly under the large mountain(solid rock) and a ways into the center of it, although no where nearthe exact center of the mountain, other tunnels went that way> aswe continued in the left tunnel we came upon a room...

The tunnel ends in a 45` angle to a squarish roomto the right, its farthest two walls of unknown distance (blackwalls, some chrome, but limited lighting from [it] was notenough to make out anything in the room besides [it]): thesimple description: a "iridescent purplish pinkish bluish purplecuboid" <pausing for shivers due to recollection of this... quitepowerful emotion>

On the right wall, as you enter the room you willnotice a semi- circular table (large) extending from that wall, dark,yet reflective coloration of table, and some chromed metal throughoutthe "device". I'm having trouble continuing to type... any attempt todescribe the thing is practically impossible... (excessively strongemotional response).

I've tried numerous times with multitudes ofmaterials and lighting to try to reproduce something that evensomewhat resembles the thing, but haven't been able to even comeclose to its color, no less its semi-transparent texture andappearance of it... well we will continue to try :) >

Ok... lets start with it. It is a rectangularsolid. It is fairly large, probably 2 feet wide, unknown depth.Squarish front face. It is mesmerizing. If you can picture a hugemass of fiber optic material (translucent surface) with infinitivetubules intertwined within it in a rectangular solid shape, withblue, purple, and pink light streaming in high speed burststhroughout this mass, creating a glowing "purplish pinkish bluishpurple cuboid" then you are coming close to the reality. You may alsodefine it as similar to the primitive (in comparison), but currentattempts to create an optical switching/processing device (computer)by many gov't and private research institutions. Ok. At least I gotthrough that... :) this cuboid was situated slightly lower than thesurface of the table, in what appeared to be a indentation (my heightwas at the table level, or slightly above, so I could see that itwent down below the surface of the table, but no idea what it wasseated on.) <this thing also had the most powerful aura or "mentalenergy" or psyche or whatever you want to call it I have everencountered (I have tried to recreate this feeling with numerousforms of radiation, magnetic and energy fields, large antennastructures connected to my high power amateur radio equipment, etc.,the only thing coming close was accidentally bridging a 30+ amp powersupply and the extremely painful shock and high energy level in mybody at that, instantly created from the discharge [please don'tattempt, life threatening])> This aura or whatever it was sointriguing that I was guided by this other individual who led me downthere to either stand or sit next to the receptacle (please seedrawings) to the thing, and insert my hands and forearms into arubber like apparatus with metallic contacts for the base of yourpalm <science knows of a gland in that section of the hand... Ifyou look at the right hand palm up, at the lower left side (top ofwrist) is the top of the arm bone or wrist bone, whatever, fairlylarge... Now go up about a third of the way from this bone to thebase of the little finger, there is a large muscle/mushy fleshsection on the left 25% of the palm, inside or below this muscle isthe gland or nerve endings or whatever was used to interface with thething.> as I found the metal balls within the rubber interface, Iwas offered a chair (seen out of corner of eye) by the leadingindividual, and this scene (vivid mental image of the cuboid to theupper right field of view, the counter to the right, the interfacedirectly in front, some chrome pipes or whatever directly beyondthat, darkness in the rest of the room, the front of my body below,and the chair off to my right being placed behind my legs forseating... ) this is the last memory I have of the entire event whena "supernatural" feeling swept all of me and I made contact with bothhands to the metal receptacles in the interface unit. (previouslyonly touched by fingers, now by that spot on both hands)

Event happened between 1982 and 1984.

Very commonly, as I travel frequently and tend tofind tons of interesting things wherever I go, I have recalled thesememories spawned by similarities in the environment where I currentlyam. HOWEVER these things that I see DO NOT in any effect my visionmemory of the experience with the thing. The memory is there, it isunchanging and solid, but the resemblance of other things alwaysbring the experience back. For example, I mention the long remotehighway, the distant mountains, etc... When visiting New Mexico andTexas and attending a camp in NM (twice), (including travel betweenthe airports (New Mexico) and the camp) I am commonly looking for theview and dirt road which are so vivid in memory along the entiretrips, always hoping to see this same scene, or feel the samesensations as we approached the thing facility... Various sci-fishows, especially Star Trek with the Borg flash back recollections ofthe "thing" room, especially the interface, although nothing in StarTrek resembles this arrangement of devices. Whenever I pass a woodenpost/wire fence, I think of the trip along the highway and the gatewe passed through. When wandering around at family friends house inNM or Texas, I think of the view looking out of the van over thefence across the plain to the mountains... Whenever visiting a rockyand mountainous area here in the northeast, whenever we come upon atall steep rock side of a mountain on a windy road, I think of theviews entering the mountains at the facility. The placement of thedumpster and other tanks and vehicles at the kitchen building of acamp I have frequently attended are quite similar to those on theside of the house/hotel building, but even with the excessive numberof times I've passed by them, they are never right (the height of theporch is similar, the building construction is similar, but in no wayclose enough.) Entering well or dimly lit buildings sometimes remindsme of the tunnel, as would a smaller (with same slope) tunnel used toconnect the airport to the plane's portal, same grating on the floorin some cases.

NOTHING HAS EVER RECREATED THE EMOTIONAL FEELINGOF THE FACILITY, thus I will soon be traveling to Montauk Point, NYwhere there are other geomagnetic "hot-spots" as it is the closestplace to my current location with similar characteristics.

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A therapist from New Orleans named Valerie Wolfpresented two of her patients to the President's Committee on HumanRadiation Experiments on March 15, 1995 in Washington D.C. The twopatients, both women, gave bloodcurdling accounts of some of theirhorrific experiences while being subjected to government-run mindcontrol/modification/ manipulation programming, which included, amongother "techniques", use of such tactics as drugs, torture, hypnosis,electroshock, and rape, as well as being exposed to an unspecified orunknown amount of radiation. Much of this was administered by German(ex-Nazi) doctors. Both Wolf and her patients stated they recoveredthe memories of this CIA program without regression or hypnosistechniques. Incredibly enough, to the best of my knowledge, neitherCongress nor any committee thereof nor any element of the "free"press ever followed through and pursued these tremendously seriousand well-substantiated allegations to the slightest degreewhatsoever.

David E. Rosenbaum, who was at one time employedas an attorney for Atlantic Richfield Co., conducted a nine yearinvestigation (1983-1992) into reports of physical torture andcoercive conditioning of numerous employees at an ARCO plant inMonaco, PA. Two of his clients, Jerry L. Dotey and Ann White, thoughapparently victims of radiation exposure, were also subjected to verysevere mind control programming while at the ARCO plant.

Dotey and White were allegedly subjected totorture of many kinds while under drug induced hypnosis as part ofthis mind control operation, with each one undergoing at least threedifferent "training" programs by plant physicians.

Each victim was trained to enter into a hypnoticstate upon the occurrence of specific stimuli, usually involving a"cue" word or phrase and trained to "remember to forget" whattranspired in the hypnotic state. They were repeatedly subjected toidentical stimulus-response sequences, in order to produce nearlyautomatic reactions to the particular "trigger". MK-ULTRA veteran Dr.Bernard Diamond, the ubiquitous and odious Dr. Martin Orne and Dr.Josef Mengele regularly visited the ARCO plant, according toRosenbaum.

Keep in mind that ARCO's advanced projectsdivision was heavily involved in the development of HAARP technologyprior to 1994, and the clear existence of a substantial mind/moodcontrol agenda within the fundamental documentation on HAARP can notbe forgotten.



The HAARP Project gives every indication of beingthe successor to certain aspects of the Montauk Project--particularlythe interdimensional and time operations, and to a number of otherEM/RF mind control/ manipulation operations as well.

One of the most significant pieces of official,internal covert military documentation regarding HAARP brought tolight by Begich and Manning, the authors of Angels Don't Play ThisHAARP, specifically and precisely described HAARP's ability toactually scan and "INTERROGATE" the minds of targeted individuals bymeans of certain EM/RF technologies /applications. This is justanother way of saying that their minds can be read through"artificial telepathy" or "techno-psychic"(psychotronic)systems.

This is from the military's own internaldocuments, referring to many years of empirical research anddevelopment into these types of "weapons", (in total andunconstitutional secrecy, of course!) and the validated, verified,tried-and-tested results of all these covert endeavors. Naturally,within many of these same internal documents, the main focus of howthese weapons would likely be used focused excessively upon domesticuses; again, a concept which right off the bat by it's verydefinition is absolutely unconstitutional!

Begich and Manning's book makes repeatedreferences to the ubiquitous John Alexander as well; one admittedlysmall point which kind of made my blood run cold was the fact thatthis guy is one of the few people in the country (world) who have adoctorate in "thanatology". That is; study and knowledge of ...death.Nice guy.

What jumps out at me from a look at recent historyis the fact that the CIA and their spook colleagues in NSA, DIA andother members of the intelligence "alphabet soup" officially farmedout psychic/telekinetic/ telepathic/remote viewing research to the"private sector", a sure sign that the whole shebang has gonecompletely underground (in one or more possible ways!), and also hasbeen completely shielded from any possibility of (legitimate)governmental review, oversight, interference and what have you. Onceit's gone private, anything can "go down".

Which leads to Alexander's domination of thecreation of Psy-Tech, the "institute" made (in)famous by Ed Dames,especially via Art Bell's radio programs. I have really never trustedDames nor anything he said, nor anything any of these avowedlyex-spooky characters will ever utter. I have since noted that most ofDames' utterances have turned out to be hogwash. The cliche "once anagent, always an agent" is in fact very often very true.

Here is the proof, now, that Psy-Tech and othersuch "private-sector" entities like The Farsight Institute, are infact creations of the covert intelligence agencies and with certaintyare fulfilling certain functions and implementing agendas for saidagencies. Such as spewing malicious disinformation and playing on the"New Age" sensibilities of many people by averring that theinformation being put forth is being received through higher psychicabilities and is literally "infallible" (has Dames considered takingthe job of Pope?); guaranteed to be 100 per cent correct (as Damesoften referred to his own "predictions" and prognostications--most orall of which have failed to materialize!) What was the agenda forputting out certain concepts and declaring that they are absolutelygoing to come to pass? An example of this would be Dames' Number 1biggie--that a plant pathogen from the comet Hale-Bobb wouldcompletely devastate all plant life on earth beginning in Africa, asof last fall? Dames stated that this would lead to massivedevastation of humanity on an unprecedented scale. (We should all bevery badly off right now in Dames' scenario). Dames said over andover, via the mouthpiece of ally Art Bell, that this was absolutely,positively going to happen. No way in hell it was not going tooccur.

Well, we're still here, Ed. Personally, I thinkDames is full of crap. At this juncture I have to say I've becomesomewhat skeptical of Mr. Bell also.

John Alexander has been closely tied to HAARP eversince the project's inception under ARCO. Alexander knows thetremendous potential for the technology as a means of global controlupon the human race through the major capabilities of HAARPtransmissions to very substantially affect and manipulate humanity(and other life forms) physically, emotionally/ psychologically andeven psychically/spiritually.

I would recommend that readers familiarizethemselves as much as possible with the HAARP Project and its manycovert agendas, and petition whatever decent elements remain of ourgovernment to unilaterally shut down and disband any and allelectromagnetic mind/body/mood altering operations atonce.

Watch out for HAARP!! Covert and esoteric HAARPoperations ("Tesla" EM transmissions) are now unquestionably beingconducted on Long Island at Brookhaven Labs and apparently at MontaukAir Force Station/Camp Hero's subterranean installation--one of theearth's primary power points; as well as at a number of otherlocations worldwide. I think these are significant and unfortunateevents and deserve intense scrutiny and investigation. If my gutlevel hunch is correct, and a linking of HAARP with certain of theMontauk Project technologies and agendas is being contemplated and/orimplemented, we of the human race could all be in for a veryunpleasant situation.






Keep in mind another very significant factor; theMontauk Project appears to have splintered, with certain aspects suchas the interdimensional/time operations and some of the mindmanipulation programs being merged or subsumed into HAARP, and otherelements of the Project continuing on as shown by the resurgence(indeed, if they ever ceased!) of the hard core, "Montauk Boys",psychosexual abuse-coupled-with-psychotronic-&-EM/RF mind controlactivities--which result in dissociative, multiple personalityconditions in the targeted subjects, with the alternate personalitiesbeing heavily programmed.

There are statements from certain knowledgeableindividuals and some outward indications to support same, that suchmind control activities--directly linked to the methods and agendasof the Phoenix/Montauk Project--are being implemented in thesubterranean installation beneath the grounds of the old Navysubmarine base on Fort Pond Bay in Montauk. As I've described, mypersonal experiences at this location and admittedly subjectiveanalyses of these experiences has led me to conclude that there aresome very peculiar surface conditions as well as a noticeably strange"vibe" in the area which would tend to give additional credence tosuch claims.

Claims have also been made that such unwittingagents of the secret "New World Order" government, with thoroughlyprogrammed alternate identities--many of these also implanted withbiologically-based micro transceivers for monitoring, programming andtriggering/activation of previous programming--may number well overfive million in the United States alone, with more being inducted andinitiated daily.

If such numbers are anywhere near correct there isin effect a very dangerous, secret, "sleeper" army whichtheoretically at least can be called upon by the covert government atany time and deployed to do what would very likely be the mosthorrific and gruesome tasks imaginable.

This doesn't sound very good to me, and one musthope fervently that one way or another the programming starts tobreak down and disintegrate for most of these unfortunate people. Amore widespread acknowledgement of the actual existence of thesewretched operations and certainly a more open and public discussionof the entire topic and its ramifications by our society (media)would be one way to help dissolve the psychological barriers withinus that prevent an understanding of the severity of the problem; andmost especially those psychological barriers within these"targeted" individuals that prevent conscious awareness on thepart of the main, true personality of the means used to shatter theirpsyches and the resulting alternate, programmed personalities. Inother words, overcoming the phenomenon by which any actual concrete,conscious memories of the events surrounding the psychosexual abuseand EM/RF-assisted programming are erased or blanked out of thesubjects' minds.


Members of contemporary society, in particularyoung people, are subjected to a good deal of overt mind manipulationprogramming by means of the fluff and mind candy disseminated by themass entertainment corporations and major news media conglomerates;most certainly many of the video and computer games aimed so heavilyat children and teenagers have a significant "programming" impactupon participants as well. In addition to that the entire populationis to a degree subject to subliminal transmissions, some coupled tocommercial broadcasting and others not.

Perhaps the best way to sum all of this up rightnow is to say that those who cherish, support and will defend humanfreedom and the right of humanity to fulfill its most positive, mostlife-affirming, most inclusive, most expansive, most compassionateand most loving destiny: take heed, and take action now, in any wayyou can, to counteract the influences of those people who wield thetechnologies described in this report in pursuit of the aims andagendas noted.

The general global situation--in terms of globaleconomics (oppression), ecology/environment (pollution), quality oflife and scarcity of resources issues, and additionally the overall"human predicament" in terms of personal fulfillment, higherawareness, human rights, and in terms of having any worthwhile futureat all on this planet to hand our children--in many ways have surelynever been more precarious: a massive shift of consciousness, andthus of "reality" itself--as shown by premier quantummathematician /physicist and Phoenix/Montauk Project principal JanVon Neumann--has never been more urgently needed.






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